New release: Battle Isle Platinum

With four games and a bunch of additional content for each one, today's release of Battle Isle Platinum is one of the largest in GOG's history.
Battle Isle Platinum covers a huge chunk of the acclaimed turn-based strategy/tactics series and consists of:
- Battle Isle 1 including Data Disk 1 & Battle Isle ‘93 & Historyline: 1914-1918,
- Battle Isle 2 including Scenery CD “Titan’s Legacy”,
- Battle Isle 3 along with extensive video sequences,
- Incubation and the wilderness missions.
That's easily enough to keep your inner strategist busy for weeks, or months if you work for a living!
So, what is this series about, you ask? It's about strategy and tactics at their very finest. It's about using the units at your disposal to the best of your ability in order to achieve specific goals, rather than building an impenetrable fortress, preparing a massive zerg and spamming your enemy with it, rinse, repeat. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the Battle Isle series is about a deep, involving storyline with a huge backstory, both in-game and in "feelies". The latter are, of course, available with our release in digital form.
Go ahead and see for yourself why this series achieved cult classic status.