Mod spotlight: Planescape: Torment mods guide

Most of users already know that Planescape: Torment is one of the best games ever created. What's even cooler about it, fans of the game made it even better with lots of mods and enhancements, but it's pretty difficult to figure out what modifications and in which order they should be installed. Thanks to Johnny Walker aka ThunderPeel2001, who originally posted this article on his blog, we're able to present you a detailed description of the fastest and easiest way to get the best of Planescape: Torment.
STEP 1: Install Bigg's Widescreen mod
IMPORTANT NOTE: Installing this mod will invalidate your existing savegames, so be prepared to start over once it has been installed! If you're in the middle of a game, and don't want to lose your progress, you should stop now (come back when you're ready to play a new game!).
What it does:
This awesome patch allows you to play Planescape: Torment at a higher resolution, making the game look a whole lot better, especially on flatscreen monitors.
How to install:
Download Bigg's Widescreen mod (it doesn't matter whether you actually have a widescreen monitor or not). If you want to learn more about the mod, or if the previous link is broken, please check the official site.
Double-click on widescreen-v2.60.exe (it doesn't matter where it is) and Browse to the directory on your computer where Planescape: Torment is installed (this is the directory where torment.exe lives, default by GOG it's: C:/Program Files/ Click "Install" once you've done this.
When the new window opens, choose to install "Component [Widescreen Mod]" -- even if your monitor is not widescreen -- by typing "I" and pressing ENTER.
When asked for your X-coordinates enter the number of pixels wide you'd like the resolution to be. When asked for your Y-coordinates enter the number of pixels high you'd like the resolution to be.
If you have an LCD monitor, then you'll probably want to run the game at your monitor's highest resolution to achieve the maximum sharpness of graphics. Here's a list of common resolutions for those who feel unsure of what to type. You can keep experimenting until you find one that looks best for you.
- CRT monitors (X/Y): 800/600, 1024/768, 1280/960, 1280/1024
- Widescreen monitors (X/Y): 1280/800, 1440/900, 1680/1050, 1920/1200
Once you're happy with your selection, type 'Y' to install.
Note: You MUST follow the next step in order to fix the graphics at this new higher resolution!
STEP 2: Install Ghostdog's incredible UI mod
What it does:
Unfortunately, increasing the resolution of the game will knock many special graphical effects out of place, put videos in the top left corner of your screen, make the menu screens look really ugly, and possibly even make the text really hard to read. Luckily this mod fixes ALL the above problems... It's really quite amazing!
How to install:
This mod is a little trickier to install, but it's worth it, and all of the mods in the later steps are installed in the same way...
Download Ghostdog's mod.
When you've downloaded it, open it up (just double-click on the file). Now extract the entire archive directly into the game directory (this is the directory where torment.exe is - default by GOG it's C:/Program Files/
Once you've done this, double-click on the setup file 'Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe' from within the game's directory.
In the window that opens you will then get five options:
- Install the mod with the default fonts
- Install the mod with 20% bigger fonts
- Install the mod with 40% bigger fonts
- Install the mod with 80% bigger fonts
- Install the mod with 120% bigger fonts
It's a pretty hard thing to gauge from just looking at the numbers, but luckily Ghostdog has also provided a screenshot to help you decide. Take a look at the preview to see what size is easiest to read on your monitor.
To pick an option, just type a number associated with it and press 'ENTER'.
Note: If you're running Windows 7 and AVG anti-virus and you get a "permission denied" error, you may need to disable AVG's "Resident Shield" before this mod will install successfully.
Note: Don't worry! As with all of the mods below, you can always run the setup file again in order to change your options. So if you don't like the font size you picked, simply run the Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe again and pick a different option!
QUICK CHECK! Before moving on, try running Planescape: Torment and ensuring that it loads correctly. If it doesn't, then you need to redo the steps above before applying the patches below
STEP 3: Install the Ultimate Fixpack
What it does:
Fixes hundreds of bugs left in the game. You definitely want this installed before playing the game.
How to install:
As with the previous mod, download the Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack (click the "Download File" button) and extract the entire archive to the game directory (this is the directory where torment.exe resides - default by GOG it's: C:/Program Files/
Then double click on the set-up file 'Setup-PST-Fix.exe' from within the game directory.
In the window that opens, enter your language number (for example, enter "0" for English) and press ENTER. Then choose "N" (you can view the readme later if you want).
You'll then get the option to install the following items:
- Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack, by Qwinn
- Dialogue Spelling/Grammar Corrections (English Only)
- Subtitled Cutscenes
You should choose to install all three of these items, one-by-one. To do this, just type "I" and press ENTER for each one.
Explanation of the things you've just installed options:
- The Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack is, as you'd expect, a ton of bug fixes for the game. You definitely want this.
- The second option, Dialogue Spelling/Grammar Corrections, again corrects mistakes in the game's text (some serious, some not so serious, but all recommended).
- The final option, Subtitled Cutscenes, is also recommended as there's some very important stuff said during the cutscenes -- that you don't want to miss!
- You can now play a bug fixed, generally improved, version of Planescape: Torment, but why stop there when there's so much other great stuff to add...
STEP 4: Install Unfinished Business
What it does:
The Unfinished Business patch adds many missions back into the game that the designer's didn't have time to finish. These are missions that should be in the game, but time and money constraints meant they were left out, despite being close to completion.
How to install:
Download Qwinn's Unfinished Business patch (click on the "Download File" link).
Extract all files to the game directory (where torment.exe lives) and double-click on 'Setup-PST-UB.exe'.
You will then be asked, as before, which items you want to install. All recommendations in this guide assume you're a new player to Planescape: Torment.
The first two SHOULD be installed:
- All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components
- Expanded Deionarra's Truth ModDo NOT install the following:
- Restored Cheat Items
STEP 5: Install Tweaks Pack
What it does:
This patch tweaks and re-balances elements of the game. These are things that make the game more enjoyable to play, and have been requested by players since it was released.
How to install:
Download Qwinn's PS:T Tweak Pack (click on the "Download File" link).
Same as before, extract all files to the game directory. Then run 'Setup-PST-Tweak.exe'.
As a new player you SHOULD install the following:
- Banter Accelerator (30 mins)
- Add Quickload (adds Quickloading to F9 or F10 - not totally necessary, but you might as well)
- BG2-Style THAC0 Display (makes your stats slightly easier to understand)
- Stackable Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Scrolls
- Explore City AreasDo NOT install:
- Scale of SoulsYou SHOULD install:
- Save Nordom! TweakDo NOT install:
- Disabled Stat Minimums
You SHOULD install:
- Maximized HP Per Level for TNO and Party
- Maximized Friends Spell
- These are very minor changes.
I recommend NOT installing them, but it's up to you:
- No Battle Music
- Use Floating Text Font Globally
Do NOT install:
- Identify All Items
- Early Glabrezus Tweak
- Power Action Leprechaun Annah, by Black Isle
- Easter Egg Morte, by Black Isle
- Rest Anywhere
- Tome Of Cheats
Note: You can change your mind and add/remove any of these items later by running 'Setup-PST-Tweak.exe' again.
And that's it. Now you can play and enjoy the best version of Planescape: Torment there is!
All of these wonderful things are possible thanks to the hard work of the following Planescape: Torment fans: Qwinn, scient, GhostDog and Biggs. I've also used additional help constructing this guide from Jake, Air, Jeff Vader and others. Thanks a lot!
The Planescape: Torment mods guide by Johnny Walker aka ThunderPeel2001. For troubleshooting please check ThunderPeel2001 blog!