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"If you would like MT-32 support, you can install Munt in windows and use VirtualMIDISynth to switch
to that driver when you want to play an MT-32 game (X-Wing 1993 is) "

How do I do this? I've downloaded the virtual midi synth and munt. Adding the heavenly timbres was easy but not sure with munt.

Edit: I got Munt to work on its own so I guess it doesn't matter.
Post edited March 24, 2018 by ResidentLeever
I'm VERY late doing this but I finally tried X-Wing Floppy with Munt and wow that really sounds quite different, especially as they are using the synth for many of the sound effects

TheInvisibleHand: I found the problem, thanks to PhilsComputerLab's video:

I needed to go into the game's own configuration utility ("Launch Settings" is what the GOG-created shortcut is called) then choose Custom Setup -> Advanced Menu, and then change the Music setting from "4-Op FM" (or whatever the default was) to "General MIDI" port 330.
*speechless* Its been a few years since I last fiddled with the music, I hadn't realised it wasn't using Virtual Synth. Thank you.

I've been using Arachno soundfont for Duke Nukem 3D and I'm liking its sound for X-Wing (download links don't appear to be working right now)
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved. I'm using Timbres of Heaven 3.4 and I'm very happy :)