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Oops, there's a typo in my previous post.
...which you wouldn't be able to fill (unless you've read WarCraft 3 story elsewhere).
Adding a bit, as my original post didn't convey all I wanted, sorry in advance for double posting in the thread, guys:

The voice over work, in the original StarCraft, was just as amateurish, and strange / cringey as War2.
And I guess I got used to how they sound (especially StarCraft, as I also spent time creating custom maps, in the editor. I wish more RTS included editors, in their installer. Making new stuff is adicting!). So yeah, it's kinda hard for me to judge them harshly.

While they're definitelly both amateur work, they "give a hand" for portuguese speaking people, like us. They're useful. When I tried StarCraft, many years ago, I had a very basic knowledge, of the english language.

If you've read it all, thanks joppo. Farewell.