Release: Sunless Skies

Let me pray among the stars.
Sunless Skies is now available out of In Development, DRM-free. Get it 10% off until February 11th, 6pm UTC.
Lose yourself and go loco driving your steam-powered locomotive through stars full of deadly secrets, pirates, and tormented souls with blood-curdling stories to tell.
Navigate the terrible beauty of the night sky, manage your resources, and keep an eye on your crew, as you face eldritch horrors at your Queen's behest.
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Twitch notice
Our stream team is participating in Failbetter's 10k Challenge! Watch them play the game on - for every minute of the game streamed within the first 24 hours, the studio will donate £1, up to a total of £10,000!
In the Press:
Eurogamer considers the game "Essential" saying: "The great joy of Failbetter's latest is once again the ghoulish inventiveness of the writing and setting".
"The sharpest writing around, wrapped inside a surprising adventure that’s tough but rarely unfair. Failbetter’s finest hour" - 90/100 PC Gamer
RockPaperShotgun deems it one of its "Bestest Bests" praising all the small but meaningful ways in which this sequel to Sunless Sea improves upon the formula.