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Changelog for Patch 1.35 (added 06 July 2018):

- [All] Fixed issue with untextured objects appearing in Hushed River Valley.
- [All] Fixed issue with invisible collision at the Mystery Lake Forestry Lookout that was preventing players from ascending and descending the stairs.
- [All] Fixed issue with Cooking audio being too quiet.
- [All] Fixed potential crash when entering a location where Water was left Boiling.
Patch 1.37 is out. ETA for GOG? Thanks in advance.
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Changelog for Patch 1.37 (added 06 September 2018):

- [ALL] Added new pop-up warning to prevent players from accidentally Eating Raw Meat or Fish when selecting them from the Radial menu.
- [ALL] Completed a tuning pass on several Cooking variables. Cooking times are balanced more closely (though not identically) to values prior to the Vigilant Flame Update, while still accounting for the benefits of real-time Cooking and multiple Cooking surfaces.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing players to get stuck in the bowl object on the second floor of the Camp Office.

- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed Buffer Memories missing the Examine option.
- [WINTERMUTE] Added new Cooking Meat tutorial to increase clarity around uses for Raw and Cooked Meat in the game.
- [WINTERMUTE] Removal of Metal Shard at the opening of Episode One now happens automatically.
- [ALL] Fixed some instances of wildlife not using optimal paths when moving through the world.
- [ALL] Fixed not being able to stand up from Crouching when in a tunnel or cave.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where injured Bears reset their status when players enter an interior or Pass Time.
- [ALL] Fixed not being able to Pass Time when Cooking ruined meat.
- [ALL] Fixed Hatchet becoming instantly ruined when breaking down a table with a camp stove on top of it.
- [ALL] Top slot for Drinks in the Radial Menu is no longer reserved for Water only.
- [ALL] Player’s last Cooking Pot will no longer drop during a Struggle.
- [ALL] Fixed inaccurate Crafting times when there are fewer than 2 hours remaining to finish Crafting an item.
- [ALL] Fixed Melting Snow not progressing to Boiling if a player leaves the region.
- [ALL] Fixed Unsafe Water not continuing to Boil if Stove is relit.
- [ALL] Fixed improperly focused camera when Harvesting a Moose.
- [ALL] Fixed quantity of Water displayed in Radial Menu and Backpack not matching.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing players to be unable to cancel Fishing in certain scenarios.
- [ALL] Fixed Notes in Inspection Mode missing the ability to scroll.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing the Zoom option to be missing from the Map when using the Steam Controller.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing inconsistency around which actions players can perform when inside a Snow Shelter.
- [ALL] Fixed being unable to place water inside Caves.
- [ALL] Adjusted space around placed items so players can arrange them closer together.

- [ALL] Numerous Environment Fixes.
- [ALL] Numerous fixes to locations where players can become stuck in the game world.
- [ALL] Fixed missing texture on the Fishing Line gear item.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed graphical corruption in Hushed River Valley Ice Cave.

- [ALL] Fixed audio not correctly fading in and out on load screens.
- [ALL] Fixed missing sound effects when a player suffers an ankle Sprain.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where shooting certain trees with Arrows would cause Moose sound effects to play.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing wildlife audio to play when exiting a building.
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Changelog for Patch 1.44 (added 02 January 2019):

CHANGELIST v1.44 [44110]
NOTE: Please be aware there may be WINTERMUTE story spoilers in the changelist.

- [ALL] Fixed colour grading for early-morning ambient lighting effects.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed Rabbitskin Hat not appearing on the Paper Doll screen for the female survivor.
- [WINTERMUTE] Improved the Old Bear’s pathing when in the cave system during the What One Man Can Do mission in Episode Two. Please note we’re still working to resolve all scenarios where the Old Bear can become stuck.

CHANGELIST v1.43 [44083]

- [ALL] Fixed the entrance to the basement at Skeeter Ridge in Pleasant Valley appearing in the wrong spot.

CHANGELIST v1.42 [44062]
NOTE: Please be aware there may be WINTERMUTE story spoilers in the changelist.

- [ALL] Fixed 'Suppress Discovery Text' setting being carried from WINTERMUTE into Survival Mode.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where gaining an Affliction during a Struggle was not saving the game.
- [ALL] Fixed scrollbar leaving a gap when scrolling to the bottom of the list in the Crafting menu, keeping some Crafting options hidden.
- [ALL] Fixed being unable to light a Torch from a campfire.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed incorrect location text appearing when reloading the game indoors in Milton.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed arms clipping into camera during the Bear encounter at Carter Dam when FOV was set above 90.
- [WINTERMUTE] Removed deer carcass from the Survival Bowl sequence in Episode One that could cause a crash.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed Episode Two not starting correctly when a player walks beyond the Cave transition trigger at the end of Episode One.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed the Old Bear not rearing up before starting its attack when in the Bear Cave.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed Rifle not returning to player inventory at the end of What One Man Can Do mission in Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed Bear becoming stuck in flee after stepping off a fallen tree adjacent to the Bear Spear in Episode Two.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed missing truck in Pleasant Valley.

Please note that “Predux” (i.e. the previous version of the episodes) story saves are not compatible with Redux.

There are some rendering issues when using the latest NVidia drivers on Linux. We are working on a solution. This issue does not affect AMD video cards.

- General performance improvements across the game
- Widespread audio optimizations
- Upgraded to a new version of Unity, enabling widespread improvements across the game

- [Enviro] Numerous optimizations to improve performance
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous areas the player could become stuck in
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous areas the player could get outside of the intended play area
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous clipping and floating objects
- [Enviro] Performed various optimizations to avoid texture popping
- [Enviro] Improved alignment on some power lines
- [Enviro] Updated many snow banks, rocks, and fauna
- [Enviro] Numerous environment improvements
- [Enviro] Improved Aurora visuals; reduced the visible banding effect
- [Enviro] Improved blood decal lifetime
- [Enviro] Improved waterfall splash effects appearance when dark
- [Enviro] Improved light flicker visuals during an Aurora event
- [Enviro] Update to many items to prevent floating after an object is broken down
- [Enviro] Improved decal sorting
- [Enviro] Improved grass reflections lighting for time of day
- [Enviro] Fixed many instances of grass clipping through trees and railway tracks
- [Broken Railroad] Fixed invisible rocks near Rope Climb
- [Broken Railroad] Fixed overlapping pipes and debris near the Maintenance Yard
- [Carter Dam] Fixed box clipping into wall
- [Mystery Lake] Fixed corpses spawning sunken into the ground
- [Coastal Highway] Fixed stretched snow textures around some cabins
- [Mystery Lake] Fixed visual artifacts in river terrain
- [Mountain Town] Fixed flickering textures on mountain near Milton
- [Mountain Town] Fixed missing texture on rocks near transition to Mystery Lake
- [Mountain Town] Fixed missing collison on the barn at Paradise Meadow Farms
- [Mountain Town] Fixed flickering textures on the cars outside of Milton
- [Mountain Town] Fixed player being able to clip through parts of the silo

- [Mac/PC/Linux] Fixed Xbox One menu buttons appearing for 1 frame when using a PS4 controller
- [PC/Mac/Linux] Fixed selection swapping back and forth when cursor placed between two buttons
- [UI] Improved the visibility of HUD button prompt when using a controller
- [UI] Improved Main Menu appearing off-center in 21:9
- [UI] Fixed back button taking player to wrong screen when viewing a Note at the end of a Survival Game
- [UI] Fixed Reticle appearing over non-interactable cabinets
- [UI] Fixed alignment of UI when reading a note
- [UI] Fixed Online Messaging only showing only the latest announcement, instead of all new announcements
- [UI] Fixed Back button option being highlighted by mistake in certain scenarios
- [UI] Fixed player being unable to back out of Save/Load menu if it was empty
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- [WINTERMUTE] Improved map markers to allow merging of critical information when multiple icons are at the same location
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed frightened Wolves becoming aggressive after game is saved and loaded
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed conditions that caused players to start Episode Two holding a lantern
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed pelts not curing if partially cured when completing Episode One
- [WINTERMUTE] Added option to easily start Episode Two if the player quit after completing Episode One
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that caused audio to cut out when entering certain cars in Milton
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed multiple sound effects playing when climbing rope breaks
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed Neighbours Note clipping into ground
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed deer carcass disappearing when loading an autosave
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed Wolves not always fleeing from flares
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed Wolves being able to attack players while in Dialogue Mode
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed weather not restoring correctly when loading a game
- [WINTERMUTE] Improved accuracy of the Episode Completion stat
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that caused players to be pushed into another room when opening the vault door in the Bank
- [WINTERMUTE] Numerous wildlife pathfinding updates

- [Survival Mode] Fixed player being able to use weapons while afflicted with a sprained wrist by saving then reloading the game
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue with mapping in Mountain Town on some legacy save files
- [Survival Mode] All bedrolls now use the same skill when repairing
- [Survival Mode] Prevented deer from fleeing to inaccessible areas in the Ravine transition
- [Survival Mode] Fixed items becoming lost under the Farmhouse in Pleasant Valley after a struggle
- [Survival Mode] Fixed animal sound effects playing when leaving Trapper’s Cabin
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where a cairn found in Coastal Highway could be found twice
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue that could cause Rifles placed on racks to fall off when player exits the building
- [Survival Mode] Fixed Bear spawning in terrain in Mystery Lake

- [All] General gameplay tuning across a variety of systems.
- [All] Improved aiming mechanics for thrown Stones, to make Rabbit Hunting a bit easier.
- [All] Retuned Wolf flee behaviour to react to being hit by a thrown Stone (probability is subject to Experience Mode).
- [PC/Mac/Linux] Fixed cinematic audio continuing to play when the game is minimized
- [All] Bear breath effect optimization
- [All] Male survivor can no longer be heard breathing when Survivor Voiceover is turned Off
- [All] Fixed players arms becoming stuck if entering a wolf struggle while holding a Flashlight
- [All] Decreased campfires placement size to avoid players trapping themselves
- [All] Fixed condition that could result in the the player becoming stuck when picking up a stunned Rabbit
- [All] Fixed exploit that allowed Encumbered players to travel uphills at regular speed by crouching and standing repeatedly
- [All] Fixed Cooking Pots sinking into cooking surfaces
- [All] Improved how items snap onto cooking surfaces
- [All] Fixed last Cartridge in a stack dropping as a box
- [All] Fixed Bows and Rifles floating above placed location
- [All] Fixed placed Campfires sinking slightly after player leaves area
- [All] Fixed “You are not thirsty” message appearing incorrectly when trying to drink soda or tea
- [All] Fixed player becoming stuck in animation if attacked by a wolf while reloading the Rifle
- [All] Fixed Distress Pistol becoming stuck in hand if the reload button was pressed rapidly
- [All] Fixed instances where subtitles could play when turned off
- [All] Fixed issue where the fade to black after wolf struggle hid the get up animation
- [All] Fixed unplugging the controller during movie a not pausing playback
- [All] Fixed Ropes becoming inaccessible if player saves and reloads while on a ledge
- [All] Adjusted Flashlight lighting effect
- [All] Player can no longer enter a door when a Struggle has been initiated
- [All] Improved wildlife pathfinding in Milton
- [All] Fixed issue that caused Aurora to not appear correctly when using OpenGL
- [All] Improved wildlife pathfinding in Paradise Meadows Farm
- [All] Fixed player being able to throw a Flare while opening a car trunk
- [All] Fixed flickering sky that could occur during wind storm
- [All] Fixed not being able to place a Campfire on concrete
- [All] Fixed unlocked lockers in Trapper’s Cabin requiring a pry bar to open

- [Custom Settings] Updated several description strings to reflect specific settings more accurately.
- [Custom Settings] Fixed "Struggle player strength bonus" option not working correctly
- [Custom Settings] Fixed "Struggle damage received modifier" option not working correctly
- [Custom Settings] Fixed “Stick, Branch, and Stone spawn frequency” always being set to high
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Hidden Caches in River Valley not appearing as empty in Custom Mode
- [Custom Settings] Fixed animals fleeing when Custom Mode set to Interloper mode
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Blizzard Frequency not working correctly
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Wildlife Respawn Frequency not working correctly
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Wolf Spawn Chance settings not matching intended preset
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Cabin Fever and Parasites being On when using the Pilgrim preset
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Medical Treatment voice over playing when Survivor Monologue was disabled
- [Custom Settings] Fixed Custom Experience options being unavailable until user scrolls to the bottom of the menu
- [Custom Settings] Fixed "Interrupt If Freezing Starts While Sleeping" option not taking effect
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Changelog for Patch 1.46 [44395] (added 22 January 2019):

- [ALL] Fixed issue causing Wolves to become stuck in their howling animation and unresponsive to the player.
- [CHALLENGE MODE] Fixed an issue where the game would need to be reloaded after changing languages in order for the change to take effect.
- [CHALLENGE MODE] Fixed issue preventing the Old Bear from reacting to the player during Hunted Part Two if they had transitioned indoors numerous times during the Challenge.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue where a Mackenzie VO line about the locked bank vault could be triggered multiple times in a row in Episode One.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Grey Mother to float if a Deer Hide was placed under her chair.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept some cinematic sequences from triggering when a player placed the Bear Spear on the ground in Episode Two. Players can no longer place the Bear Spear from the Radial Menu.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the interior of Trapper’s Homestead to appear briefly prior to a cinematic at the beginning of Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the “FINISHED” option displayed during NPC dialogues to be missing Italian and Polish localization.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the “Crumpled Note” to appear twice at the Maintenance Shed in Broken Railroad during Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue with the Old Bear’s pathing to prevent it from running into a cave wall during the “What One Man Can Do” mission in Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that would sometimes leave the player with a black screen after an encounter with the Old Bear in Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a brief visual anomaly to appear prior to the beginning of the final cinematic in Carter Dam at the end of Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing out-of-sync subtitle timing during the Old Bear encounter inside the Crummy in Broken Railroad.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Campfire associated with the Hank’s Hatch side mission at Mystery Lake’s Unnamed Pond to burn indefinitely.
- [WINTERMUTE] Added animation to the red cloth around the Bear Spear when returning to Jeremiah at the end of the “What One Man Can Do” mission in Episode Two.

- [ALL] Fixed various environment art issues.
- [ALL] Fixed issue that could cause cupboard doors to appear out of place in various interior locations.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing the Breyerhouse Winter Crew Warning note to display incorrectly when examined.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing wildlife carcasses to sink into the snow at various locations in Mystery Lake.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing items to float and overlap in the Maintenance Shed due to the new Forge location.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed an issue where breaking down furniture inside a building could sometimes cause kitchen cabinet doors to become offset.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing a lamp to float after breaking down a table in the Milton House location in Mountain Town.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing papers to float after breaking down a table in Mystery Lake Camp Office.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a Tinder Plug to become embedded inside a chair in Trapper’s Homestead.

- [ALL] Fixed issue that kept players from being able to interact with objects after rapidly equipping and throwing Stones.
- [ALL] Fixed issue preventing proper Rifle Placement on the wall mount inside the Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where players could become trapped after crawling inside a pipe outside Carter Hydro Dam.
- [ALL] Fixed issue preventing players from placing Hacksaws and Arrows on flat ground.
- [ALL] Fixed issue that allowed players to interact with an invisible terrain barrier near the tunnel in Forlorn Muskeg that connects to Mystery Lake.
- [ALL] Fixed issue that incorrectly allowed Placement of Clothing items on top of Fires.
- [ALL] Fixed issue preventing players from using the keyboard to select weapons during a Wolf Struggle.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue where players could incorrectly place items above NPCs, making the items appear to float.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue preventing players from picking up various loose Rifle Ammunition in Forlorn Muskeg.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept some objective information for the “Survival School” side missions from being visible to players.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue blocking the completion of the “Start a Fire” objective if a player had already placed a Campfire prior to the objective kicker appearing on screen.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue where Mackenzie could become stuck near the cave to leave Milton at the end of Episode One.

User Interface
- [ALL] Fixed issue where, while Charcoal is equipped, the Ammunition UI would appear when bringing up Quick Stats.
- [ALL] Fixed issue that kept the New Location Discovered kicker from appearing after finding Mackenzie’s crashed plane.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where Clothing item slots would remain highlighted after closing the Clothing menu and switching between keyboard and gamepad.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where the HUD would display the Rifle Ammunition count on the wrong side of the screen when putting the Rifle away or switching equipped items.
- [ALL] Fixed issue causing text to overlap when the “RELOAD” command appears after equipping the Distress Pistol.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing overlapping text to display when interacting with Cairns.
- [SURVIVAL MODE] Fixed issue causing the Map screen to run out of memory and stop displaying icons for newly mapped locations.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue with overlapping text on Jeremiah’s Storage Bin.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the incorrect name to display for some locations on the Save/Load screen.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Knowledge item for frozen corpses to be missing from the Journal after the tutorial kicker appears on screen.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue where the wrong location would appear on-screen when inside the Bear Cave in Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed an issue where the Journal would not update when Mackenzie retrieves the Bear Spear in the cave during the “What One Man Can Do” mission in Episode Two.

- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the final Episode Two cinematic in Carter Dam from triggering if a player had an item in Placement mode as the sequence was about to begin.

- [ALL] Fixed an issue where changing key bindings could alter the appearance of the description text when equipping certain items.

Xbox One
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue preventing players from picking up the Storm Lantern and Torch from the shelf in Trapper’s Homestead at the beginning of Episode Two.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Patch 1.47 (added 04 March 2019):

- [All] Fixed issue causing the Stamina Bar colours to be inverted.
- [All] Fixed issue where the warmth bonus from equipping a lit Storm Lantern or Torch wasn’t being applied correctly in-game.
- [All] Fixed issue where ice textures could appear distorted in various locations.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing various shrubs and rocks to float in Pleasant Valley.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where cabinet doors could shift out of place after breaking down other objects in the same interior.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where ice was missing collision in several locations, causing players to fall through.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Push/Pull Knife UI text to overlap in German and French during the encounter with Hobbs in Episode One.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Jeremiah’s Storage Bin outside Trapper’s Homestead to appear sunk into the ground in Episode Two.
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Changelog for Patch 1.48 (added 09 May 2019):

Known Crash
- We are working with Unity to resolve a known, rare crash in the engine. This crash appears to only affect Windows players, although it may appear on other platforms. The crash seems to be a memory issue that is triggered by transitioning between scenes. We will release a fix for the crash as soon as we’re able to diagnose the root cause. In the mean time, we recommend you Save Often (in WINTERMUTE) or Rest Often (in Survival; Resting triggers a save). For more information, please refer to our Support Portal.

General Fixes
- General performance improvements across the game.
- Upgraded to a new version of Unity, enabling widespread improvements across the game.
- Fixed issue that restricted the game’s framerate to 120fps (on applicable systems).
- Streamlined the information appearing in players’ session output logs, to aid with support queries.

General Art
- [Enviro] Numerous optimizations to improve performance.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing the player to become stuck in the terrain.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues allowing the player to get outside the intended play area.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing objects to clip and float in the world.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing stretched or missing textures.
- [Enviro] Fixed issue causing lighting hotspots in the Bear Cave in WINTERMUTE Episode Two.
- [Enviro] Updated LOD to reduce popping on buildings and cliffs.
- [Enviro] Fixed issue causing hinges to appear on the same side for both exterior and interior doors.
- [Enviro] Updated transition zone entrance from Mountain Town to Mystery Lake to be more visible to the player.
- [Enviro] Updated flags to animate.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing unlit textures.
- [Enviro] Fixed issue causing Cat Tails to appear out of alignment during their animation.
- [Enviro] Fixed issue causing inverted snow textures on trees.
- [Enviro] Updated numbers on lock boxes in the Milton Credit Union bank.

User Interface
- [UI] Updated “Disable HUD” setting to remove object labels (useful for game footage capture).
- [UI] Updated various text localizations.
- [UI] Fixed various overlapping UI elements in all languages
- [UI] Fixed issue causing mission sub-objectives to overlap with the next line.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the “Archivist” badge to always appear as Complete.
- [UI] Updated various missing subtitles.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing a rounding error in Imperial Units when Melting snow.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing incorrect scroll bar alignment on the Stats screen in the Journal.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the Scent Indicator to not always appear on the Status screen.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the Radial Menu to inconsistently show the correct number of Light Sources in the Backpack.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing sub-objective text to overlap in certain Challenge Modes.
- [UI] Fixed issues causing the Stone ammo counter to be missing from the HUD.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the Milton Water Tower icon to appear in the wrong location on the Map.
- [UI] Fixed issue where the player was unable to add potable Water to the Radial Menu after dropping the Water and drinking from it.
- [UI] Added an Accessible Struggle option, allowing players to select between Tap to Win and Hold to Win options.
- [UI] Updated the Weak Ice indicator.
- [UI] Added a new Slope indicator to warn players when they are traversing slopes that are steep enough to cause Sprains.

- [WINTERMUTE] Made several updates to the Bear Spear encounters in Episode Two, including adding a checkpoint and streamlining the final Cave encounter.
- [WINTERMUTE] Polish pass on various cinematics and dialogues.
- [WINTERMUTE] Updated tutorials to reflect gameplay modifications introduced in this update.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed various issues with subtitle typos and timing.
- [WINTERMUTE] Updated description for the side mission “Basics of Survival: Find and harvest some medicinal flora native to Great Bear Island."
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Milton Credit Union bank vault door to play a closing animation when reloading your game, if the player was standing in front.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a black screen to appear if a dialogue pop-up occurred during a cinematic.
- [WINTERMUTE] Updated Medicinal Flora tutorial text with additional details for clarity.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed script issue where the Carter Dam Control Room door cinematic wouldn’t play during The Wounded Trapper mission in Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to be pushed into another room when opening the vault door in the Milton Credit Union.
- [WINTERMUTE] Numerous updates to Wildlife pathfinding.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Blueprints to disappear from the Journal between Episodes One and Two. This fix is retroactive and will resolve it for players already impacted by the issue.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to become stuck in the floor if they loaded a game after saving it at the exact time the Milton Credit Union vault door was unlocked.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing overlapping text when hovering over a mission objective on the Map.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Jeremiah to clip through his bed when reloading a save at the beginning of Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issues that allowed players to get on top of the burnt Schoolhouse in Milton.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the Bear Spear from appearing properly in the Journal after examining it.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to spawn in the wrong location if they reloaded a game saved immediately after the first Bear encounter in Episode Two.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to spawn in the wrong location if they reloaded a game saved while falling from a rope.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing mismatched values to appear for collected wood in the Journal, and when inspecting Grey Mother’s Firewood Bin.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Milton Knowledge Items in the Journal to update incorrectly.

Survival Mode
- [Custom Mode] Fixed issue causing certain combinations of Custom Mode settings to generate an invalid sharing code.
- [Custom Mode] Fixed issue causing incorrect container loot to appear in Custom Mode.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where Forging actions were not being interrupted when the Forge ran out of fuel.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing a partially-crafted Survival Bow to be usable if it was picked up while a completed Bow was equipped.
- [Survival Mode] Updated the Cold Fusion Feat description to properly reflect Air Temperature bonus.
- [Survival Mode] Updated medicinal Tea so it now acts like a First Aid item if a treatable Affliction is present. Otherwise it will still work as a Food item.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Archery Skill Bonus was not applying reduced Arrow Condition loss correctly.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing some lockers to display the “locked” icon incorrectly.

Challenge Mode
- [Hunted] Fixed issue causing the Old Bear to clip through trees when fleeing.
- [Hunted] Updated Deer carcass placement.
- [Archivist] Fixed issue causing the sub-objective to update incorrectly after collecting the Buffer Memory from the Milton Post Office.

All Game Modes
- [All] Fixed issue where the fade to black transition would not appear correctly when exiting to the Main Menu
- [All] Fixed numerous pathing issues in the world due to missing nav mesh.
- [All] Fixed issue where Water in the Backpack would be consumed when drinking Water from the Cooking Screen.
- [All] Fixed issue causing audio for feeding Wolves to play even when the player wasn’t near one.
- [All] Fixed issue causing chimney smoke to be visible when no fire was active inside a house.
- [All] Fixed issue causing ambient audio to cut off when entering a car.
- [All] Fixed issue causing the player to limp incorrectly after holstering a weapon while suffering from a Sprained Ankle.
- [All] Fixed issue causing the Storm Lantern extinguish animation to play after death, if players fell off a high cliff while holding a lit Lantern.
- [All] Fixed issue where the player was unable to extinguish a Storm Lantern if they opened the Radial Menu while placing it.
- [All] Fixed issue where "Worn Thermal Underwear” appeared as “New Thermal Underwear” in the Backpack.
- [All] Fixed issue that kept the player from fighting back during a Struggle if they were attacked while Repairing clothing.
- [All] Fixed issue causing muffled dialogue VO after firing a Rifle indoors.
- [All] Adjusted the amount on Condition decay on the Bedroll when it is left outside.
- [All] Fixed issue where the Wolf growl audio was missing in some scenarios.
- [All] Fixed issue causing absent wind audio when standing outside a cave entrance.
- [All] Fixed issue where the screen could become blurry during Wolf Struggles.
- [All] Added dialogue VO for quartering Wildlife.
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Changelog for Patch 1.49 (added 21 May 2019):

- Fixed issue where revised Sprain system could trigger sprains on flat surfaces when Encumbered, Sprinting, or Exhausted.
- Fixed issue where Sprain Risk affliction indicator would appear on every scene transition.
- Removed flashing exclamation mark on Slope indicator due to causing widespread anxiety amongst our community. Let's face it, we could all use a little less anxiety.
- Tuned Revolver effectiveness when used against Moose (reduced) and reduced critical chance against Bears.
- Fixed issue where text was missing for the Small Arms (Revolver) research book.
- Fixed issue where players could not dismount from rope on upper cliff edge in an Ice Cave (Hushed River Valley region).

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Patch 1.50 (added 21 May 2019):

- [Tuning] Reduced Revolver Ammunition to 10 per box from 12.
- [Tuning] Increased likelihood of Revolver spawns at the expense of fewer Rifle spawns.
- [Gameplay] Improved Rifle aiming system to address shortfall in raycast technique.
- [Gameplay] Fixed issue with Bow aiming where Arrow position was slightly offset, affecting accuracy.
- [Gameplay] Fixed missing transition to walk when the Player runs out of Stamina while running

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Patch 1.52 (added 13 June 2019):

- [Survival Mode] Arrows deflecting incorrectly off soft surfaces
- [Survival Mode] Arrows being pushed through ground in certain scenarios
- [Survival Mode] Arrows becoming stuck in the air after being fired

- General performance improvements across the game.
- Fixed issue where players could be pushed off ledges or through the world by an invisible “bubble”, including when traversing the exterior of Carter Dam.
- Fixed issue causing wildlife to become stuck and run in place in various areas.

- [Enviro] Numerous optimizations to improve performance.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing players to become stuck in the environment.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues allowing the player to get outside of the intended play area.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing clipping and floating objects.
- [Enviro] Fixed issue causing an unintended low-res texture in Carter Dam.
- [Art] Fixed issue causing a stretched texture on large Water bottles.

- [UI] Fixed issues causing typos in some subtitles.
- [UI] Fixed issue where players were unable to use a controller button/keyboard key to access the "More Info" option when viewing the Journal.
- [UI] Updated Revolver description flavour text.
- [UI] Added flavour description text to Revolver Small Arms Handbook.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing missing “Duration Remaining” UI label on the Headache status.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing HUD status indicators to appear on Load Screens, if the status was triggered immediately before a scene transition.
- [UI] Updated HUD placement to avoid overlapping messages.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the Improvised Head Wrap to appear incorrectly on the Clothing screen when combined with a second Hat layer.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the player to become stuck in the New Game menu if they had more than the max saves allowed across all game modes.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the UI to display more Fuel than was actually available, due to a rounding error.
- [UI] Updated Rabbit Carcass flavour text description to account for all harvest states.
- [UI] Fixed issue causing the End Credits to pause when finished and waiting for player input.

- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed a typo in the “Mystery Lake & Area” pamphlet Knowledge Item.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the Reishi Mushroom tooltip from appearing after collecting Reishi Mushrooms.
- [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Journal shortcut to remain visible on-screen when Sleeping after the plane crash in Episode One.

- [Survival Mode] Fixed screen blurring after firing your last arrow.
- [Survival mode] Fixed issue where players were unable to climb up and dismount the rope outside an Ice Cave entrance in Hushed River Valley.
- [Survival Mode] Tuned damage dealt to Bears and Moose when using the Revolver.
- [Whiteout Challenge] Fixed issue causing new items to appear in the Quonset gas station at the start of the Challenge.
- [Custom Mode] Updated “Wildlife Respawn Frequency” tooltip description to match intended behaviour.

- [All] Fixed issue where players couldn’t interact with the world while reloading a weapon.
- [All] Fixed rare issue that would cause players to become stuck if grabbing a Rabbit while holding a gear item from their Backpack.
- [All] Fixed rare crash that would occur when taking High Resolution screenshots.
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.53 (added 13 June 2019):

- [Survival Mode] Arrows deflecting incorrectly off soft surfaces
- [Survival Mode] Arrows being pushed through ground in certain scenarios
- [Survival Mode] Arrows becoming stuck in the air after being fired

- Fixed issue where rapidly picking up items took longer than intended

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Patch 1.55 (added 13 June 2019):

- [ALL] Fixed issue where Arrows could deflect off surfaces incorrectly.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where Arrows could be pushed through the ground.
- [ALL] Fixed issue where Arrows could become stuck in mid-air.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Patch 1.56 Hotfix (added 19 July 2019):

- [CHALLENGE MODE] Fixed issue preventing players from being able to damage the Old Bear in The Hunted, Part Two.

* Linux and Mac OS standalone installers updated: 19 July 2019.
* Windows standalone installer updated: 23 July 2019.
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Changelist v1.61 [55716]


* Added Lost and Found boxes to all regions.
* Fixed issue that caused animations for crouching, opening drawers, and the swinging of the lantern to play slower than intended.
* Fixed issue that caused animals to clip into the ground when the player sleeps.
* Fixed issue that caused Bears to sometimes spawn under the map.


* Fixed issue that resulted in brightness to be incorrectly calculated.
* Fixed visible seams on the Rural Region Houses.
* Fixed Timber Wolves Morale bar resetting if they fled during the Tutorial.
* Fixed missing collision on the Community Hall Sign.
* Fixed stretched texture in the back of the Burnt Ridge Cave.
* Fixed flickering on some rock edges in Pleasant Valley.
* Fixed disappearing snow texture near the Shed in the Rural Region.
* Re-enabled player placed light sources during a cinematic.

Episode Three

* Subtitle and localization tuning.
* Polish pass through the episode.
* Fixed issue preventing Timber Wolves from transitioning to and from Aurora state.
* Fixed being able to run while carrying a survivor after trying to place them and then opening and closing the inventory.
* Fixed issue that caused a currently carried Survivor to disappear when manually saving and loading in the Community Hall.
* Fixed issue that caused Molly’s photo to change size after it’s picked up.
* Fixed cinematic playing from an incorrect angle when arriving at the plane crash site from a specific direction.
* Staggered animation will no longer play when exiting or entering a location, while triggering dialogue.
* Fixed missing collision on some of the plane seats at the crash site.
* Fix to prevent Astrid’s arm from popping into place after closing the Diagnosis UI.
* Fixed rare issue that caused Weather effects and the skybox to disappear after exiting a cinematic.

Changelist v1.62 [55870]


* Fixed an issue that caused Wolf pathfinding to become confused after a decoy was dropped in certain scenarios.
* Fixed the distance which Wolves can grab decoys.
* Added further checks to prevent Wolves from attacking players through objects.
* Fixed an issue that prevented players from dropping a decoy from the Radial Menu.
* Fixed animation popping during the Wolf Struggle Animation while holding a Revolver.
* Fixed Bears resetting to their dens after loading a save.
* Fixed an exploit that allowed players to craft arrows even if there was time remaining.


* General polish throughout the world.
* Added a third digit to imperial values to prevent rounding errors.
* Fixed missing shadows from Fridges.
* Fixed missing quantity when crafting.
* Fixed Tool Selection not appearing when crafting arrows.
* Fixed materials being consumed when cancelling crafting.
* Fixed flames disappearing on pre-placed fires after exiting and reloading the game.

Episode Three

* Polish pass through the episode.
* Survivor stats now displayed while passing time.
* Added map icon for Survivors dropped by the player.
* Fixed numerous areas the player could become stuck.
* Fixed being unable to place the third rescued Survivor in some scenarios.
* Gwen can no longer die after completing her mission.
* Fixed issue that caused players to be forced out of aim when attacked by a Timberwolf.
* Adjusted the size of Wade’s campfire.
* Adjusted the distance which Timberwolves will hold ground when the player is holding a lit Marine Flare.
* Fixed Timberwolves howling more than intended.
* Fixed Timberwolf corpses resetting after transitioning indoors.
* Fixed player position changing when exiting Diagnosis.
* Fixed incorrect location being displayed when viewing information on the Load Screen.

Xbox One

* Fixed stuttering issue when running on Xbox One X
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The Long Dark Updated - ERRANT PILGRIM [1.64]

NEW REGION: Bleak Inlet

A wind-swept coastline reveals an abandoned industrial facility -- an aging Cannery that holds some useful secrets. But finding your way to it is a two-stage affair, involving accessing the region from both the Raven Falls ravine, and Forlorn Muskeg. But watch out! Vicious Timberwolf packs have moved into this region, and will defend their territory to the death.

NEW CHALLENGE: As the Dead Sleep

You’re a tortured soul on the edge of death. Find five grave markers in the distant corners of the world, and maybe you can feel some peace before you fade into The Long Dark. Inspired by the community-conceived “Deadman” challenge, this is our harshest Challenge yet.

NEW GAMEPLAY: Ammunition Workbench

Look for the Ammo Crafting Workbench. With the right supplies, you can assemble your own ammunition for the Rifle or Revolver. But assembling the gear you need, and finding the bench, won’t be easy.

NEW ITEMS: Gunpowder & Ammunition Components

We’ve added all the raw materials you need to craft ammunition. If you manage to gather them all, and find an Ammunition Bench, you’ll be significantly enhancing your life expectancy on Great Bear.

1) Lead from batteries to make bullets
2) Collect sulfur from plant fertilizer + Charcoal from burned out fires + potassium nitrate from Stump Remover = Gunpowder
3) Shell casing
4) Bullet + Gunpowder + Shell Casing + Ammo Bench = Ammunition

NEW GAMEPLAY: Gunsmithing & The Milling Machine

With the help of the active Aurora, the Milling Machine comes to life, giving you the capability to restore ruined firearms, and repair damaged ones, along with future capabilities. Just keep in mind you’ll need the Gunsmithing skill to make any headway with this tool.

NEW FEATS: Blizzard Walker, Expert Trapper, Straight to the Heart

New in-game achievements that lend gameplay benefits to Survival Mode games.

QUALITY OF LIFE: Campfire, Emergency Shelter Breakdown

By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to break down Campfire rings and Emergency Shelters, for those players who like to pack out what they pack in.

CHANGELIST v1.64 [57505]


Added new Region: Bleak Inlet
Added new Challenge: As the Dead Sleep
Added new Feats: Blizzard Walker, Expert Trapper, and Straight to the Heart
Added new gameplay system: Ammunition Workbench
Added new gameplay system: Gunsmithing
Added new gameplay system: Milling Machine
Added new raw material: Lead
Added new raw material: Stump Remover
Added new raw material: Dusting Sulfur
Added new craftable item: Gunpowder
Added new craftable item: Bullet(s)
Added new craftable item: Ammunition
Added new Custom Mode setting to disable Birch Bark Tea crafting


[Enviro] Fixed numerous areas the player could become stuck in.
[Enviro] Fixed numerous locations where the player could get outside of the intended play area.
[Enviro] Fixed numerous clipping and floating objects.
[Enviro] Increased the visible distance of lights during an Aurora Event.
[Enviro] Fixed area in the Ravine that players could escape the map
[Enviro] Fixed missing roof in Prepper Bunker
[VFX] Adjusted interior light shafts that were too bright during mid-day
[VFX] Fixed flames clipping through Barrels and Pot Belly Stoves


[UI] Fixed an issue that caused the Revolver to display the incorrect weight when viewed in the Backpack.
[UI] Fixed an issue that caused some Cooking HUD messages to appear too quickly.
[UI] Blueprint Requirements now appear correctly during the first instance of viewing the Crafting Menu.
[UI] Radial Menu can no longer appear overtop of other menus, such as the Backpack.
[UI] Fixed the Revolver and the Distress Pistol Condition displaying as the value from the previously viewed item.


[WINTERMUTE] Male survivor vocalization no longer plays when Astrid is attacked by Timberwolves.
[WINTERMUTE] Timberwolves now react properly to Marine Flares.
[WINTERMUTE] The Crummy in Broken Railroad now falls over correctly after the Old Bear pushes on it.
[WINTERMUTE] Adjusted the rate that the Old Bear turns while in the cave.


[Hopeless Rescue] The Distress Pistol can no longer spawn outside of the Timberwolf Mountain Crash Site.


[Survival] Black screen no longer appears after being trampled by a Moose.
[Survival] Fixed an issue that prevented the player from interacting with the Buffer Memory in Signal Hill.


General performance improvements across the game.
[Animation] Improved animation for when a Wolf transitions to the hold ground AI state.
[Audio] Aurora effects are no longer disabled when aiming.
[Gameplay] Updated item placement range to better match interaction distance.
[Gameplay] Updated wildlife pathfinding so they don’t bump into each other as often.
[Gameplay] Updated Wildlife pathfinding to better handle passing through gates.
[Gameplay] Fixed the missing highlight when moving Sticks in Placement Mode.
[Gameplay] Adjusted depth Wildlife carcasses can sink into the snow.
[Gameplay] Campfires no longer collide with Wildlife during placement mode
[Gameplay] Fixed issue that caused Wolves to not eat some prey.

CHANGELIST v1.66 [57718]


[Enviro] Fixed numerous areas in Bleak Inlet where the Player could become stuck.
[Enviro] Polish pass on locations in Bleak Inlet where the Player could get outside of the intended play.
[Enviro] Fixed clipping and floating objects located throughout the Bleak Inlet region.
[Enviro] Removed various instances of invisible collision found in Bleak Inlet.
[Enviro] Survivors will now become wet if standing in, or near a waterfall found in the Bleak Inlet region.
[Envrio] Wolves will no longer appear to flicker when walking along the docks in the Bleak Inlet.
[Enviro] Removed Weak Ice location that was unintentionally placed on land in the Forlorn Muskeg.


[UI] Saves now correctly display Region text for Bleak Inlet.
[UI] Crafting Time now updates to show the selected tool, instead of the most efficient tool.


[WINTERMUTE] Timberwolf carcasses no longer disappear if the Player saves, then reloads.
[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that could unintentionally cutoff dialogue.


[Challenge] Fixed issue that rewarded the Nomad Badge when completing the Whiteout Challenge.
[Challenge] Nomad Badge how correctly rewarded when completing the Nomad Challenge
[Challenge] Challenge Mastery achievement now unlocks as soon the Player has earned it


[Survival] Timberwolves will now hunt prey, as intended.
[Custom Mode] “Revolvers” option updated to “Revolver Availability” for consistency.
[Gameplay] Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the Snow Shelter, when using a controller.


[Gameplay] Sewing Kits no longer lose condition when harvesting Clothing.
[AI] Predators will no longer flee from Survivors who are atop a sloped hill.
[AI] Added additional line of sight check to Timberwolves, to prevent attacks through walls and out of reach locations.
[AI] Timberwolves will now break-off their attack if a Marine Flare is lit, before the struggle occurs.
[AI] Timberwolves can no longer flee to excessive distances.
[Gameplay] Fixed a crash that could occur on some save files when loading into Bleak Inlet.

Playstation 4/Xbox One

[PS4] Fixed HDR lighting in the Hunter’s Lodge and Grey Mother’s House.
[PS4] Fixed missing music for some players.
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CHANGELIST V1.67 [57845]

[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused the Workshop door in Bleak Inlet to no longer open, if a User loaded a save with the Workshop unlocked, from V1.64

CHANGELIST v1.69 [57923]


[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed numerous areas where the Player could become stuck.
[Enviro] All Regions - Additional pass for locations where the Player could get outside of the intended play area.
[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed various clipping and floating objects.
[Enviro] Fixed unreachable Revolver that would spawn in the Workshop.
[Lighting] Light sources no longer appear overly bright when multiple lights are active.


[UI] Updated missing subtitles for inspection comments, when playing as a male Survivor.
[UI] Added missing Map icons in the Bleak Inlet region.
[UI] Fixed Custom Mode setting for revolver availability when using Interloper as a base.
[UI] The Buff notification will now move out of view when aiming.
[UI] Fixed the colour of help text when hovering your cursor over heated items.


[AI] Timberwolves will no longer freeze in place if they try to attack a target they can’t pathfind to.
[AI] Wildlife will no longer attempt to dodge the Player, when they are far away from the Player.
[AI] Added check to prevent Predators from attacking players through Fishing Hut walls and closed doors.
[Animation] Pass on Timberwolves to fix numerous animation pops and hitches.
[Audio] When joining a pack, Timberwolf howls are no longer cut off or repeated.
[Challenges] Challenge Mastery now awarded as soon as it’s earned.
[Gameplay] Improved collision detection between thrown objects and wildlife.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that would cause Fishing Hut doors to swing further than intended.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused the Flashlight to turn on before the Aurora was fully active.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused arrows to become non-interactable, if the arrow deflected off an object or animal after being fired, and the Player reloaded or transitioned to a new area.
[Gameplay] Players will no longer get stuck after entering a pre-placed Snow Shelter.
[Gameplay] Pre-placed Snow Shelters no longer disappear upon reloading a save.
[Gameplay] The Gunpowder Can will no longer refill, when loading to a new area.
[Gameplay] Rosehip Tea and Reishi Tea now replenishes the correct amount of thirst, when drank.
[Gameplay] Increased amount of Gunpowder used, when using it as an accelerant, from 0.01 to 0.1.
[Gameplay] Medical Locker in Bleak Inlet’s Radio Tower no longer needs Bolt Cutters.
[Gameplay] Fixed non-interactive Workbench found in the cannery. It is now usable.
high rated
CHANGELIST v1.71 [58341]


[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed numerous areas where the Player could become stuck.
[Enviro] All Regions - Additional pass for locations where the Player could get outside of the intended play area.
[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed various clipping and floating objects.
[Enviro] All Regions - Fixe numerous texture pop, stretch and flickering issues.
[Enviro] Windows will no longer glow during the night.
[Enviro] Fixed an issue that caused Players to teleport, if they fell off the rope climb in Bleak Inlet.
[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed a variety of floating and clipping objects.
[Lighting] Fixed an issue that caused corrupted lighting to appear on various objects in the world.


[UI] Fixed an issue that caused the Episode 1 intro cinematic to freeze, if the Voice or Master volume slider was set to 0.
[UI] When repairing at the Milling Machine, the correct repaired condition is now shown.
[UI] Fixed missing line break in Bleak Inlet description.
[UI] Updated the Forlorn Muskeg description to include the Bleak Inlet transition.
[UI] Updated localization and fixed typos.
[UI] Full Lantern Fuel now properly displays correct weight


[EP2] Added additional checks to ensure the Old Bear does not become stuck.
[EP2] Aurora lights now appear properly after the Old Bear knocks over the tram.
[EP3] Players can no longer skip the Timberwolf Tutorial, by placing a survivor at the same time the tutorial triggers.
[EP3] Fishing sound effects no longer persist after catching the Big Bass.
[EP3] Players can no longer get stuck after the Mine Collapse cinematic.
[EP3] When loading a save at the Mine entrance, the crates will no longer appear in new locations.


[AI] Stags now animate correctly after being felled by a Wolf.
[AI] Fixed an issue that allowed Timberwolves to become hostile, regardless of game mode settings.
[AI] Fixed an issue that could cause Wildlife to slide under certain terrain, such as ice and steep hills.
[AI] Polished Stag and Wolf animations and transitions.
[AI] Wolves will no longer attack immediately after completing a Crafting or Harvesting action, while near a fire.
[AI] Fixed issue that prevented Timberwolves from attacking the Player, if they have entered and exited a vehicle.
[AI] Timberwolves will now only pick valid locations to wander to, preventing them from becoming stuck.
[AI] Add check to ensure Wildlife is always on navmesh.
[Gameplay] Updated the location count for Faithful Cartographer to include missing Mountain Town locations.
[Gameplay] Interrupted Progress made while repairing an item with the Milling Machine is now saved as progress, instead of repaired condition.
[Gameplay] When reloading a Revolver in a vehicle, the casings now stay in the car.
[Gameplay] Lost and Found Box added to Bleak Inlet.
[Gameplay] Stags now check for collision when falling after death, to avoid falling into objects.
[Gameplay] Torches pulled from fires will now properly randomize their condition.
[Gameplay] Tea will no longer remain hot forever.
[Gameplay] Added check to ensure equipped items used in crafting are unequipped correctly after crafting is complete.
[Gameplay] When harvesting shelves, unrelated items will no longer drop to the floor.
[Gameplay] Added additional checks to ensure Badges and Feats are not removed when moving between game versions.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused unusable items to appear in the Lost and Found box.
[Gameplay] Added additional check to ensure Wildlife conditions persist after exiting and re-entering a Region.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that prevented Rifles from being placed on gun racks.
[Gameplay] User can longer perform Fix or Repair actions when in the dark, as intended.
[Custom Mode] Bullets now spawn correctly, when Low Availability Resources is enabled, in Custom Mode.
high rated
CHANGELIST v1.72 [58487]

[General] Fixed an issue that caused the message "Unable to restore the game from a previous save. Press confirm to return to the main menu." to appear, after performing a transition.
[General] Fixed an issue that caused food’s cooking progress to reset after the Player performs a transition.
[General] Fixed a crash that could occur if a Stag or Rabbit was removed from the world, while being chased by a Predator.
high rated
CHANGELIST v1.73 [58590]


[EP2] Fixed a crash that could occur when the Old Bear charges at the Player, if they had taken a specific path through the cave prior to the encounter.
[General] Fixed a crash that could occur during an active Aurora.