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I have created a discord server to coordinate things better among all of us, I would post the link here but GOG won't let me, anyone interested add me and I will invite you!
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Add me!
@Bisha I sent to you invitation but you can also PM me your discord server. I dont like using GOG chat to invite people to play this game.
Please add me too :)
My GOG username is Misteriosa
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Is anyone alive here? add me to friend if u wanna play this game (:
who want play online add me to friends, i can play everyday approximate in 17:00 UTC (это 20:00 по Московскому времени).
who wants to play!!!
I'm not very good at the game (and I mean, I'm REALLY not very good) so most anyone will stomp me but I'd be willing to play with other people. Feel free to send me a PM and/or friend me if you're interested in playing!