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feel free to add me
Salutations; I'm new at this game and it would be neat to get a friendly game going
add me :)
Just bought the game and realized there are maybe 2 or 3 people playing it, in Antarctica or somewhere. It's a very good game but there's no one to play with and offline is boring, the bots are predictable, there's no fun. Is there any way to add friends? See when they're online or is this gonna be my experience from now on?

Anyway made a private match called 15 April on the 15th of April at around 14:40 CET. Hopefully there's someone here to see this.
Add me for multiplayer.
add me to, always glad to play
I'd like to play with anybody.
Just let me know when you're around!
add me so we can play ;) game is so good and so underrated
There is a Witcher Discord with a "gwent-lfg" channel which you can join to find other players for when the game hits in September for beta and also for other players looking for people to play other multiplayer Witcher games such as The Witcher Adventure Game

I can't seem to post links - so the invite code is Kk4s4Jx (do a quick Google to see how to use it)

There are several other channels on the Witcher Discord but you can mute the ones you don't want to receive notifications about.
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I would like to play few rounds, if anyone is up for it, feel free to invite me.
Add me as well, I love to play this game :)
Edit: I've stopped playing this.
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Any one still playing it?

Add me if you want.
WildChild.834: PM me if anyone wants to play.
Still interested in playing online?

I cannot find any open online match.
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Still online, looking for someone :D
Same, Add me if you want to play ;)