Release: Legend of Kyrandia

Brandon, I have your saw!
Legend of Kyrandia, an unforgettable, classic point-and-click adventure game packed with wondrous locations, mythical creatures, and downright evil sense of humor, is available on for only $5.99.
Welcome to the wonderful kingdom of Kyrandia, a land of astounding beauty, home to countless enchanted creatures and spellbinding locations. Alas, dark clouds gather on the horizon: Malcolm, the court jester, has done something terrible and the magical realm will never be the same again. Unless you, Prince Brandon, can achieve the impossible and outfox the demented joker. Remember when adventure games challenged you to beat them, without cutting you any slack? Remember when you had to draw a location map not to get lost in the maze, or were wary of crossing a funny-looking bridge, in fear of falling to a terrible death? Legend of Kyrandia, in all its classic charm and glory, is the epitome of those games.
Legend of Kyrandia is one of the gems of the classic adventure games era. First in the series of three titles, it established the original setting of Kyrandia, a land of unparalleled beauty, and, at the same time, menacing dangers. Celebrated for its unique tone of mischievous humor and inventive quests, it has also been considered a milestone in adventure games evolution. The game introduced innovative elements to the genre, with extremely simple interface and creative use of inventory items. It also made you suffer and die in many imaginative ways (one of them including a particularly charming slasher smile and a very sharp saw).
Prepare for some old-school questing and lose yourself (literally) in a perilous kingdom of Kyrandia, get Legend of Kyrandia, for only $5.99 on!