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I also vote for the german versions.
GOG would can surely improve their sale with german versions of the Runaway titles.
LloydzeroZ: I bought all three Games, but i thought it would be german. Is it possible to get the german translation?
German pls
coffeecup: The only thing which holds me back purchasing the Runaway Series is a German talkie version. I do own the original DVDs and they are multi-language .. including German.
I own the CD (and the later released DVD version of Runaway1) ... and at least for Runaway 1 and 2 I can say that they were not multi lingual, they were German Only.

I am quite sure that there are different copyright holders, the german version was published by dtp. The english version were published by (dinamic multimedia, fx interactive, tri synergy, focus home interactive)

Whart I did was to put GoG's exe in the german installation folder, problem solved.

I usually prefer english games, but in Runaways case the german voice over is way better, especially when it comes to the 2 main characters.
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please add the german versions for all 3 runaway games
I'd also vote for the German version of all three games.
Me too, i have the german cd-version (wich doesnt work on win7 tough), i tried to copy over the audio files, but it seems that they are named differently (in many places i get voices of the wrong people, it sounds really weird).
Please give us the german and the spanish version of these games. A please to Focus, too.
I'd love to see the German version of all three games, too.