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Jim Sterling made alot of valid points. Just how much or little these flaws detract from the enjoyment of the game varies from person to person.

Of course, just calling someone names just because you don't agree with him is alot easier than actually using your brain. But then again, most people on here are pissed off about some arbitrary score and not the actual content of the review.
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without reading the review, or this thread, i just wanted to chip in and say that destructoid is a remarkably terrible website.

their chief editor isn't much more than a professional (in that he's paid with actual money) troll. his actual troll skills put him in the special olympics, however.

i went there after kotaku's site redesign, and left them after two weeks of absolutely terrible reporting and editorials.

i actually hit up joystiq, i didn't think i would like it much because of the aol affiliation, but at least they're professionals, in the sense that they do their jobs well.
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