No Man's Sky – Atlas Rises update | 60% Off

No Man's Sky – One Year Anniversary
Today marks the one year anniversary of No Man's Sky
In the past year, the Hello Games team has been hard at work addressing community feedback and rolling out new content to the No Man's Sky experience. We've gotten new game modes and exciting survival mechanics, base building, vehicles, expanded trading and crafting, massive personal freighters and so much more than we could ever list here.
Today marks the No Man's Sky anniversary, and Hello Games are bringing a slew of new content in the Atlast Rises< update – and a 60% off sale, the best deal there has been so far!
So what's cool about Atlas Rises?
New Story Mode – in a complete overhaul to the original story, you'll set off on a 20-hour journey across the universe and discover Portals, allowing you to travel vast distances extremely quickly.
Improved Trading – plot and optimize your trade routes in the new trading metagame, born thanks to unique socio-economic traits in each star system and an overhauled galactic map.
Missions and New Faction System – procedurally generated missions add a layer of replayability as you earn rewards and respect on your journeys.
Better Biomes – from rare, extreme and abstract biomes, through improved existing biomes, there's a lot more to see on your journey.
More, including improved space combat, terraforming, farming, as well as new ships, a new faction, and more.
One year later, No Man's Sky has grown immensely bigger and richer and content – this is an amazing time to go back, or finally enter its infinite universe.
The anniversary sale will last until August 16, 4 PM UTC.