New release: King's Quest 1+2+3

Much like our Space Quest 1+2+3 pack, today's release gives you the opportunity to experience the evolution of the graphical adventure game genre.
King's Quest is a classic series of adventure games designed by the famous Roberta Williams, co-founder of Sierra. The first three parts of the series, included in today's release, were made using an ancient (by today's standards) engine called the Adventure Game Interpreter, or AGI. Now, the graphics may be dated and the controls may be clunky, but you can't rightly call yourself a true adventure game fan if you haven't played the really oldschool titles as well. Most importantly, though, playing a part in each title's story more than makes up for using arrows and text input, rather than casually clicking away and hunting for pixels. If you haven't already then be sure to check the first three parts of "From Monochrome to Monarchy" KQ history by David Craddock.