New release: Crusader: No Regret

You’ll have no regrets picking up the second part of this action-packed series.
Strap on the red helmet of a Silencer of the WEC and blaze into furious action in Crusader: No Regret, available now on for just $5.99! The Silencer is back in business after escaping from the Vigilance platform in an escape pod. He manages to get on board a WEC freighter heading towards the moon. WEC is the ruthless dictatorship that rules the world in the 21st century, monopolizing mining operations and using the moon as a high security prison. The almighty conglomerate is furious about the infiltrator and the Chairman of WEC, Nathaniel Draygan (played by Woody Skaggs) sends his assistant, Judith Leach (Mary Chris Wall) after the Silencer to silence him for good.
Crusader: No Regret boasts the same awesome gameplay as its predecessor Crusader: No Remorse but in a more streamlined fashion. The five weapon limit is gone, so you can wreak havoc with a dizzying variety of weapons. When you feel like the scenery could use some warm lightning you can light up an enemy with the AR-7 and watch them run around in agony. If the action gets too hot for you, cool down your enemies with the liquid nitrogen gun. Apart from those weapons of mass destruction, you get useful tools to manipulate robots, hack into keypads, and other devices. Finally, if your cunning wits won’t cut it, there’s always a rocket launcher you can use to blow up the destructible environment into bits and pieces.
Wait no more to complete the epic storyline of the Crusader series, grab it DRM-Free for only $5.99.
Apart from the new game release, we’re adding a bunch of additional materials to both of the Crusader titles, thanks to Ben Lesnick and Keenan Weaver. Thanks to both of these folks for helping to make the Crusader releases even more awesome!
Crusader: No Remorse bonus materials include: high resolution manual, reference card, and more.