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Digitalos: Oh man I was hoping it was just me :( Is there no solution to this? The game has been out a little while and this makes it unplayable. I also get a weird issue where I can't click on some UI. The buttons are there, but they don't trigger. Such as in dialog choices etc. Kind of annoyed about this.
Have the same problem here. Need to restart the game over and over again loosing quest that didn't save
I am having precisely the same issue; you are forced to ALT-F4 to get out, then reopen the game, and you are good for one go then it gets stuck again...
Same here, it will be fixed when?
Fix this thing please, i can't go through puzzle due to it.
same problems here. the game also crashed in the first loading screen today.
My game has also frozen three times. I haven't even reached the bandits yet cause these puzzles keep freezing my loading screens. Honestly, we desearve some sort of refund at this point.
I'm having the same issues. Rolling back to 1.01 didn't help. I get multiple "soft freezes" in different situations where the UI is semi-responsive, but the game is in a wait state, either waiting to load or waiting to start another turn.

- Can't play the cow puzzle; game soft freezes after I end my first turn
- Multiple battles/puzzles where if I fail or forfeit and restart, it soft freezes on the reload screen (the one with a random card and description on it), with the hourglass and diamond animation in the bottom right cycling endlessly.

In each case, I've had to kill the game and restart, which typically puts me back at the previous checkpoint; no huge loss of game. The cycle time for this is seriously frustrating.

In addition there's this other issue below, possibly related in that it seems to happen most often on battles or puzzles that I've experienced soft freezes: But I don't know if the correlation is 1:1.

- Multiple instances of the "view deck" interface bringing up no cards, with an exit button in the bottom center, even though there are cards in the deck. Or sometimes (as with the puzzle where you're trying to reduce three enemies to 1 strength), it will bring up different cards depending on which cards I've played previously, even though I haven't removed any cards from the deck. At the beginning of that puzzle, looking at the deck shows me I have two Lyrian Arbalest cards. If I play a War Wagon (thus also playing two Light Infantry), then check the deck, it says I have two Light Infantry cards. If I use decoy to remove the War Wagon and play it again, then check the deck, it says I have no cards, even though the deck still has a number "2" on it.
they must be working on something, it would be absurd to leave the game in this state.
Same for me, game pretty much unplayable.
And here I made a point of buying from, rather than Steam, because I figured they'd have the most stable version.

Love the game but can't play it in this state. Enormously frustrating.
Same issue, cannot pass the first turn on Eldain's Ambush no matter how many times I restart the game.
Please fix.
Came back to see the problem is still alive and the game stays unplayable... I had never such big problems with a game since Windows 95!!! Please devs, solve it, because the game was really great so far!
This happens to me all the time!