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Patch Notes for Version EA 0.5.2 - July 4, 2018

New features
- Titles can no longer be unlocked purely with XP, but the player must also be able to afford the gold price of the title. This means that with version 0.5.2 costs are incurred if you have met the XP requirements for a title and would like to obtain it. The current costs are to be seen as a first iteration of balancing title costs. We appreciate feedback.
- Previously, it was difficult to distinguish Dynasty characters from traditional NPCs. The result was that you constantly had to mouse over characters to find out whether a character is a dynastic character or not. To improve this situation, we have incorporated a feature that colors certain parts of the characters' garments - the color corresponds to the dynasty's coat of arms. As part of the changes, we have removed the ability to manually change the color of clothing. Please note that we have of course tried to use large, prominent areas. For some armor we decided not to color it.
- The same problem also affected buildings in the game. It was not clear which dynasty owned which building. Here, too, players had to click on the building or move their mouse over it to get the relevant information. For this reason, we have now introduced flags on the buildings, which show the coat of arms of the dynasty in possession of the building. To get a bit of variation, the number and location of flags displayed on buildings is randomized. With this feature, it should now be easier for you to distinguish important from less important buildings.
- As the variation of the character life expectancy was not strong enough, we've changed the system that calculates character life spans. The natural life expectancy of dynasty members is now between 55 and 89 years and that of ordinary people between 40 and 89 years.
- Employees and transporters all looked very similar and the building they worked in did not affect their visual appearance. With the new patch the look of employees depends on their profession. Right now we are mainly using already existing character models. In the future, we will expand the visual diversity of the characters in professions even more so that it will be easier to distinguish them on the street.
- In 0.5.2 we are also introducing that employees can only work in other businesses of the same profession. Although employees can still be sent to their own non-resident businesses, they no longer appear as employees. If you run your business automatically, then the AI also uses employees who are currently in another building.

Bug fixes
- The AI now produces different products, depending on market prices. This fix has a big impact on how markets are filled and frequented.
- If you destroy a building while it is being upgraded, the scaffolding will now be properly removed.
- If you upgrade a building to the next building level, then the outline is drawn correctly around the whole building.
- The outline is now displayed correctly around the scaffolding and the conquest flag of a building.
- The building level is now displayed correctly in the building menu.
- If you spy on a building you can see all the information now even if you open the building menu via the building.
- If you played the game over several years, the entire city population got older, since no new characters were created. Of course, this bug had a big impact on the whole gameplay, because the city would eventually die out. We have fixed this now and a city should have natural generation changes.
While we began to fix the bug of the city's age issues, we were able to identify more bugs related to aging and life cycles.
- Many characters in a running game died a long time ago, and forgot to actually drop dead. They then instantly died when you got them married... We fixed that now and characters who die because of age will be removed correctly. This also has an effect on the performance in the game, as previously dead characters remained in the game, consuming processing power.
- If a character with a market cart dies, the cart will no longer remain on the road.
- Businesses that are not operated by a dynasty didn't replace dead employees. With the new version, these businesses now hire new employees.
- If an employee of a dynasty dies because of old age, then the player no longer loses all his buildings.
Please note: If you load an old game in which the bug was present, it can lead to poor performance / freezes when starting the map. This is because the game must go through the entire population to clean up these "zombie" characters and create new characters.

The following buildings and walls have been optimized and provided with 3 additional LOD levels.
- Graveyard
- Grove
- Towers on city walls
- City gates 1 to 3
Known bugs
- The character portraits do not show the correct dynasty colors yet. We will address that in one of the following patches as we revise the portraits.

Important Information
After installing the latest patch, your previously saved games may no longer appear in the menu because the game recognizes them as "incompatible". If you have trouble loading or saving, then you can try to delete all files from the "Games" folder in the installation path of The Guild 3.
It is quite possible that some problems that you have in your game are caused by missing or corrupted files. In this case, the following can help: right-click on "The Guild 3" in your library, then Properties - "More" - Manage Installation - VERIFY/REPAIR

What we plan for the next patch...
- One of our major goals is to completely replace the current path-finding system in the game. In this context, we also want to solve many bugs that can be attributed to the path-finding system.
- We also want to add better feedback why some abilities cannot be applied on wrong targets.
- Furthermore, we want to provide more information on characters directly in the game world.
- In addition, we will also start to optimize performance and loading times.

A brief outlook...
In the patches after that we want to take care of the ability system in the game. For this we want to fundamentally change the way skills are created by our designers. The goal is to be able to create content related to character skills faster in the future.
Your feedback is important to us!
We would greatly appreciate it if you have time for the following quick poll about the changes in patch EA 0.5.2:
Please note: We do not collect any data other than your feedback - it remains completely anonymous. This poll ends on July 15, 2018
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Patch notes for version EA 0.5.3 - July 25, 2018

New features
- We analyzed the current pathfinding system and ultimately decided to revise it completely. As you may have guessed, this intervention was not trivial, since pathfinding is related to many other systems (such as actions, NPC behavior, and AI). Many of the bugs that currently cause characters to stand motionless on the streets are not related to pathfinding. Nonetheless, we ask you to pay close attention to the new pathfinding.
- With the new pathfinding system, characters try to side step. But if that's too much of a detour, characters move through others. As you can see in the game, pathfinding is much more natural and fluid. Another positive effect is that characters should not push each other anymore.
- As you have probably noticed, in the past it was often not possible to send the character to certain places on the street. This problem has occurred especially often at intersections. As part of the conversion to the new pathfinding system, we have now corrected this. You should now be able to move your character anywhere on the streets without any problems.
- One point that we have also improved with this version is the use of actions. As soon as an action is selected, the corresponding action icon is now displayed next to the mouse cursor. If you move the mouse pointer over an invalid target, the icon will be crossed out and a text will appear that explains why the target is not valid. At the same time, we have replaced the previously too-large tooltips of characters and buildings with smaller ones, as these often had hidden important elements in the HUD and were obstructing the view. Now it should be much easier for you to find a valid target for an action and then to select it.
- With this patch you can now get important information about dynasty characters right in the world: names, dynasty crests, the favor of your dynasty, the status of the character within the family, and the office. Employees are displayed only with the coat of arms of the dynasty. We think that the new "plaques" are very helpful, but you want to give you the freedom to decide for yourself: in the options you can set whether you want to see the "plaques" on characters, buildings, both or not at all. Furthermore, you can set whether you want to show the "plaques" only for your own dynasty or for all dynasties.
- We have reworked the system, which generates the water reflections and thereby among other things improved the performance. Furthermore, we have significantly improved the creation of the minimap when loading a scenario map, which has also shortened the loading times.

Bug fixes
- The game no longer crashes when certain characters can not be displayed.
- The game no longer crashes when you equip your characters with carts.
- We finalized another set of bug fixes and improvements for AI controlled dynasties:
- AI controlled dynasties should now be able to build businesses.
- AI controlled dynasties should now also buy building extensions for businesses and upgrade their buildings if they meet the requirements.
- AI controlled dynasties should now have stronger ambitions to expand their businesses, build new businesses, and compete in public office
- The Master AI is now able to “have work” for all employees over a longer period of time. To achieve this, the following problems were solved:
- The budget that the AI ​​has available now depends on how much money the dynasty has.
- The AI ​​now changes the production orders of the employees when the raw materials have gone out.
- The AI ​​for the transporters has been revised and should now be less error prone.
- The problem with invalid products should be fixed
- Building levels 2 and 3 have been adjusted slightly to ensure that there is enough space for all raw materials of high quality products without the purchase of additional inventory slots.
- The prioritization of which products the Master AI produces has been optimized
- If you switch the operation from automatic (Master AI) to manual, products are no longer placed in different storage slots.
- In some cases, transporters have not picked up the right items, even though they should be transported. This should now be solved.
- If more than one employee produces the same product, they will no longer be placed in different inventory slots.
- Different names for new buildings are proposed again.
- If special characters occur in a building name, which can not be displayed, then the building can be built anyway.
- The calculation of text lengths has been corrected to allow the size of the background texture of tooltips to be automatically created. Tooltip texts should therefore no longer be cut off and also displayed correctly centered. Furthermore, many texts that were previously shifted too far up or down, should now be properly aligned. Please keep your eyes open for further texts whose alignment we may need to correct.
- Characters no longer crash through bridges in certain places.
- Characters can now attack characters preparing for a ambush.
- Many characters (NPCs) did not move because they had been waiting for some action. This should now occur less frequently.
- Characters participating in interactions, like conversations or a fistfight, will now play the correct animations.
- Carts can now drive on all roads. This fix solves some horse cart and market issues. In some cases it does not look perfect yet, but we chose this step so that characters do not get stuck just because they are equipped with a horse cart.
- We have made several corrections in the localization system, which now displays a large number of missing names and labels within texts correctly. In most cases these were names of characters, buildings and measures. Please see if you notice any missing text.
- The buttons in the character creation should now all be displayed even at lower resolutions.
- The scroll bar in the overview of items when creating trade routes now works correctly.
- When changing the main residence your family members in the previous home building will move now to the new one.

The following buildings have been optimized and each provided with 3 different LOD stages:
- Herbs hut
- Apothecary 1 to 3
- Scholar 1 to 3
- Hospital 1 to 3
- Robber camp
- Cathedral
- Well
- Quarry
- Mine
- Lumberyard
- Grove
- Cemetery
- More city walls and towers

Known Issues
- Larger objects such as ships and horse carts are still wiggling when they try to dodge each other.
- If you attack characters that are lurking for an ambush, they will most likely start another counter attack after the fight is over. At the moment this is a bit too common. Please let us know how you see it.
- Crowds of NPCs sometimes overlap one another right now. This mainly affects horse carts. We’ll checking that issue.
- In some cases NPCs may still get stuck when they are being interacted with. This is also the case in previous versions and does not have its cause in the pathfinding changes. We just wanted to mention this, so you know it does not have to be reported.
- Currently, NPCs fight each other very often and do not shy away from kids. We will adapt this.
- Children are currently trying to sit on benches. Since they have no animations for them, they stay on the bench and move in the state. The same applies to fighting.
- Character plaques adjust their length only to the name of the character, but not to its political position (e.g. mayor).
- If you still have other problems with the new pathfinding, please create a bug in Redmine, describes the situation, the location and attach the score to the ticket. So we can look specifically at the problems.

Important Information
Due to the changes to the pathfinding system old save games are not compatible anymore and loading an old save game will lead to errors.
If you have trouble loading or saving, then you can try to delete all files from the "Games" folder in the installation path of The Guild 3.
It is quite possible that some problems that you have in your game are caused by missing or corrupted files. In this case, the following can help: right-click on "The Guild 3" in your library, then Properties - "More" - Manage Installation - VERIFY/REPAIR

What we plan for the next patch...
- We want to fix the bug that causes AI-controlled NPCs to stop working after being interacted with.
- Through various measures we want to reduce the loading times of scenario maps.
- We want to further improve the performance. With special attention to savegames, which are stored / loaded.

A short outlook...
As already announced, we are currently working on rebuilding the action system for our designers so that actions and items will be easier to create in the future. This is a big change that will keep us busy for a bit longer. We hope to be able to create gameplay elements faster in the future.

Your feedback is important to us!
We would greatly appreciate it if you have time for the following quick poll about the changes in patch EA 0.5.3:
Please note: We do not collect any data other than your feedback - it remains completely anonymous. This poll ends on August 8, 2018
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Patch notes for hotfix EA - August 2, 2018

Since 0.5.3 the AI has started to act more actively. They manage, build businesses and also have ambitions for offices. As a result, unfortunately, problems have occurred that have led to crashes. As they unfortunately occured very "randomly" (more on that below), we did not have these crashes internally in our tests. We would like to thank you for pointing out the problems and for taking the time to send us the save games. This allowed us to find and fix crashes caused by the AI changes.

Bug fixes
- The game no longer crashes when a building burns down while a character wants to bring goods to that building.
- The game does not crash anymore when certain animations are to be played by guardsmen.
- The game will no longer crash if the residence or business of a character is destroyed.

We hope this will improve the experience for you again. Thanks again to all for the help!
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Patch notes for version EA 0.5.4 – August 9, 2018

New features
- As announced, we have taken a look at the issues behind poor performance and inefficient memory usage when loading and playing savegames. We have now improved memory usage patterns which should result in shorter loading times and better performance in general (in particular when playing for extended periods of time and after loading savegames) in EA 0.5.4.
- To further improve performance, we have now implemented that only characters which are currently in the field of view of the camera are animated and not as before, every character on the map.
- Up until now, the amount of available products in the market hardly had an impact on price development. This has now been changed, so you should check more frequently if prices have shifted and if you need to optimise your supply chains. As part of these changes we have extracted many economy-related parameters from the code so that we can iterate more quickly in the future when it comes to the in-game economy.
- The re-work of the visualisation of selected characters is completed as of EA 0.5.4. You will now see a small bluish circle around all your characters. The circle of your dynasty leader will be gold-coloured. When you select one of your characters, the white circle will be highlighted more visibly. It should therefore now be easier to identify and select your own characters, especially within larger crowds.
- Character portraits which are displayed above buildings now display the profession and dynasty affiliation of a character. This should make it easier to select the correct character.
- The colour of the clothing in character portraits now also correctly reflects the dynasty colours. In order to reinforce this effect, we have replaced the blurry dynasty coat of arms in the background with the dynasty’s colour. Furthermore, we have adjusted the angle and distance from which character portraits are taken.
- When losing a game, it is no longer necessary to quit the entire game in order to begin a new one. Instead, you can now load a savegame or simply return to the main menu.
- Several maps have been re-worked in order to improve, performance as well as economy, available space for new buildings and arrangement of city districts. The following maps have been revised so far:
- Magdeburg
- Augsburg
- Visby
- Paris

Bug fixes
- Employees who are being controlled by the master AI will now immediately resume their activity after a savegame is loaded.
- Transporters will now resume their previously defined trade routes after a savegame is loaded.
- AI-controlled dynasties previously only reproduced if a marriage partner was already defined at the start of a scenario. Dynasties without marriage partners did not work towards achieving marriages, therefore leading to their eventual extinction. We have now implemented changes which will result in the AI socially interacting with other characters (paying compliments, entering relationships, marrying). The AI is currently not yet acting towards greater strategic plans when doing so, but this fix is merely the first improvement and we aim to continually improve this behaviour with upcoming updates.
- Characters should no longer get “stuck” as often when attempting to interrupt another character. The causes of this bug were particular distances and angles between the two characters.
- Abilities which interrupted the activity of NPCs will no longer interrupt their other routines. NPCs that just loiter around should therefore appear less frequently.
- The building menu of level 2 and 3 businesses should now open with a double-click on the building, as is already the case with level 1 businesses.
- Deceased characters will now no longer appear in residential buildings.
- Characters watching juggling performances will now no longer stand inside each other.
- The shadow calculation was improved so that shadows shouldn’t be cut off very close to the camera anymore.
- The white outline of selected characters should now also include their backpacks.
- Several texts were corrected, e.g. for henchmen, innkeepers, and news concerning the hospital and far distance travel.

- The following buildings have been optimised and were given 3 additional LOD-levels.
- alchemist levels 1 - 3
- barracks levels 1 - 3
- warehouse
- Additionally the roof colour of all residential buildings without thatched roofs has been changed, thus making them easier to distinguish.

Known issues
- Certain barrels are currently missing textures.
- There are some errors in the behaviour of AI-dynasties which can lead to AI characters not finishing certain actions under specific conditions. We will continuing working to fix that system.
- In very rare cases you may get a crash related to missing items in a save game. We already found the issue and will fix it.

Important information
If you are experiencing difficulties with loading and saving the game, you may attempt to delete all files from the folder “Games” in the installation directory of The Guild 3.
It is quite possible that some problems that you have in your game are caused by missing or corrupted files. In this case, the following can help: right-click on "The Guild 3" in your library, then Properties - "More" - Manage Installation - VERIFY/REPAIR

What we are planning for the next patch
- A re-work of the HUD, making it easier to understand, navigate and find information.
- Based on community feedback, we want to change the rules according to which the player avatar is selected.
- We will complete the refactoring of the skills system in order to allow our designers to begin repairing, improving and iterating on character skills.

A short outlook...
We will shift our main focus to character skills and improve the construction of buildings.