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voodoo47: GOG version is basically the new engine plus bugfixes. no graphics changes, no retouched effects or anything like that - it's as vanilla as it gets without a retro computer.
Excellent, that sounds even more enticing!
After reading some more into it, from SS2's reputation I never would have guessed just how buggy and "imperfect" the game originally was, at least in lots of small details. It's really interesting how many mods there are that really only change what is obviously and pretty much undoubtedly not the way it was supposed to be originally.
So, thanks for clearing that up for a future SS1/2 player! Now, I only need the time for it...
System Shock 2 got Patch 2.46 today, when will this reach GOG?
GOG has been using it for a while now.
Post edited October 05, 2017 by voodoo47