New release: MegaRace 1+2

Featuring one of the most impressive visuals of the time, a lot of full-motion video and, of course, the host - Lance Boyle, come two parts of the fun-packed MegaRace series, bundled for only $5.99!
MegaRace 1 and 2 are both arcade racing games. The most awesome thing about the series is the setting. Imagine being a contestant in a game show, in which you can vent your frustration on a bunch of highway gang punks in a virtual environment, for the joy of millions of mindless viewers. You either have to win the race or eliminate your virtual competition, but, as Lance Boyle himself says, "It ain't real!", so who cares? Before and after each race you'll be treated to a video sequence from the game show, packed with punchlines and gags both witty and just plain silly. If you haven't played MegaRace yet, you're missing out on a lot of fun. Get yours today!