Release: The 7th Guest

Feel invited to stay … forever.
One of the first games to be released on a CD-ROM drive moves into with a shocking 20% release discount. The 7th Guest is only $7.99 for the next 48 hours.
Shaking with trepidation, you step into the old abandoned house. Who are you, where are you, what is your purpose, and who is the mysterious 7th guest? The place you unwillingly inspect was created by an insane toymaker Henry Stauf and it’s the magnum opus of his twisted puzzle-making. Can you survive the twenty-two rooms? The twenty-two challenges? The twenty-two tales of terror?
The 7th Guest, developed almost 20 years ago by the recently-revived Trilobyte Games, is an FMV horror adventure game with bizarre riddles, tense atmosphere, and the omnipresent menace of the evil Henry Stauf--who was definitely nightmare fuel for many young gamers in the 90's. The game hailed by Bill Gates as "the new standard in interactive entertainment" was way ahead of its time with live actors, 3D environment, orchestrated score, and 679 MB of content in an era of 1.44 MB floppies (you’d only need 471!). The 7th Guest sold more than two million copies and is considered by many to be THE game that pushed gamers to make the switch from square disks to round ones. Today, it’s not only a piece of history, but a dark, creepy, smart point-and-click chiller with entertainment value that has not corroded like the old Stauf’s mansion.
The 7th Guest, masterpiece of gothic adventure horror, is available on a full price of $9.99, but it’s only $7.99 for the next 48 hours.
Old Man Stauf built a house
And filled it with his toys.
Six guests all came at night
Their screams the only noise.
No one knows what happened next
There’s no one left to say.
But if you should see Old Man Stauf
Get on your knees and pray.
Children’s rhyme