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Thank, how many GOLEMS are in your team ?

And I repeat me but a new roadmap would be nice, we are in February ......
Patch notes for patch EA 0.4.1 added

SO it's really awesome and you did great BUT right now you can NOT find any apologize for the roadmap we HAVE TO get it soon.

What EA 5 will be ?
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The launch of patch EA 0.5 will happen, but is not scheduled yet. I will let you know.
I didn't ask "when" but 'WHAT".

Are you really kidding us ? What is that team ?

You don't know what is next, when it's coming, and you dare tell me that it's NOT SHEDULED ?????? WHAT ? you don't think that there is a BIG problem ? We got the EA 4 1 AND THE EA 5 IS NOT SHEDULED ? (So may be june, july, septembre, we don't know ....)

It's really easy now to understand how they can be slow (more than 2 month late). They don't know what is next. LOL

SO when you gave us the first roadmap that was just a joke. You just did it to earn money. And we will not get a new one, never, isn't it ?

Please, just be honest, the final it's even not plan for 2018 ?
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Patch notes for EA 0.4.5 added
Patch notes for EA 0.4.6 added
This is a brief overview of what you can expect from the coming bugfix patch. It will be ready for launch next week.

More crashes have been solved. The process of finding and selecting a plot for your new building has been improved and there are bug fixes and enhancements for AI-controlled businesses (your own businesses and the businesses of AI dynasties). As a result, your opponents are more active in economic matters now. We will further improve economy AI.

On top of this, a lot of UI elements have been worked over and UI bugs were fixed. For example, using the mouse wheel to zoom the area map should no more cause the world camera to zoom as well. Also, the position of texts in UI menus and tooltips was fixed. Last but not least, 3D models, textures and animations were fixed, adjusted and/or added.

We'll post the full list of bug fixes as soon as the patch goes live next week.
Hey Guild fans!

We have announced a patch for this week, but ran into a major bug during our last test run. We are working flat out on it and will provide the patch as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience!