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I'm not sure if there is a mod out there or not for this yet, but is there a better and more efficient configuration utility? Specifically for being able to bind any keys to any action in game? I don't speak computer lingo, so when I ventured into the config file myself, I don't understand what any of it means!
The new mod to disable cut-scene finishers is much appreciated.
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Despite the improvements in V2.0, the difficulty curve of the game is still largely inverted - toughest at the start, cakewalk by the end.

Thankfully, one of the two key mods that fixes this has updated to 2.0 - the Complete Equipment Overhaul.

Unfortunately, it's counterpart, Better Combat, hasn't.

Anyone know Lautreamont? Or anyone else able to update Better Combat for him? Those two mods really made TW2 into a much more interesting game, and only having the equipment rebalanced just doesn't cut it.
Is there mod, that removes scar from Geralt face? I found some, but they also change his yes, or make him look younger. I need only scar remove.
Hey !First of I want to thank all moders wich do a realy great work here.And second I want to ask if some 1 could do a mod that enables a scroll funktion for the camera in game as it is now i get verry dizzy and almost seasick when the camera is so near Geralts back.
Many thanks
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Is there a way to adjust the FOV? I've been scouring the forum and elsewhere but haven't found a solution yet.
squareking: Is there a way to adjust the FOV? I've been scouring the forum and elsewhere but haven't found a solution yet.
Well... Maybe late, but here is mod for change FoV - Change your FoV by Puruko
MOD/s requests:

1) Buff to Shadow Draw Distance (Lots of objects in the game cast shadows that require you to walk right up to them before they become visible. A prominent example is the start of the game, choose the first dialog choice with Roche then leave the tent and immediately head Right while still up near the tent. A bush will suddenly produce a shadow while your less then 5 feet away)

2) Buff to terrain doodad draw distance (Small rocks, pebbles and stuff.)

3) Buff to NPC Draw Distance (Ability to see them from further away)
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I would very much like to have Geralt instead be Ceri. Or perhaps something like Thief IIX, where there is a whole new adventure featuring a new female witcher protagonist within the same world. It's unfortunate, because the game world is so good, but I never have been able to connect with Geralt.
is there a mod someone can make to increase the number of enemies and NPCs in the game?

For example, in the prolouge, and battle at vergen the background (soldiers in tents, etc) look aweomse, but the amount of actual npcs are limited to a few dozen.

When it comes to fighting enemies, there can be a large amount of forces (harpies, bandits) but those moements comes rare and few.

So is it possible to make a mod to increase number of npcs in general, and incerase number of ENEMIES you run across?

I want the witcher to have fights that are giant bloothbaths and take several minutes, rather than seconds, to complete.
I was considering buying Witcher 2, but after first one was unplayable due to stupid effects giving me eye pain, I would have first research what are possibilities of modding in the sequel, especially with new editor. Is it possible to disable screen shake effect during combat (I read somewhere you can disable it in options menu), and bright cat eye effect of the potion? About the latter there were talks on forums and many people wanted to see it go away, is there a mod already for this? Is it possible to make one?
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Is there a mod that ONLY reduces the medallion cooldown? I only want the medallion cooldown and no other added features.
NightK: Is there a mod that ONLY reduces the medallion cooldown? I only want the medallion cooldown and no other added features.

Changes the cooldown to only 1 second.
Is there a save game editor that I can use to complete quests and the story so I won't have to play the whole game again before playing the witcher 3?
For anyone looking for a zoomed-out camera mod, I've been using one called Traditional Third-Person Camera. I got it off the CDProjekt site. It's extremely simple and good.