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Changelog for Patch 1.21 (added 22 December 2017):

- [Both] Fixed issue where displaced arm animations could appear for certain harvesting actions.
- [Wintermute] Updated Green Survivor description text; Predators are less deadly in this Experience, but will still attack you when unprovoked. (i.e. Green Survivor does not match Pilgrim settings.)
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where items could disappear from the Milton House after breaking down the blanket.
[Survival Mode] Fixed issue where stored items would be duplicated and could appear in more than one location at once. This affects the following locations: Lake Cabins, Fishing Huts, Jackrabbit House and PV Crossroads House. Please note this fix only applies to games created using Version 1.21 and onward.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where a map icon may automatically appear for specific locations when they are entered (ex. Stone Church in Desolation Point) rather than through Charcoal Mapping.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue with the items placed in one location could appear in a different location instead (i.e. we created a teleportation device!). This affects the following locations: Farmhouse, Farmhouse Basement, Dam, Dam Trailers. Note that this fix applies to existing games.
There is another update ( v1.27 ), unfortunately not on GOG again. Translated with Google.

Part 1:
Part 2:
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Ulf2016: There is another update ( v1.27 ), unfortunately not on GOG again. Translated with Google.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Whelp, looks like I'm filing this under "wishlist-until complete" as it's an episotic game anyways in addition to the delayed updates...
Is the GOG release still out of date with the Steam version? I'm considering picking this up.
The version currently available on GoG is 1.21. The version available on Steam is 1.27.

The newest version will eventually be here at GoG. It just takes Hinterland (the developer) time to get new versions to GoG.
Hinterland just posted on their official forum that they are now patched to V-1.29 so it's a good thing they didn't submit the 1.27 patch.
Now we can hope to get the 1.29 patch soon - hopefully.
Yeah I noticed that too, as far as I know they intend to release console and GOG versions of the game after they the the latest hotfix has been released. I expect them to publish the update by the end of next week unless they find new bugs.
Sadly, from what I've been reading over at their forums (as I'm sure you have too), it looks like they've inadvertently added new bugs.
Shame too. I'm in the process of building a new computer that can actually run TLD better than my old one. I was looking forward to playing it again. :-(
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I'm afraid you're right about that. :(
However I rather prefer a stable release so it will be worth it I guess.

Good luck with your pc, I can tell the maximum settings are very immersive. :D
The update just arrived! :D
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Changelog for Patch 1.29 (added 11 April 2018):

- Numerous Environment fixes
- General optimizations to improve performance
- Fixed several rare crashes

Gameplay & User Interface
- [Both] Update to allow Player to save their Journal from the Skills screen
- [Both] Players are now prevented from deleting in-use saves
- [Wintermute] Unlocked Chapters data now stored in backup location in case of data loss

- [Custom] Fixed issue that allowed progress towards feats disabled in Custom Mode
- [Both] Fixed issue with Flare shells being re-usable in certain scenarios
- [Both] Fixed issue where animals would disappear under certain conditions
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Changelog for Patch 1.30 (added 20 April 2018):

- [Gameplay] - Fixed rare crash that could occur when lighting a torch from a fire.
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Changelog for Patch 1.33 (added 15 June 2018):

General Fixes

[All] Fixed Crows spawning below ground.
[All] Fixed Intro Movie not respecting Master Volume settings.
[All] Updated localization.
[All] Fixed duplicated resolutions appearing in Options.
[All] Fixed FOV being limited to 100.
[UI] Fixed inventory actions becoming broken when switching between Keyboard/Mouse and Controller.
[UI] Improved responsiveness of Resolution Selector in Options.
[UI] Fixed Main Menu flashing briefly before intro video when running the game on Mac or in DX9 mode.
[UI] Fixed missing Title when viewing Map Screen in Mountain Town.
[UI] Updated Region Description formatting to be more consistent.
[UI] Updated UI art to include Climbing Socks.
[UI] Fixed Feat progress bars to better represent progress.
[UI] Updated Main Menu Custom Mode text to be easier to read.
[UI] Fixed Fish appearing with missing or bright colours when taken from a fridge and inspected.
[UI] Fixed Earmuffs appearing on Paper Doll when equipping other Accessories.
[UI] Moved "Sort" icon in the Inventory screen.
[UI] Updated Clothing UI tooltips for all platforms.
[Linux] Fixed light shaft rendering incorrectly.
[Linux] Fixed audio not playing for some players.
[Wintermute] Fixed checkpoint screenshot showing image from previous save.


[All] Fixed momentary freeze when opening Inventory for the first time.
[All] Fixed Light Source menu being unavailable when Flashlight is the only light source.
[All] Scaled size of Fish to work with new cooking system.
[All] Consolidated UI actions around a single verb - "Use".
[All] Updated controller actions to support new Quick Placement feature.
[All] Fixed Aurora not always appearing correctly when player is Passing Time/Resting at specific intervals.
[All] Updated cooking surfaces around the world for new Cooking System.
[All] Updated Campfire placement
[All] Fixed UI not always updating after performing an action such as Purifying water.
[All] Fixed Clothing Screen stats not always updating after changing clothing.
[All] Fixed Living Off the Land achievement progress being reset when drinking tea crafted from Reishi Mushrooms or Rosehips.
[All] Fixed items falling through certain rugs.
[All] Fixed missing audio when crafting Tinder from Sticks.
[All] Updated instant kill regions on cliff faces to be more forgiving in some locations.
[All] Fixed incorrect text appearing when interacting with an active Fire during windy conditions.
[All] Updated Disclaimer screen not respecting game language when set to Dutch.
[All] Player can no longer eat ruined food from the Inspection screen.
[All] Fixed Weak Ice warning persisting if player loads game while standing on Weak Ice.
[All] Fixed Bear becoming stuck in animation when not in player’s view.
[All] Fixed player being able to become stuck when attacked while Crafting.
[All] Fixed Campfire rewarding extra Charcoal.
[All] Fixed extra arrow being generated after Harvesting a corpse then saving and reloading.
[All] Realigned Wolf positioning when it feeds off a Moose carcass.
[All] Adjusted the speed of Rifle shot sound effect when firing indoors.
[All] Fixed unintentional movement when player is using the Radial Menu with a Controller.
[All] Fixed misaligned blood decal after harvesting corpse.
[All] Disabled Radial Menu while holding a stunned Rabbit.
[All] Lantern now shows Gallons when Imperial Units are selected. Was showing Ounces previously.
[Survival Mode] Fixed Locations Discovered in the Stats screen to account for Regions with variable number of interiors due to ruined structures.
[Survival Mode] General fixes for a wide variety of minor locations to make them easier to Survey.
[Survival Mode] Fixed rare scenario where WINTERMUTE map could appear in your Survival Mode map list.
[Survival Mode] Fixed Moose getting stuck in running animation when it dies while running.
[Survival Mode] Fixed not being able to Survey Wolf Carcasses that spawn into the game.
[Survival Mode] Fixed arrow trails remaining after firing an Arrow in certain scenarios.
[Survival Mode] Removed Stone Church from Faithful Cartographer requirements, as it was causing an issue with legacy game saves.
[Survival Mode] Fixed Moose entering hold position when player is holding a light source.
[Survival Mode] Fixed wildlife resetting location after player transitions to a new Region/interior.
[Survival Mode] Fixed player becoming stuck when saving and loading while on stairs.
[Survival Mode] Fixed non-interactable brush near Lonely Lighthouse.
[Survival Mode] Improved Moose pathfinding when under trees.
[Wintermute] Fixed player being unable to save if they delete all their Story saves, while playing Wintermute.
[Wintermute] Fixed several locations where Bear could become stuck during Jeremiah's Folly mission.
[Wintermute] Fixed missing textures on Cache boxes.
[Wintermute] Fixed controller input registering during Episode One ending, resulting in UI popup.
[Wintermute] Autosave option now only appears when playing Wintermute.
[Wintermute] Fixed issue where Player could not enter Hank's Hatch during the Episode Two side mission if they unlocked the hatch, but were missing the letter.
[Wintermute] Fixed deer carcass disappearing at the opening of Episode One if Player interacts with, saves, then reloads game.
[ Wintermute] Fixed Cabin Fever icon appearing in Story Mode, even though the player can not get Cabin Fever in Story Mode.
[Custom Mode] Adjusted how Wildlife Flee chance is applied.
[Custom Mode] Adjusted loot tables.


[All] Fixed missing texture from the Burnt Flare when viewed in Inspection mode.
[All] Fixed Smoke "glowing" at night or in fog.
[Art] Updated Gun Rack scaling to better match Rifle size.
[Enviro] Tweaked many item placements.
[Enviro] Fixed numerous locations where objects clip into the environment.
[Enviro] Polish pass on all Regions.
[Enviro] Fixed floating snow banks.
[Enviro] Fixed instances of bushes clipping into trees.
[Enviro] Fixed Climbing Rope texture not appearing correctly.
[Enviro] Fixed stretched texture on fallen tree trunk.
[Enviro] Fixed numerous locations where players could become stuck.
[Enviro] Updated various tree groups that were missing collision.
[Enviro] Fixed some Ropes being difficult to interact with from the bottom.
[Enviro] Fixed floating Rosehip bushes in Timberwolf Mountain.
[Enviro] Fixed trees and bushes populating the same location in Desolation Point.
[Enviro] Fixed Flag clipping into Lake Cabins.
[Enviro] Removed extra exterior window on certain cabins.
[Survival Mode] Fixed Moose scratch texture on trees appearing stretched.
[Wintermute] Fixed Aurora during Episode One introduction sequence flickering at certain angles.


[PS4] Added Italian and Polish translations of all in*game text and subtitles.
[PS4] Performance improvements.
[PS4] Fixed several memory*related crashes.
[PS4] Fixed button prompts flickering when tabbing between menus.
[Xbox] Fixed flickering when bringing up the Home Panel via the Xbox button.


[Xbox] Performance improvements.
[Xbox] Added Italian and Polish translations of all in*game text and subtitles.
[Xbox] Fixed issue where conditions for Achievements could take an extended amount of time to be reported.
[Xbox] Fixed Japanese text flickering when scrolling through certain menus.
[Xbox] Fixed screen overlapping when signing out of profile on certain screens.

Windows 10

[UWP] Fixed Launching the title in Norwegian preventing Player accessing Survival mode.
[UWP] Fixed issue causing mouse to lose focus, resulting in game minimizing unexpectedly.
[UWP] Fixed debug info remaining on screen after pressing F8 for a screenshot.
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Changelog for Patch 1.34 (added 22 June 2018):

- [All] Updated "Use" verbs to better reflect player activity in the game. Verbs should now more accurately reflect intended use.
- [All] Pass Time Until Ready when Melting snow now stops when snow is melted. Boiling to Purify melted snow is now a separate Cooking action, as before.
- [All] Cooking times for partial-unit food items now scale correctly. I.e. 0.5 Kg of meat now takes half the full-unit time cost.
- [All] Wildlife will no longer attack players during accelerated time, unless they were already detected prior to beginning an activity. This addresses an issue where players were being ambushed by predators during accelerated time actions.
- [All] Fixed Mac keyboard icons for Placement actions appearing on PC.
- [All] Fixed players being able to use a Recycled Can/Cooking Pot to cook when the item was at 0% Condition.
- [All] Fixed Quick Placement when using the Steam Controller.
- [All] Fixed exploit where players were able to restore burned food by placing it back onto an active cooking surface.
- [All] Fixed Mac trackpad secondary click not being active for Placement.
- [All] Fixed issue causing previously-killed animal corpses to reappear after updating the game.
- [All] Fixed issue causing active monitor to change when switching screen resolution.
- [All] Fixed players losing Placement functionality when interrupting Placement from the Pack.
- [All] Fixed camera bob persisting after lighting the Storm Lantern while walking.
- [All] Fixed issue causing players to exit the Fishing UI immediately after catching a fish, instead of being able to continue.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing arrows to become invisible after firing them.
- [Survival Mode] Many minor environment fixes to Hushed River Valley.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed numerous Hushed River Valley locations where players could become stuck in the terrain.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed Scrolling in Journal Notes.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed players becoming stuck in-between rocks near the bridge closest to Draft Dodger's Cabin in Pleasant Valley.
- [Wintermute] Fixed rare issue where players were permanently afflicted with Cabin Fever in some very old Wintermute saves.
- [Wintermute] Fixed getting stuck when crouching inside Jeremiah's Cabin during Wintermute Episode Two.
- [Wintermute] Fixed issue where players were unable to place items inside Jeremiah's Cabin during Wintermute Episode Two.
Patch 1.35 (26 June 2018 )? Thank you :)