Release: Conquest: Frontier Wars

Victory is important. Control is everything.
Conquest: Frontier Wars, a refined deep space RTS that will have you not only fight for domination among the stars, but also manage and defend the territories you've conquered, is available on, for only $5.99.
The wormhole theory has proven to be more than just scientific construct. The application of that space-time phenomenon allowed mankind to begin their conquest of the galaxy. But, as you might have expected, the stars were not put in the sky for us to simply take. We met with resistance. The first contact with alien races, the insectoid Mantis and the pure-energy Celaerans led to conflict of scale unimaginable to the previous generations of Earthlings. A realisation came quickly--we needed to forget everything we thought we knew about warfare, adapt, and conquer. Because we are humans, and that's what we do.
Conquest: Frontier Wars isn't your typical space-warfare RTS. It offers many original features that make it a unique experience that can be enjoyed by newcomers and hardcore fans of the genre alike. You'll have up to six AI fleet admirals under your command, that will do whatever it takes to carry out your orders when you can't participate in the ongoing campaign personally. And that's going to happen a lot, as the wormhole mechanics that connect different sectors of the galaxy, can force you to manage up to sixteen territories simultaneously. You'll have to pay attention to the smallest detail, even taking care of the supply lines for your outposts. All that, of course, on top of satisfying real-time space battles.
Think big. Expand your influence, planet by planet, star by star. Craft a galactic empire that will last a thousand lifetimes. Get Conquest: Frontier Wars, for only $5.99!