New release: Might and Magic 6-Pack Limited Edition

You asked for it and here it is - two thirds of a famous role-playing game series, which spawned a whopping nine installments over the course of sixteen years, not including spinoffs... Just how cool is this?
Might and Magic is a series of first person perspective role playing games, dating back to 1986. The games are fantasy-themed, but there is a bit of science fiction lurking just beyond the veil of sorcery and monsters. In each installment you lead a party of adventurers on various quests, on one of many worlds scattered in the Might and Magic universe. The games use solid mechanics, similar to pen-and-paper RPGs, and offer great character development possibilities. The Limited Edition 6-Pack consists of Might and Magic 1 to 6, plus the bonus adventure Swords of Xeen. That's months of gameplay waiting for you, for a mind-numbingly low price of $9.99!