Release: Cannon Fodder 2

Friendly, happy, and fun! Friendly fire trigger happy fun!
Cannon Fodder 2, a comedic top-down squad-based action shooter filled with tiny soldiers, wickedly designed maps, and tons of humor, is available on for only $5.99
Sir! Permission to deliver a mission status report, sir! Private Richards, the last surviving operative of the Delta Four squad. We've encountered heavy resistance, sir! Corporal Brown forgot to turn on his oxygen mask as we landed on the alien planet. He turned blue, sir, and then he stopped moving. We managed to force our way through the first two phases of the mission, reaching the high ground without taking any more casualties, and neutralizing numerous enemy units. But then Private Johnson got confused and threw the grenade pin instead of the grenade at some purple carnivorous plants. Sergeant Woods and I continued with the assignment and we were able to reach the structure our intel reported as an entrance to the alien fort. Sir, I would like to state at this point that our intel was no good. As Sergeant Woods proceeded into the opening and stopped to signal me that the path was clear, the structure closed on him, proving to be the jaws of a giant worm-like creature. At this point, sir, I decided that the best course of action would be to return to home base. No sir, I don't believe I have any part of Woods, Brown, nor Johnson that we could bury. Yes sir, empty coffins it is then. Promotion? I'm to take a squad of rookies back there? But, but, but--yes sir!
Cannon Fodder 2, brings back all the joy that its predecessor brought into the tiny battlefields, where fast-paced action meets tactics and the horror of war meets cartoonish humor. Once more, you take control of a small squad of little pixel soldiers and lead them to victory through 70+ levels across 24 missions. But this time, the game takes you out of the trenches and throws you into the medieval times, 1930s' Chicago, and even the outer space!
Find out why war can be so much fun in Cannon Fodder 2 for only $5.99, on