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It would be great to have the game available in languages like french/german (i d'ont know in which one it was also translated). The voices of the game are a great part of its nostalgia and it would be sad to not have them implemented.
Ditto, really. Holding me back on my purchase I'm afraid. I'm glad GOG secured the deal, but let's not act like Blizzard is a small defunct studio whose localised assets got lost. Although I can e-mail them my old CD if need be. :-p
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yes please add French ! I have the fr box version and I do not know how to take the fr files :/
I still want to be able to play it back in German too after losing my disc.
I was going to buy it... but i want the german version.
GOG does not care about spanish people.
I'll come over and agree with the previous people here- we would really enjoy the translation that were available when the game was originally released (French, German, Spanish and Italian if memory serves me, for Europe at least; but the more the merrier)

The audio clips especially would be a wonderful addition :) This would be immensely appreciated.
I agree. Please add italian voices!
russian language pls
I have best russian localisation. Its work properly in this version i can share if you want. Its will be fine to add like one of supported languages
I miss the spanish version, if Blizzard has the rights of those translations, i think that there is no much problem to bring those versions too.
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There’s working versions of these on the site- you would have to install these and use the cd key changer I believe to change cd key.. you might be able to install one of those from ru, then copy the files into your GoG version folder and overwrite and see if works.
Just uploaded full versions for War2Combat 4.4.2 on English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish.
War2Combat since 4.4.2 is fully compatible with GOG bnet-server and uses the same CD-key.
That means if you have CD-key installed for GOG, Combat will use it also. No manipulations required.
Just install it to different folder and play War2 GOG or War2Combat!
DarthElwood: I agree. Please add italian voices!
Yup, especially (it's OT, I know. Pardon me!) in the third one, AND its espansion: one of the best dubbing ever made in videogaming, in our Country.

Arthas with Claudio Moneta's voice and Giorgio Melazzi as Kel'Thuzad is a must for us.

Like Balzarotti as Batman.