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I've put together a Wine wrapper for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, allowing it to be played on Linux almost like a native game & with no Wine knowledge required.

Simply run the build script to create the wrapper. If the installer files are not alongside the wrapper build files then the path to them will need to be specified either by passing it as an argument to the build script with -respath="<path>" or by setting an environment variable named WINEWRAP_RESPATH containing it. You can change the path to build the wrapper in and the name of the wrapper directory with the -buildpath= and -dirname= arguments. The build path can also be set with the WINEWRAP_BUILDPATH environment variable.

The output will be a directory containing the game set up within a preconfigured Wine prefix, along with its own copy of Wine, extracted game icons, documentation, and start script(s). From there simply run the start script to play. The start script also includes options for creating a shortcut, configuring the wrapper etc.

(to uninstall simply delete the game directory and any shortcuts you created, and the game's user data directory in ~/.local/share if you don't want to keep your saves & settings)

User data is stored under ~/.local/share/splinter_cell

Full details are in the readme.txt and release notes. Here is the download link:

(797.2 kB, SHA256: 1e1b952d007e8809248de4049e7ba0de6464cbf120c075132a03edd854b8549c)

Last updated 2021/07/11

The wrapper uses Wine 6.0 and ThirteenAG's widescreen fix. Wine and Winetricks will be downloaded automatically if not present; to avoid redownloading for other scripts the downloaded Wine package will be stored in ~/.cache/winewrap

If anyone encounters any problems then post in this thread, Adamhm's Linux Wine Wrappers - News, FAQ &amp; Discussion and/or The "Judas&trade; does this run in Wine" thread v1.173.

For more of my Linux Wine wrappers check out post 3 in this thread: Adamhm's Linux Wine Wrappers - News, FAQ &amp; Discussion
Post edited July 11, 2021 by adamhm
I will try this.

I am a huge SP fan, and gaming is on Linux / Mac only for me.

Will reply asap.

Thanks for caring
Thanks for your hard work.

Tried this on two machines, I'm getting missing textures in the default run -- for instance, the ground in the first training scenario is all black. Preceding that, the in-game cut scenes show all black textures for the characters. I did not go further or attempt any adjustments.
Sorry, I messed up with a previous version & had an incorrect setting for the widescreen fix, forcing buffer shadows on (which are currently broken although I'm trying to get them working). It's fixed with the latest version of the wrapper though :)