New release: Realms of the Haunting

The first title from the just announced agreement with Funbox Media is not a game for kids and will definitely make you get goose pimples all over.
Realms of the Haunting is, first and foremost, a horror game, but contains an interesting mix of different genres. It's a first-person perspective game with quite a bit of shooting involved, but is also an adventure game and has some RPG elements. Finally, there are many FMV sequences on top of it all. This sounds overwhelming and believe us Realms of the Haunting is one of those few games that do a good job at blending different genres.
The story is by far the strongest quality of Realms of the Haunting - it's solid and keeps you hooked from the beginning to the very end. The presentation, despite the old visuals, does a great job at keeping the suspense up and give you a good scare when required. The free-look camera and freedom of movement result in a strong connection between you and the game.
You're not too scared to play this game... Are you?