GOG.com: The First 5 Years

5 years is a long, long time in the Internet. Let's go down the memory lane!
The beginning of a new year is a good time to stop for a moment and take look back on your past. You take note of your accomplishments, try to learn from your mistakes, and you get all nostalgic about the days gone by. You know we're big on nostalgia, right? With 5 very successful years in the digital gaming market, we thought we'd chat about the company's history a little. We invite you to join CD Projekt's Marcin Iwiński, Guillaume Rambourg, our Managing Director, and Piotr Karwowski, our Creative Director (both of them core members of the GOG.com team who were with us for years), as they talk about the company's history, the concept behind it, and the best (and one not very good) ideas in our history.
Thanks for being with us, dear users, and for making GOG.com the awesome place that it is! Tell us, please--what is your favorite moment in GOG.com history?
Or maybe you would like to become a part of it? Check out our GOG.com/Work page--we may happen to have an opening for a position you'd be perfect for.