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Hey there,

I just bought and played SS2, one of my favourite old games. Thanks for the mac version!

But now, near at the end, there seems to be a problem with the game. My Char can't go under water. Right in the moment, when he's going to dive, the game freeze for just a moment and than my char is dead. So I can't find the second cluster and can't open the sphincter.

Is this problem in question? Any solutions?

share a save right before you jump into the water.

// permanent fix is now in the FAQ, or here.
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Share a save?
yeah, make a save right before the water body, zip it (if you save it into the first slot, you need to zip the save_0 folder, found directly in your SS2 folder), upload to mediafire or similar, and post the link.
To get the save files: Right-click System Shock -> Show Package Contetns -> drive_c -> GOG Games -> System Shock 2 and you should find the folder mentioned above.
Ah, copy that :) Thanks a lot.

Here is the file, right in front of the water.
bad news is, the save is corrupted, and I have no idea why. good news is that a fellow Shockeder was able to fix the save, and you should be able to continue.

Thanks a lot, it works!!
I'm having the same issue. Here is a save right before the liquid.

I would be very grateful if someone were nice enough to fix it for me as well.

FWIW, I also experienced this issue at an earlier point in the game when I submerged in water somewhere in hydroponics, I believe it was. At that point, however, I just thought it was a normal, albeit nonsensical, element of the gameplay.
should work:
Thank you! Works great.
btw, you guys with diving issues are both running the Mac version, with no mods, right?
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Yes, that's correct. I'm played the Mac version, and didn't install any mods.

Any idea on what is causing the corruption? I will probably replay this game sometime in the future and would like to know how to avoid this issue or else learn how to fix the corrupted files myself.

Thanks again for the help.
that is the question. one which I have no answer to. I was thinking maybe saving/loading while drowning could cause this, but no.
Presumably it doesn't happen for all Mac users, since the game would be not be completable.

Might it be worth having a look at a save made on Earth on the initial tram to see if it happens instantaneously rather than randomly at some later point?