Release: Hocus Pocus

A spell-slinging, platform-jumping classic.
Hocus Pocus, a magical old-school platformer, is available right now on for only $5.99.
A young would-be magician cleverly named Hocus Pocus needs your help! To become a real wizard and claim the heart of his sweetheart Popopa he needs to embark on a long and dangerous journey ordered by the chief wizard Terexin. You will control Hocus while he collects magical crystals, operates levers and elevators, discovers secret rooms, gathers treasures, and does other platformy and magicky stuff on 36 levels spread across four worlds.
Not sold on Hocus Pocus yet? Here's how the game was advertised almost 20 years ago:
"The dazzling animation in Hocus Pocus delivers unparalleled variety. After every two levels of play, graphics, background, and enemies change completely! Add multiple theme songs and multi-channel sound effects, and you have a game that's pure delight to your ears as well as your eyes!
Now, ain't that impressive?
Delve into a delightfully old-school VGA world of Hocus Pocus and destroy the evil dragons, demons and whatnot for only $5.99