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high rated

would be great if GOG could provide the German versions, too - at least the voice acting is pretty good in the German versions...

Any comments from GOG staff?
I'd also love to see the german version!
i also support this. we want the german version!
+1 for the German Version ^^
me too, german language pack please!!!!!
+1 for German!
I played the first part in German and just begun the second part in English, which is not bad, but I prefer the German versions, too.
I'd also love to see the German version on GOG :)
+1 ,
any chance to get the german version?
I would really buy todays bundle but what is the point if I could buy them with german sound and this soes not have any?
For most Games the language packs from work very well. Don't know about the legality, though
The only thing which holds me back purchasing the Runaway Series is a German talkie version. I do own the original DVDs and they are multi-language .. including German.
I also vote for the german version.

I just bought the trilogy to find out german isn´t available actual.

I don´t want to refund the games, I want to play them in german.

The same is with Jack Keane 2.
Strange. I just bought the game and can't believe that the german talkie isn't included although it exists!

Even more frustrating: french translation is included.
I bought all three Games, but i thought it would be german. Is it possible to get the german translation?