Release: Screamer 2

Speed that'll make you scream.
Screamer 2, the classic arcade racing game that detailed tracks and great driving physics, is available on, for only $5.99.
I remember the first time my dad took me to see the race. There was this street closed for traffic, so it would make a part of the race track. The place where we were standing was near a tight curve, going around a corner of a building. I was six years old, so my dad had to put me up on his shoulders so I could see the track above the other spectators' heads. First, I heard the engines roar. Then, the people further up the track started cheering. I started to cheer as well, but then I thought that I don't really know who am I cheering. I tried to see the number on the first car, but it has already passed us. The other cars zoomed past us and were disappearing around the corner as well. All that was left, was the smell of the burning rubber in the air. My dad realised that he didn't pick a very good spot for us to watch the race. "Did you even get the chance to look at the cars? Don't worry. They'll be doing another lap soon"--he said. But all I could reply was: "they were going sooooo fast!".
Screamer 2 brings all the emotions you could expect from a racing game by creating a great illusion of speed and inertia. There are many diverse tracks for you to compete on with computer-controlled drivers, and each of them will amaze you with its detailed design that profoundly impressed the gamers when the game was first released. With 20 customisable high-performance race cars at your disposal and a sleek physics engine that allows for inconceivable maneuvers, Screamer 2 is a must-see for all the racing game fans. The version comes bundled with the memorable techno soundtrack.
Get ready for some excessive speed and grab Screamer 2, for only $5.99!