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Xeshra: A lot of material here, actually confusing to many people. I have found a pretty easy way on how to make it work and in my mind the probably best quality possible.

1. Install the GoG game

2. Download Septerra Core v1.04.0.7 according to your system:

3. Unpack and copy all the files inside the install folder, overwrite everything when asked

4. Now open the Septera CFG file (it should have a notepad graphic in Windows)

You may change other stuff according to own findings but it is critical not to have the CPU in sleep mode else the mouse will be lagging, and the resolution can not be 16:9, it have to be 4:3 for the game to work properly. The max resolution possible is usually 1440x1080 (or double of this for 4k displays). If done properly and launched by using the new SR-Septerra Launcher, the game should work properly now.

Make the following changes:


# CPU settings
# ------------
# CPU_SleepMode=standard/reduced/nosleep - CPU sleep mode (to prevent Septerra Core from consuming too much CPU)

Finally it should look like this with smooth FPS:
Hey Xeshra, thanks for the guide. I tried it and it looks really nice. No mouse & video issues and resolution is perfect.
I have one question though. Forgive me if the answer is obvious. Is there any way for me to combine this method of yours with the unofficial patch? I really want to play the game with "right click to queue character in battle" ability. Gog default install comes with Unofficial Patch, but starting the game via SR-Septerra Launcher disables that patch's improvements. If you have a solution to have at least that right-click improvement with SR patch, please share.
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I got the game for free as a goodie by buying "Trails to Azure"... and apart from some testing i did not even play the game, but it looks like a fine retro to me...

However, i did not even know there are such critical bugs or gameplay issues involved. So, actually i got lesser knowledge regarding this issues than you. So far i can only say, if there is a patch needed it would have to get some compatibility patch with the recompiled SR-Version. This is just some improved executables, it is not fhe full game, so it should be doable updating it. Guess i can try to contact the author of the recompiled version.

However, may not help if i do not know what patch is actually required and why... the exact changes.

Maybe some other solutions works better for your needs. I will do some test, but without knowing all the issues involved, the required fixes, it is very time consuming. So far the updated SR version works good for me and with the exception of the executables it is still using the GoG game files.

Clearly, the GoG version is patched with the unofficial patch, but there is other issues which will need a fix. By itself this version is not working properly... I will check out the other fixes... maybe they will enable for this patch. Maybe new issues involved... this is the big question.

i will backup the "SR-Version" Installation and check out all the alternate options with a fresh install and then compare them with each others... unfortunately this is very time consuming.

Well, investigating the issue, but it looks to me the executables from the recompiled version is already updated to the GoG 1.04 version of the game, which should be patched already. And as long as the executables are compatible, it should basically use the GoG improvements aswell. So a bit confusing to me... i may ask the mod author regarding this matter. As soon as i am able to detect the differences (patched, unpatched...) will have to verify first.

No matter what system it will be used, this is a executable in need of the GoG version, so it is based on the GoG version. However, both versions (GoG and Steam) are patched already, which should be this one (no need to repatch)$
All the versions are even almost identical... so it may actually work on every single version.

So well whats the issue, somehow it is overwriting the patch? Ok, this sounds weird, gonna check it out.

Maybe it was breaking the 1.04 patch... i cant say (i dont even know the exact content) but the executables are tuned with 1.04 in mind (no other version, this is a requirement), so in this case "not working as intended".
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Thanks for spending time for this. I assure you, this game deserves all the love it gets :)

Regarding the SR patch overwriting UO patch improvements, that is a known thing. I posted a feedback about this in the github link's "issues". Author replied by saying that we can't use UO patch with it and that he'll look into adding the "in-battle right click" mechanic to the SR patch. Maybe with your valuable inputs in addition to mine, he'll get around to it sooner and with a higher chance of success. Appreciate your help!
I see... well this is unfortunate because this recompiled SR Version is technically working best for me but the patches may be a big bonus (i can not say yet... needs lot of testing).

I found another version which is able to "natively" add pad-support, i enjoy. However... unfortunately this version is now breaking the CPU non idle configuration and i have found no way in order to put CPU out of sleep. So the mouse is lagging and almost unresponsive with this version. I get the feeling every new mod is having some own kind of issues... messy somehow.

Still, this is based on the SR Version too, so the patches might be broken aswell. Some new configuration and a less blurry text... so actually something nice. Just it does not work when the CPU can not be taken out of sleep anymore...

This function is really messy because maybe a very old CPU will start to get performance issues but a new CPU is not having any load at all, no matter how far you push the polling rate of the mouse.
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OK... a lot of work testing it all out... and stuff.

Status quo:

Well, the good message, after some good testing now it all is working properly for me (on a new Windows 10 system)... videos, game engine and resolution (1080P, a little bit streched, just like the original GoG-resolution but more crispy) aswell... The bad message is, it is kinda a bit complicated to solve, because a lot of stuff will have to be solved first.

How to properly fix:

Sure, the RT Launcher would have been the "easy solution" but unfortunately it will simply break the unofficial 1.04 patch, so this is not truly a option to us. So, the best way is trying to fix the videos without touching neither the executables nor the game engine at all. Because if we do we will open Pandora`s box, it may break endless amount of stuff. So i had to find a way "how to make it sensitive but still powerful"... this is somewhat challenging, but thanks to many other users i was trying to get some good input.

Issues to solve:

The main issue is simply because for some weird reason the videos are attached to the game engine, and they usually only work with QT (Apple Quick Time). In order to make it work you have to use a older QT file, else the game may become bugged... so the mouse will not work properly anymore, so it will be lagging. I think, it is not easy converting the videos to another format because of the way the engine is attached to those videos. You kinda would have to recompile stuff and whatelse... the work is not just huge, it may aswell break patches...

Improper workaround:

As a workaround you could get the CPU to run in a "non natural boosted mode"... so it will simply overpower the software issue by working aproximately 100 times faster than what is truly required. Or you could scale down the mouse-tracking a huge margin and maybe no issue will be detected anymore with a very slow polling-rate (maybe never a issue on notebooks with very slow touch-pads... never tested). But this is simply no good solution for any real gamer system with a high powered mouse... so the software simply will have to work without such issues.

Or you may simply fix those weird QT issues with a older QT backup, so the engine may respond in a more natural way... not going to lag.

Now step by step what to do:

1. Install the GoG game

2. Download those 2 quicktime files with the ending qts and qtp, unpack the folder, move it to the gamefolder and overwite everything when asked: (remove spaceholder) https:/______/

3. Download those updated video files, unpack the folder, move to the gamefolder aswell and overwrite everything when asked: https:/______/

4. Now download the Voodoo-driver files named "dgVoodoo v2.8", unpack the main-folder and then pick the folder "MS> X86>____" and copy everything inside to the game-folder, overwrite everything when asked: http:/______/

If done properly the game should now be able to be run in the initial "GoG-graphic mode" without any mouse-lag anymore. The video files should work correctly too. So the biggest step is now done.


Optionally you can copy the dgVoodooCpl and the dgVoodoo.conf to the game-folder and then open the VoodooCpl in order to adjust settings, for example you can remove the Vodoo-Label which is currently apparent on your screen. On the General and Glide tab no need to change anything but on the DirectX tab i would put the resolution to 1080P or any other you may desire and at the same tab you can remove the Voodoo-watermark too.

Basically the game is now using another QT version, altered video files... and another graphic API interface which got a better compatibility with newest systems. However, as far as i can say, the patch or the game itself should not be altered at all... so i think there is nothing broken... not finished testing yet but the possibility for screwing something up is very low.

My game is now looking like this:




Well, it is almost perfect now... actually i am surprised such a boost was even possible, we got the power it seems.

Could be interesting to watch, maybe some new patches in the future:
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Hey, that is some neat work :)
I tried your method until the optional part. That was enough for me to test it out and see if the Unofficial Patch improvements are there.

Two main improvements I'm talking about are,
middle click mouse button once for the PC to continuously run on exploration mode, eliminating the need to press LMB continuously.
Right click in battle on a portrait to queue that character and the game chooses it as soon as the current endurance bar fills up.

Sadly, the improvements are not there. It means your method breaks the unofficial patch.. In addition to that, stretched gameplay screen is a no-go for me. I always go for methods with correct aspect ratio & black bars.

I also saw the last link you gave before. On its page, it specifically says that videos do not work, so I skipped it as well. Not holding my breath for it to be updated any time soon.

Your first method with the SR patch is still the best option for me. If only the patch developer could add the right-click mechanic to it, it would be perfect.
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You can use the correct aspect ratio using the configuration provided, this is not a issue, although it is only slightly streched and same as the GoG version, just higher res. For me it depends on the game, some games suffer a lot and some games not much. Some games can even be "widescreen patched"... using certain tools... so for every game the solution can be different. Most of the games run on 1080P without aspect ratio issues or almost no issues if they got a patch. Not every patch will work perfect but in many cases there is a good improvement possible.

In order to have aspect ratio corrected (to me the difference is not so big on this game):

General> Full Screen> Stretched keep aspect ratio (do not use 4:3 because it is not sure if the game is using it)
DirectX> Max FHD ISF

Thats all... then it will look like this (this is not the GoG solution):

What really is weird is that it too will break the unofficial patch... so it seems there is just not any custom solution unable to break the patch. Makes me wonder how this patch is actually working, guess we have to look into it or simply wait until the creator of SR launcher may find a solution.

The thing is, on Windows 10 at least, the "non touched" GoG version is causing issues for me... and if i add any custom solution it apparently will just always break the patch, which is somewhat weird because at the second solution we did not touch the executables and game engine is not altered aswell. There is just a "API injection", but nothing to do with the game engine nor the executables.

Something i noticed at least: With the second method the weird "hanging" and "flickering" on certain spots is gone, so actually the game runs smoother yet. However, it seems it still may break some patch-functionality... so we have to look into it how this patch actually works. Will it perfectly integrate/inject into the executables and game engine or just adding a "external layer" which is busted as soon as any external tool is "Intercepting"... in this case, indeed, the patch can break with every single "external influence"... maybe even if your PC was screwing up with configurations a bit to much. So, it will need to be injected in a more hardcoded way, else it will break with anything you "throw" at it. To me this patch is not done properly. Because you will NEED to make some minor changes to the interface or API in order to keep the game running on newer systems, there is no other way.

Anyway, i am out of luck then... because currently those are the 2 well known "main-methods" on how to make it work on Windows 10. Everything is basically based on those 2 solution it seems. We either will have to make the patch work based on those solutions or making the solutions work based on the patch. It is easyer making the patch work to a certain solution than opposite order... so actually it would be more wise simply to make a new patch.

Anyway, if you TRULY enjoy playing the game at the original condition then you may not even use a patch. So i guess we all simply got our preference on "what we enjoy the most and how to play it".
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In theory, this game will need a new engine and a mod tool, then it may work perfectly with Win 10. Although, the general interest is just not high enough for all that work to be done.

In my mind, it actually works great using the Voodoo-API, it will simply need a patch which is compatible with. I think the video isssue is truly special here, because just as already told... somehow it is linked to the engine and if to much screwing around at the engine, the videos will stop to work.

With the SR Launcher, the video options are not perfect... because the fine tuning is worse than what we got on the Voodoo-API. Additionally there is new bugs which is not apparent using the Voodoo-API, so every single patch is simply breaking something else.

I guess, the best way fixing it is simply using the Voodoo-API and creating a patch which will be able to integrate... although that have to be done by the creators of those patches; they know very well how their patches are working and how it may be able to get it to work.

In general, a solution is not something adapted to a patch, this is not working at all. So the patch will have to adapt to a certain solution... without breaking stuff, of course.

Sure, not every solution may break a "patched game", it really depends on how this patch was implemented.

I was checking out some of the patches available: i got the feeling they was screwing around a lot and those patches looks troublesome to me. At least they are trying to make something work, instead of doing nothing.
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Just want to add my own 2 bits here, I managed to get Septerra Core working via VM workstation with a Win 7 Pro 64bit OS. No messing about the configuration for mouse and it just booted perfectly with no choppiness.
Win 7 works, VM or native, but thats not what this topic is about.

Additionally the graphic on the GoG version is less crispy... because it will simply run in 480x640 scaled and streched, not the best solution but commonly used in GoG games.

Solution is actually easy, simply have to patch the working solution, without breaking anything... of course. I found a injector so indeed this method is very senstiive because it is not altering the game, it simply is adding some glitchy scripts which will be gone as soon as any changes made to the configuration.

No matter what you do, the batch simply is breaking the videos completly. I installed the working files and i get it to run properly with the RAW executables. But as soon as i launch the batch-file (patching executables, injecting a script) then it simply is doing the wrong stuff, and the patch ITSELF basically is working but it also is creating a mess with the custom and the original configuration.

Finally, the Voodoo API i got to work properly, including the working patch. However, the video remains broken completly... if he can fix this issue i might get it to work including updated graphics.
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Ah yeah, for now i am using a "hybrid solution"; it means using the supreme "Voodoo API" config and a batch file which will start a patched game. As this is a injection, not a "hardcoded patch", so i can patch this game using the batch at any given moment.

So in this term if i want to watch videos i use the standard EXE and if there is no videos i simply will start the batch-file. Regarding sceen-settings, i already told it is adjustable.

I will make a easy manual as soon as i got time left, now some other stuff is burning.
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Xeshra: Ah yeah, for now i am using a "hybrid solution"; it means using the supreme "Voodoo API" config and a batch file which will start a patched game. As this is a injection, not a "hardcoded patch", so i can patch this game using the batch at any given moment.

So in this term if i want to watch videos i use the standard EXE and if there is no videos i simply will start the batch-file. Regarding sceen-settings, i already told it is adjustable.

I will make a easy manual as soon as i got time left, now some other stuff is burning.
Hope you extinguished those flames :p

I have been following the github page of SR fix, and after my request two months ago, the developer finally added the right-click mechanic to his fix! That means I can finally play the game with all its glory!

Here is the method again for consolidation purposes:
1- Do this exactly (Step 2 version number is now v1.04.0.9 , check the updated link ):

Updated github link:

2- Optionally, modify Septerra.cfg and change this to:

All done!
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