New release: Populous 2: Trials of The Olympian Gods

For those days when living a life bounded by the rules of mortals is just getting you down, GOG adds the phenomenal god game Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods to the catalog for just $5.99
You are a demigod, child of Zeus and a mortal woman. Your destiny is to be become a god, to sit on the peak of Mount Olympus and be master of all you survey. You must fight your way through a massive pantheon of Greek deities to prove your worth to Zeus and assume your rightful place. It won’t be easy--a demigod has a lot to learn and many struggles ahead before learning everything there is to be a god, but you have your start. You have your first followers. And soon, soon you will rule them all.
Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods improves on its predecessor in every aspect. This time your divine interventions are much more powerful, and you have a whopping 30 powers to choose from, niftily divided into 6 subcategories like earth, fire, wind, water, plants, and people. Of course it’s not like a simple demigod can spam his lightning bolts, one must fill up his manna meter through the worship of a growing number of believers. As in the first installment of the Populous franchise, your leaders can be transformed into heroes, transforming them into one of six legendary figures in the Greek mythology. There’s more mythic stuff in Populous 2: Trials of Olympian Gods: when one of two players controls 75% of the map, ancient Greek monsters are unleashed upon the map to wander around and destroy everything in their sight, ensuring a swift resolution between both sides. With over 1000 missions to beat for only $5.99, Populous 2: Trials of Olympian Gods is one helluva god game adventure meets real time strategy treat!