New release: The Complete Ultima 7

Today you will see a strange message on your computer screen from a mysterious being called the Guardian!
Visit Britannia once more to prove that you are a true champion of the Virtues. and EA bring you the Complete Ultima 7 to you for only $5.99!
You are the Avatar, summoned once again to Britannia, the fabled land of the monarch Lord British. When you arrive through the Moongate, you meet with your old friend Iolo. An obscene murder has just shook the town of Trinsic. You learn that a new organization, called the Fellowship, has been growing in numbers. As you investigate the mysterious murder and begin uncovering true motivations of the Fellowship, you’re also haunted by ominous warnings of the enigmatic Guardian.
Ultima 7: The Complete Edition features a complete graphical and control overhaul of the Ultima engine. The oldschool top-down Ultima view has been revamped: now the game fills the whole screen and finally you can control the whole game with a mouse. The vast populated world of NPCs with their own life schedules makes exploring the enormous area of Sosaria an engaging and epic adventure. Ultima 7 is distinguished by the total immersion and freedom in exploring and completing the game. You can pick up everything and interact with every nook and cranny out there. To eat, which is needed for survival, you need to get flour and water, mix them on a table in a bakery, than use the the newly created dough on a fireplace to bake bread. If you’re good at it, the baker might just tip you for your effort!
The tactical combat system of earlier Ultima series games has been replaced with a real-time combat system, where the AI is controlling your team and you, the player are only in control of the Avatar. You advance in experience via Ultima’s familiar level up system where once you have earned a sufficient amount of experience points you automatically gain a level.
Ultima 7: The Complete Edition consists of Ultima 7: The Black Gate, Ultima 7: The Forge of Virtue, Ultima 7: Part Two - Serpent Isle, Ultima 7: Part Two - The Silver Seed all in one package for as low as $5.99!