Release: Fragile Allegiance

Trade, diplomacy, espionage, conquest--and you thought asteroid mining was a simple operation.
Fragile Allegiance, an open-ended 4X RTS game made by Gremlin Interactive, is available right now on for only $5.99.
Fragile Allegiance employs you in the year 2496 as a asteroid mining operation manager somewhere in The Fragmented Sectors. There are six alien races competing with your mother corporation TetraCorp for precious ore--and it’s your job to out-perform all of them. After selling resources to the Federation, the player has to invest his proceeds in interstellar technology, expansion on other asteroids, ships, weapons, spying, and trading. Diplomacy and espionage play a crucial role, as do non-aggression pacts, joint-combat treaties, blackmail, and special agents. All of these combine to make a difference between ruling the galaxy and being sent on a long slow walk through vacuum.
Fragile Allegiance is an excellent addition to the conquer-the-galaxy genre, a combination of SimCity, Civilization, and Master of Orion with complex diplomacy and challenging AI, now available only at for $5.99.

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