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Changelog for Patch 1.01 (added 05 October 2017):

* Fixed DualShock 4 behaviour causing potential blockers in game
* Slow motion effect on weapon pickup triggers only when enemies are nearby
* Fixed HUD disappearing after TrafficKing cyborg fight
* Fixed enemies not spawning during one of the Angel fights
* Fixed stun exploits on bosses
* It’s now possible to make the game louder than before, hopefully fixing issue with game being too quiet on some computers

UI Tweaks
* Miscellaneous environment collision and gameplay fixes

* Easy difficulty made easier
* Normal and Hard difficulty levels were slightly tweaked for even smoother gameplay experience, overall enemies are not bullet sponges, hero takes slightly less damage on normal
* All ranged weapons used by player have been tweaked, their projectiles are much faster making it easier to hit enemies
* Mother Unit’s laser has slower tracking, making it easier to avoid
* Stun grenades cost 50% more energy
* Plasma and Vulcan firing spread has been narrowed
* Damage feedback has better visibility on player character
* Fixed Nayak arena grading

<standalone installers may have not been updated yet>

EDIT (2017/10/06): standalone installers have been updated.
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New update just rolled in yesterday. Here's the list of all fixes and improvements:

Added keybinding for keyboard and mouse
Gamepad rotation sensitivity added to user settings
Fixed blocker on restart after using weapon grinder on Farms
Fixed CATS quest achievement progress
Power Attack now doesn’t insta-kill dashing enemies in slomo
Skill points will no longer appear infinitely after restarting “Nerve” level
Barriers in Farm’s kill room are now lowered exactly when the timer ends regardless of skills used
Stunning Nerve won’t make him disappear
Ghost-Broken suicider enemies behaviour fixed
Fixed white screen target videos
Updated information about the location of secret stashes and bosses
Updated motorcycle scene on city loading panel
Various collision, gameplay and sound tweaks
Updated credits
Crash fix on cyborg Trafficking
Hacker's voice is no longer cut off when the stage clear panel finishes