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Rongi: I cant for the life of me seem to get this emulator to work after adding the ROMs and file replacement. does anyone have any idea where i'm screwing up?
I found it a lot easier to use Taewoong's DosBox build that has the MT-32 emulation built in.

Some rough instructions on how to use that are here:

There are still some steps you'll need to figure out on your own, but they're not too bad (and sorry, I can't be bothered to write them out right now).
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Is there any need for me to d/l and overwrite the WC2.exe with the one on

Darkmatterx76: Is there any need for me to d/l and overwrite the WC2.exe with the one on

No need, the GoG version is already patched to the latest Dos version. The only thing to do with the GoG versions of WC1 & 2 is setup MT-32 emulation for better music and sound. Well that and configure your joystick so you can use more than 2 buttons, but that's something better done with your individual joystick's profiler software.
I played this game back when they first came out. Is it possible to play the Wing Commander games on a computer with the Windows 8.1 OS?
Anybody know how to get MT-32 music/sound working on Windows 7 (32-bit)? No matter what I try, it plays the wrong sounds (example: the water dripping into the bucket in the save/load area makes an airhorn-like sound).

edit: Never mind, I finally got it working after messing with settings.
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I have some problems with WCP/SO

I've installed the game itself, the hiresMovies and the OpenGL-Patch as described here:
If I start WCP&SO i get this message: >Look at screenshot<

Any help?
Thanks a lot!
I have reinstalled all:
Secret Ops runs, but WCP wants me to insert CD1???
Any solution?
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I removed the old links, so here are my updated video tweak guides!

Wing Commander:

Wing Commander II:

Wing Commander Privateer:

Wing Commander III Tweak Guide

In this video I am tweaking the GOG release of Wing Commander III Heart of the Tiger.

I will cover:

- Configuring the game for General MIDI
- Using VirtualMIDISynth and SoundFonts
- How to toggle subtitles
- How to change the language to German or French (Text only)
- How make the graphics smoother when moving around the ship
- Setting the perfect cycle speed to avoid some bugs
- Boost the sample rate for digital speech and sound effects
- Configure joystick as input device
- Configure joystick hat and rudder with the game

At the end you can watch me play the game a little bit (first mission).
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Is there any way to play WC1 with the voice acting from the MCD port of the game?
Hi everyone.

I'd just bought WCIV: The Price of Freedom, and it is an amazing game. So much value for $5.99, it's unbelievable.

I have just completed the mission after which you see the antagonist Confed pilot execute some poor POW fella.

When I'd first started, I was having issues with that the sound volume in the game was singificantly lounder than the video (it's so great to be playing this game for the first time with DVD quality video, thank you GOG, n1). I read somewhere that it can be fixed by installing ac3filter 2.6b.

That indeed fixed the sound volume issue, but, half-way through my next mission, the cockpit display and everything i see is suddenly through a bright grey overlay.

At first I thought I flew into some kind of a nebula that is interfering with my ship's camera feed, but alas, it is a bug.

Now every time I jump away from Lexignton, the video brightness / display gets messed up like this.

I am flying on a:

Windows 8.2, 64 bit laptop
with 4 GB RAM (wish I knew how to overclock my RAM to 4.20)
Intel Pentium CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz + 2.20 GHz (dualcore)
GeForce GT 740M
DirectX runtime version: 11.0

Has anyone experienced a similar problem with Wing Commander IV before and / or has an idea of how to fix it?
I doubt it's the ac3filter, though. Getting the issue on launch from Lexington as well.
Here is how it looks.
I've recently purchased WC3, and now, 10 or so missions in, I have the exactly same problem (color palette issues in-mission). Does anyone have a solution?
TyroVogel: I've recently purchased WC3, and now, 10 or so missions in, I have the exactly same problem (color palette issues in-mission). Does anyone have a solution?
Try changing the render in Dosbox, open the game folder and find the INI, open it and see which alternate options are available.
Thank you for your suggestion. However, there is no .ini file in the game folder.
There is the dosboxWC3.conf file, where I can set:

# output -- What to use for output:

Changing from Ddraw to overlay, opengl, surface seem to change nothing (except for mega-lag when set to surface).

It's as if the brightness had been turned up a LOT. If I load earlier missions, then it's fine, however.

I have also attempted the ddraw hack by Jari Komppa (2010), but placing ddraw.dll into my game folder does nothing, possibly because the ddraw hack was designed for the Windows version, not the DOS-emulated one (there is no .exe file in the GoG release per se).


I found another GoG thread for the same issue (finally):

It is indeed for a mission set in a nebula. Perhaps it was an intended effect. It just looks ... bad.

However, I can share something that I'd fixed earlier: I was having problems with cutscenes (in WC3) "pausing" before transitions, that was resolved by launching the WC3 Launcher Config (LaunchSettings.exe) and then, when there's an automatic test for SVGA, there's a line of text at the bottom saying "if you see this press Y" ... and after pressing "Y", the problem was resolved and cutscenes played as normal (it switched to alternative SVGA or something like that).

Hope that is helpful to others as well.
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Oh, yes, the nebula mission, I'd totally forgot about it, my bad.