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Same for me and this problem makes it unplayable ... :(
Yup, just writing here so that the thread will be larger and the devs will maybe take notice - got the same problem with puzzles :( ... And the cow one was the worst so far - took me exactly 5 game restarts, even if i did everything well, since it frequently froze in the middle of A.I.'s turn :-/
Same for me. Bugs out on various puzzles. I'm on the cow one atm and not sure if I want to continue which is a shame since the game seems pretty interesting so far. Would be quite disapointing to go for a refund.
Same problem. I'm thinking of restaring just to play on easy so I can skip the bugged puzzles.
Same for me. I will have to wait for a fix before I can continue playing. For the moment I can't recommend the game.
Oh man I was hoping it was just me :( Is there no solution to this? The game has been out a little while and this makes it unplayable. I also get a weird issue where I can't click on some UI. The buttons are there, but they don't trigger. Such as in dialog choices etc. Kind of annoyed about this.
I have the same problems and found two things that break the game:
- opening/viewing the deck in battle
- forfeting battle from the left-side menu

Not doing those two things got me through grave hag and mad cow fight. But later when returning from battle the whole UI stopped working. Couldn't click on any buttons, escape key didn't work.

It's really unplayable in current state. I hope they fix it soon.
I have the same issue here as others are reporting.
Game wont load after forfeiting, just sits there loading.
Looking at your deck stops anyone continuing after ending turn or passing. (possibly bugs out forfeiting or vice versa as well)
Couldnt click any ui icons like Camp or map or choose any dialogue after restarting game and wandering around.

hope this gets fixed soon.
Same here, happens on all the pussles. Looks like it happens after you look in the deck.
Same issue for me. Oh well, hopefully this will be fixed after the holidays are over.

Will put aside the game for now as it is unplayable.
The same problem. Appear after puzzle when elves catch Meve. I just can't restart the puzzle after concede.

UPD: I just checked the files, it's did something mystical, and now there are no problem (I hope anyway)
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I'm playing on the 1.0.1 patch now and it happens less frequently now and if a battle stop working after looking in the graveyard I can now forfeit, restart the battle and the game loads properly.

To change patch go to the game in you libery the settings uncheck "Automatically update to newest version" then click on the 1.0.1 patch.
Short update ... playing with version and the game still freezes on restarting a match or after ending turn. With freezing I mean the game is still running and animations still playing but nothing happens and only ALT+F4 helps.

Please try to fix this bugs because the game is really awesome but i cannot play with these major problems.
Same problem on my side. The game stuckes at the cow and other puzzles. Some triggers like the one from the count do not work. Game is unplayable! Normally they should pay the money back!
I have the same issue.
Is there any update from CD Project?

Surface 4 pro, Windows 10 Pro 1809