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Didn't see this anywhere so I'll post one.

This is to be used to help people meet other players and arrange online games.
Starting a room with the name Geralt at 4:57 PST. 3 players, 3 quests.
PM me if anyone wants to play.
Add me as a friend if someone wants to play.
Guys add me as well. I'm finding the game pretty interesting and fun!
And me aswell.
Hi. I'm unable to play online witcher adventure game. As you know it says about "authentication failed" and all the known rest. I reinstall it but nothing. In addition I'm online in steam. Any suggestions?
Bought this on steam since it was on sale but am hoping to find players on here as well. Sent friend request out to a few of you. Add me as well if you'd like. Would like to try my hand at playing someone with a brain :-)
I'm trying to find a solution for online gaming but nothing. If someone know anything please write it. I agree with you Fihnakis. Please GOG fix this problem.
tony friend request me
le bump. I had read this thread, but forgot it when after I came back a second time and made my post after playing again.

TWAG players unite!
i'd like to play, but i'm on steam
all you ppl on GOG add me to your friends list i play this game alot and would like to play regular ppl online
Very good idea with this. Add me if you want a player who always want to play.
Guys install gog galaxy app and you will succeed to play online the game.