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have play wc alot a long time ago. but not wc/privateer game. its the same fun as wc and some of the same bugs ,one of these when the radar srceem just goes blank and i cant see were the e/ships are coming from,now is it something i not did right or is it a bug on the game, have watched the utube clips dont see any radar prom,s , can some one give me a fix, thanks
philscomputerlab: I removed the old links, so here are my updated video tweak guides!

Wing Commander:

Wing Commander II:

Wing Commander Privateer:

Wing Commander III Tweak Guide

In this video I am tweaking the GOG release of Wing Commander III Heart of the Tiger.

I will cover:

- Configuring the game for General MIDI
- Using VirtualMIDISynth and SoundFonts
- How to toggle subtitles
- How to change the language to German or French (Text only)
- How make the graphics smoother when moving around the ship
- Setting the perfect cycle speed to avoid some bugs
- Boost the sample rate for digital speech and sound effects
- Configure joystick as input device
- Configure joystick hat and rudder with the game

At the end you can watch me play the game a little bit (first mission).
Have you played WC Privateer successfully with a joystick? If yes, please copy the config file for me and let me know what joystick you are using. I am using Windows 10 and I cannot target with my joystick. It's just too sensitive. When I try to move it, it jumps past my target repeatedly. I have tried the sensitivity settings in the inf file; but, it doesn't effect my joystick in any way. I am using a basic Thrustmaster joystick. I have tried others.

Anyway, I see you have some experience with Wing Commander and I just wanted to see if you could help me solve my problem. Thank so much for responding.
MrSmadSmartAlex: Anybody know how to get MT-32 music/sound working on Windows 7 (32-bit)? No matter what I try, it plays the wrong sounds (example: the water dripping into the bucket in the save/load area makes an airhorn-like sound).

edit: Never mind, I finally got it working after messing with settings.
What settings did you "mess with", because I have this game on a Tandy 2500 XL/2 computer with a Roland MT-32 connected, and it just started having the wrong sounds playing in Wing Commander. Just as you said: airhorn-like sound when the water drips in the barracks. It's a completely different environment, in real DOS, and your issue sounds like mine.
philscomputerlab: Wing Commander Privateer:
One thing about WC:P that's not in your clip: if game crashes when using jump points it helps to change in dosbox.conf:


After that I expirenced a few crashes but not so much as before.