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Terraria v1.4.3.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed (again) Abigail's Flower growth not appearing on servers, requiring players to log in again to see it
Fixed Journey Mode's Enemy Spawn Rate settings being reset on leaving a server
Fixed an issue where Don't Starve seed darkness would cause unnatural black squares in the sky, and make certain biomes too bright at night
Fixed Resource Packs from Steam Workshop not always showing their workshop tag properly
Corrupt players will now list their origin instead of corrupt text, if they can
Corrupt worlds will no longer crash world selection
Changed corrupt entries to have a gray title, from a red title
Fixed rare crash related to favorited cloud entries
Fixed Bat Bat not healing on killing blows
Fixed slowdown when leaving the housing window up for a REALLY long time
Fixed an issue where changing Hunger status on DST worlds would delete certain buffs
The Nurse will no longer try to "heal" a number of positive buffs
Fixed certain cases that allowed users to able to upload resource packs they've downloaded from the workshop
Fixed an item duplication exploit
Fixed certain projectiles resetting npc's immunity for other projectiles wrongfully
Fixed serverconfig.txt generated worlds not setting special seed data properly

Balance Changes

Abigail's Flower

Increase base speed by 33% (3->4)
Decrease speed growth per minion from 1.5 to 1.4 (ends at exactly the same value at 11-minion)
Improve base acceleration by 10%
Decrease acceleration growth from 2 to 1.75 (maxes out at the same minion count)

Lucy the Axe

Decrease Use Time from 20 to 17
Increase size from 1 to 1.2 (makes her 20% bigger)
Increase Axe power from 125 to 150

Weather Pain

Increase duration of projectile by 50%
Increase pierce count from 10->12
Increase speed from "7" to "8"

Pew-matic Horn

Increase damage by 1
Decrease Use Time from 24 to 15
Increase shot speed from 11 to 14

Houndius Shootius

Increase projectile speed from 8.5 to 12.5

Bat Bat

Increase Use Time from 30 to 45
Increase damage from 18 to 31
Increase size from 1 to 1.15 (15% bigger)
Now steals 1 Life per swing, on hit

Tentacle Spike

Hitting an enemy embeds a damaging spike
Each spike deals 3 DPS for 9 seconds
You can stack up to 5 spikes on each enemy

Ham Bat

New feature: killing enemies will grant a short burst of Life Regen
Increase damage from 50 to 58
Increase size from 1 to 1.2 (20% bigger)

Sauteed Frog Legs

Adjusted from 10 Minutes of Plenty Satisfied to 10 Minutes of Well Fed

Froggle Bunwich

Adjusted from 8 Minutes of Exquisitely Stuffed to 8 Minutes of Plenty Satisfied
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Terraria Updates and

Featured optimizations for the Steam Deck, various balance changes and bug fixes!

Changes and balance

   o Summon minions, sentries, and their projectiles should no longer harm critters
   o Updated Bundle of Balloons' sprite to reflect the items that went into it better
   o When placing a Graveyard-crafted version of a natural wall directly next to a natural version of
      that wall, they should now merge seamlessly rather than having a large border between them
   o Skeletron now drops Healing Potions instead of Lesser Healing Potions. This same drop will also be applied to Deerclops,
      though Queen Bee will continue to drop her Bottled Honey instead.
   o Flinx Fur now requires less to research in Journey mode
   o All food (except Ale and Sake) now require less to research in Journey mode
   o All Biome crates, as well as Golden and Obsidian Lock Boxes, now require less to research in Journey mode
   o Black and Pink Pearls are now more common when opening Oysters. Their sell value has been proportionally reduced.
   o Obsidian can now be mined by Pickaxes of 55% mining power or higher
   o When defeating the Wall of Flesh in normal mode, it will now always drop 1 weapon and 1 emblem,
      like Expert treasure bags do
   o Heart and Star Statues are now twice as likely to be found in worldgen compared to other statues
   o Increased Web Slinger's range by 25%
   o Piranha Gun's Piranhas should now be much better able to keep up with rapidly moving enemies,
      assuming that enemy isn't teleporting or briefly becoming invulnerable
   o Changed Fairy Wings recipe to only take 99 Pixie Dust instead of 100 (as 99 is the max stack for Pixie Dust)
   o Stained Glass now sells for a more reasonable value, compared to the gems used to make it
   o Optimized worldgen during the Desert chest placement stage
   o The Virtual Keyboard (in-game keyboard for Gamepad) is now used for IP/password entry and
      other Multiplayer text entry menus

   o The Guide now has a hint about how to find Deerclops if the player has not yet defeated it
   o Deerclops' HP values now scale at a modified rate in Expert and Master, like other bosses.
      As a result, it will now have a lower maximum HP in both Expert and Master.
   o The above fix also addresses an issue where Deerclops' HP did not scale UP with increased player count
      in Expert/Master multiplayer games
   o Deerclops now only remains present in the Snow biome for 1 day when no players are present, instead of 3 days.
   o Deerclops' boss health bar will disappear from the screen when suitably far enough away from it that the boss fight
      is not active. It will re-appear again once the fight is resumed.
   o Fixed an oversight where Deerclops had 0 defense
   o After defeating Deerclops, it now only has a 25% chance to spawn again naturally under proper conditions.
      This was previously 100% chance.
   o Deerclops now drops potions on death; in this case, regular Healing Potions like Skeletron.

NPC Happiness
   o Pylons now require a minimum of 2 NPCs under all conditions to be sold
   o The minimum required happiness for NPCs to sell Pylons has been decreased from 0.85 to 0.9
      (the lower the number, the happier). This means that it is now easier to make NPCs happy enough to sell a Pylon.
   o If an NPC is present in a hybrid biome (for example, the Hallowed Desert), and they like at least one of those biomes,
      then they will gain positive happiness from the biome they like. This will only work for
      a liked biome vs a neutral/disliked biome; it will not allow a neutral biome to overcome a disliked biome.
      This also does not override major unhappiness/housing invalidation due to being near the Corruption, Crimson, or Dungeon.
   o The number of NPCs you can have in a town before Crowded penalties begin to take effect has been increased by 1

Bug fixes
   o Fixed an issue where the Eyebrella Cloud positioned itself oddly when a player is sleeping
   o Fixed an issue where a number of blocks which should have blocked light were not blocking light
   o Fixed an issue where Honey and Dry Bombs could not be placed on Weapon Racks
   o Fixed an issue where Torch God's projectiles from Corrupt Torches generated snow dust
   o Fixed an issue where Chester's Smart Cursor outline did not rotate with him when in the air
   o Fixed an issue where walking Goldfish couldn't be Corrupted/Crimson'd like other Goldfish
   o Fixed an issue where Desert Tiger did not bounce on enemies correctly if your Journey time settings
      were paused or sped up
   o Fixed a bug with lava fishing gear incorrectly impacting fishing time
   o Fixed an issue where Obsidian armor had white item rarity even though, for its tier,
      it should have been a higher rarity color
   o Fixed an issue where Lucy didn't speak if you cut down Palm Trees or Cacti
   o Fixed some issues involving Jungle Shrines and Living Mahogany Trees, where overlapping generation
      could cause broken chests
   o Fixed an issue where Star-generating Cloak accessories did not properly sync their star generation in multiplayer
   o Fixed a multiplayer issue where Plantera's spore projectiles were not syncing properly
   o Fixed an issue where the Electrified debuff had an inaccurate and non-informative buff info text
   o Fixed an issue causing Elf Melter to use 2 ammo per use
   o Fixed an issue where Chain Guillotines chain would vanish at some angles
   o Fixed an issue where some UI Control text was broken in Polish language settings
   o Fixed an text-based multiplayer crash
   o Fixed rare crash when certain NPCs spawn in droves

# Source:

Fixed some critical issues with

   o Fixed certain combinations of in-game gamepad and mouse inputs causing cursor-style flicker on Steam Deck.
   o Fixed certain gamepad UI actions not executing properly.

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (25.02.2022 01:34 CET):
   o Lin: (51716) => (53923) => (53936) # 25.02. 12:35
   o Win: (51715) => (53922) => (53927)
   o Mac: (51715) => (53922) => (53927)
#             24.11.2021 => 24.02.2022 => 25.02.2022
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Terraria Updates and

Hotfix update released on February 28, 2022

   o Fixed certain inputs failing, acting weird, when using frameskip off setting.
   o Fixed town NPCs not discussing their biome name properly.
   o Fixed Lunar Portal lasers disappearing from screen under certain circumstances.
   o Fixed enemies sliding through cracked bricks in Multiplayer.
   o Fixed Sandstone Chest optimization.

# Source:

Fixed a few issues with Mac/Linux on March 01, 2022.

   o Fixed numerous issues that caused the game to hang indefinitely when you quit it on Mac & Linux.
   o Fixed Steam overlay issues on Linux.
   o Updated FNA. (Mac/Linux related)

# Source

GOG Offline Installer (01.03.2022 17:20 CET):
   o Lin: (54021) => (54039)
   o Win: (54020) => (54038)
   o Mac: (54020) => (54038)

... without changelog ...

GOG Offline Installer (15.03.2022 21:06 CET):
   o Lin: (54039) => (54359)
   o Win: (54038) => (54358)
   o Mac: (54038) => (54358)
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Terraria "Labor Of Love" update is now on GOG!.
Update: We're up to

I'd list out the changelog as is tradition, but the thing is, there's too many things which changed to list in this creaky old forum.

When I tried to edit my post to list them, it just ate the edit. Sorry.
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Darvond: Waiting on Terraria "Labor Of Love" update.

Will update when/if this drops.
The GOG version updated several hours ago for me.
Darvond: Waiting on Terraria "Labor Of Love" update.

Will update when/if this drops.
WingedKagouti: The GOG version updated several hours ago for me.
Steam has though. We only have 1.4.4.
WingedKagouti: The GOG version updated several hours ago for me.
Cyca: Steam has though. We only have 1.4.4.
I just updated to on GOG when I made that post.
Post edited September 29, 2022 by WingedKagouti is out on both Steam and GOG, information from the original 1.4.4 thread. Notes for the three hotfix patches so far follow:


- Worlds where Moon Lord has been defeated now show a golden border on the world selection menu
- Added one new achievement

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed some serverconfig options being completely ignored when running servers
- Fixed a major scaling issue with Journey mode universally having increased stats on enemies
- Fixed an issue causing players to infinitely use some items without being able to stop
- Fixed an issue where rescuing certain slimes as the 8th would not unlock The Great Slime Mitosis achievement
- Fixed character selection not properly applying dyes to players who had dyed pets
- Fixed a bug that gave an incorrect death message when killed by Jellyfish Shock Attacks
- Added a failsafe so that broken trees in worldgen will be fixed
- Fixed Paint Scraper not working with Smart Cursor when removing coatings
- Fixed some monoliths not properly being "pushed down" into the ground
- Fixed some liquid rendering issues when in reverse gravity
- Fixed the change to Chain's recipe from 10->15 not working. It should now properly give 15.
- Fixed an issue where Magic Quiver's knockback bonus rounded down, which actually nerfed most Knockback values
- Fixed an issue where Chains were lava immune, but could NOT be "extended" into lava
- Fixed hanging furniture swinging indoors with the wind
- Fixed an issue where Jungle critters could spawn in a Corrupt/Crimson Jungle when near Hive blocks
- Fixed an issue during worldgen where the game hangs indefinitely trying to spawn some objects
- Fixed an issue with Escape not working properly on the Virtual Keyboard
- Fixed an issue where the change Moon Lord's Phantasmal Sphere damage was only applied to one of the two versions
- Fixed a few bugs relating to new content that hasn't been spoiled yet
- Fixed an issue preventing 2 of the game title texts from showing, but they are still not properly translated in non-English languages for now
- Fixed an issue with lava spawns from tiles not spawning serverside in multiplayer, resulting in ghost lava
- Fixing a worldgen issue with trapped chests, which should alleviate at least one possible cause of worldgen freezing on the Everything seed

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where throwing the Guide Voodoo Doll into “Celebrationmk10” lava pool would kill the Guide but would not spawn the Wall of Flesh
- Fixed a graphic glitch issue with some critter cages
- Fixed an issue where some items would not transmutate correctly when dropped into Shimmer during a Multiplayer session
- Fixed an issue where the Shellphone would not teleport the player and would not display a tooltip when crafted



- Updating non-English localization files to account for some last minute changes and adjustments

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue introduced in that prevented Mac/Linux from launching properly
- Fixed some additional Mac/Linux related launching and server issues
- Fixed an issue causing certain usable items to be duplicated on Gamepad/Console/Mobile/Steam Deck
- Fixed a Gamepad issue preventing items from being assigned to the D-Pad Hotbar properly
- Fixed a missing tooltip on Aether Campfire
- Fixed Lock Boxes not being openable with keys
- Fixed Solar Tablets not working in multiplayer but still consuming the tablet
- Fixed Pumps turning Lava and Honey into Water
- Fixed a softlock caused by leaving worlds in certain ways when using Drones or Golf
- Fixed Brain of Cthulhu teleporting too close to the player in FTW/Everything Seeds. It should no longer be able to directly telefrag the player, but the Brain is not avoiding you, so a rapidly moving player may still find themselves in its new teleport position.
- Fixed a visual issue caused by using some spears in reverse gravity
- Fixed some tile merging issues with dirt
- Fixed an issue causing some Clentaminator Solutions to consume far too much ammo per shot
- Fixed some Melee Speed tooltip inconsistencies on 2 items
- Fixed Smart Cursor trying to place Boulders on Pylons



- A few items were set to be non-decraftable in Shimmer due to exploits
- Reduced the sell value of Light Disc, Bananarang, Fairy Boots, and Hellfire Treads to be more reasonable
- Fixed an issue with Sword Range Boost Effects not properly hitting behind the player, and generally improved their hit detection accuracy across the board
- Fixed Blade of Grass Razor Leaves not inflicting Poison

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue preventing Quick Stack to Nearby Chests from working with some chests
- Fixed an issue where Favorited items in Void Bag would be placed into the player's inventory when Looting the Void Bag
- Fixed an issue when Clentaminator solutions would break trees and cause them to drop the wrong wood
- Fixed a typo in Ash Wood Breastplate's name
- Fixed Royal Gel not protecting against Shimmer Slimes
- Fixed an issue where Spear Range Boost Effects would have unreliable hit detection at high melee speeds
- Fixed Bottled Honey not giving the Honey buff when used with Quick Heal
- NPC Shops no longer update their discount price at all once the shop is open. Reenabled moving Greedy Ring/Discount Card in the accessory slots when the shop is open (since the price will no longer change dynamically)
- Fixed Enchanted Moondial not recharging when Blood Moon/Eclipse occur naturally
- Fixed Volcano's detonation sound playing for players very far away
- Fixed Don't Starve death sounds not playing on Constant Seeds
- Fixed an issue allowing you to switch loadouts while dead, frozen, webbed or stoned
- Fixed text issue with Fallen Starfish tooltip and Quest text giving the wrong location for fishing
- Fixed a worldgen issue that would allow thin ice chasms to override Chests
- Fixed the smart cursor outline of the Barrel not matching its shape
- Minor updates to other language localization
- Fixed a line of stray pixels on the Wand of Frosting sprite
- Fixed an issue with Spear Range Boost Effects looking odd on Minecarts in some scenarios
- Fixed Abigail's Flower being able to grow over and break a bunch of tiles it shouldn't be able to break
- Fixed Gamepad Fast Use causing some items to be used indefinitely
- Fixed Tortured Souls being able to pick up coins (who would want to give even MORE money to the tax man?)
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Another small hotfix patch, information from:


- Both tile and projectile versions of personal storage items now have the Quick Stack to Nearby Chests animation
- Changed Ghost Costume's Shirt so that you can see your worn pants beneath it. Using it with Familiar Legs will show the bare legs again.
- Floating container projectiles (Money Trough, Void Bag) now have an increased Quick Stack to Nearby Chests range just like chests do
- Reduced volume on the Kwad Racer Drone
- Shimmered debuff state no longer grants invincibility against bosses (invasion will be in a subsequent hotfix)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a crash that happened to some players whenever the game tried to save
- Fixed an issue where NPCs who's names were translated would not drop name-based special drops
- Fixed some debug dust on Terra Blade
- Fixed issues where thunder/lightning became very fast when the game's time was sped up, resulting in FPS drops and potentially damaging flashing lights
- Fixed an issue where holding certain items inhibited the use of some hotkeys when it shouldn't have
- Fixed some inconsistencies with waterfalls in Retro/Trippy lighting
- Fixed a few more items being exploitable via Shimmer decrafting
- Fixed it being possible for Shimmer to spawn too high up in worldgen to properly form its visual effects
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to have an invalid loadout slot, breaking all loadout functionality
- Fixed an issue with loadout vanities in multiplayer not syncing to other players
- Fixed a visual issue with NPC arm sprites during combat animations when Shimmered
- Fixed a few minor tooltip and item name inconsistencies
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Seems several bugfix patches were skipped - we're at v1.4.4.7 currently.

The official wiki has as of 2022-11-09 listed v1.4.4.8 - it'll probably be several hours before the updated installer is on GOG.
Post edited November 10, 2022 by imranf1 is available on GOG, mostly bugfixes but also some changes to the sprites used for various swords and tools. If you're using an asset pack that alters the looks of these items, you may want to disable it while you wait for the pack to be updated.