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Changelog for Patch 1.01 (added 05 October 2017):

* Fixed DualShock 4 behaviour causing potential blockers in game
* Slow motion effect on weapon pickup triggers only when enemies are nearby
* Fixed HUD disappearing after TrafficKing cyborg fight
* Fixed enemies not spawning during one of the Angel fights
* Fixed stun exploits on bosses
* It’s now possible to make the game louder than before, hopefully fixing issue with game being too quiet on some computers

UI Tweaks
* Miscellaneous environment collision and gameplay fixes

* Easy difficulty made easier
* Normal and Hard difficulty levels were slightly tweaked for even smoother gameplay experience, overall enemies are not bullet sponges, hero takes slightly less damage on normal
* All ranged weapons used by player have been tweaked, their projectiles are much faster making it easier to hit enemies
* Mother Unit’s laser has slower tracking, making it easier to avoid
* Stun grenades cost 50% more energy
* Plasma and Vulcan firing spread has been narrowed
* Damage feedback has better visibility on player character
* Fixed Nayak arena grading

<standalone installers may have not been updated yet>

EDIT (2017/10/06): standalone installers have been updated.
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New update just rolled in yesterday. Here's the list of all fixes and improvements:

Added keybinding for keyboard and mouse
Gamepad rotation sensitivity added to user settings
Fixed blocker on restart after using weapon grinder on Farms
Fixed CATS quest achievement progress
Power Attack now doesn’t insta-kill dashing enemies in slomo
Skill points will no longer appear infinitely after restarting “Nerve” level
Barriers in Farm’s kill room are now lowered exactly when the timer ends regardless of skills used
Stunning Nerve won’t make him disappear
Ghost-Broken suicider enemies behaviour fixed
Fixed white screen target videos
Updated information about the location of secret stashes and bosses
Updated motorcycle scene on city loading panel
Various collision, gameplay and sound tweaks
Updated credits
Crash fix on cyborg Trafficking
Hacker's voice is no longer cut off when the stage clear panel finishes
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Newest update: removed Halloween mod.
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A big update is in! Changelog below:

1. Added New Game+
2. Added Speedrun mode
3. Added finishers
4. Added leaderboards for Speedrun
5. Added 9 new weapons
6. Added 7 new outfits
7. Added 2 additional songs
8. firearms rebalance
9. Overall difficulty tuning
muszdinozaura: A big update is in! Changelog below:

1. Added New Game+
2. Added Speedrun mode
3. Added finishers
4. Added leaderboards for Speedrun
5. Added 9 new weapons
6. Added 7 new outfits
7. Added 2 additional songs
8. firearms rebalance
9. Overall difficulty tuning

But my downloads still show v1.0.3. :(
MajorPayne5811: But my downloads still show v1.0.3. :(
Make sure that you've checked the option "automatically update to newest version" in game's Settings.
If the game won't update by itself, try reinstalling it. I think this should help.
Sorry, I can't find any "auto update" setting in the game menus.

Not a big deal tho, I just gotta wait for GOG to update their file list I guess.

Thanks anyways.
MajorPayne5811: Sorry, I can't find any "auto update" setting in the game menus.
Sorry for the confusion, by game's Settings I meant GOG's game settings:
LMB click on Ruiner in you library, click on More and select Settings. And the option's there under Override Features :)
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Changelog for Patch 1.05b (added 29 November 2017):

1. Fixed crash on entering Speedrun mode through Ritvik.
2. Speedrun pop-up message no longer appears when interacting with the bike.
3. Resetting Speedrun also resets weapons to basic ones.
4. Weapon that couldn’t be picked up on one of the Farm levels - fixed - now can be picked up.
5. Trafficking Cyborg won’t fall OOW now - blocker fix.
6. Negative times on Speedrun fixed.
7. Fixed a rare blocker when pressing the objective trigger didn't unlock the bike after talking to Mechanix.
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Changelog for Patch 1.05c (added 11 December 2017):

Ultra Savage Update!

* Beta ultrawide support is finally here! It doesn't work perfectly yet, but now you can now enjoy playing RUINER in 21:9.
* Feeling competitive? Have a flair for breaking games? Completing Speedrun as devs intended no longer cuts it? Glitchrun may be just perfect for you! We're introducing separate leaderboards to reward players who have found glitches and exploits in the game which allow skipping arenas. We bet you cannot finish Speedrun in less than 30 minutes. Want to prove us wrong?
* Unlocking a jacket after NG+ didn't work correctly if the game was closed without checking out the outfit. This bug has been fixed.
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Changelog for Patch 1.05d (added 20 December 2017):

⦁ NG+ unlocking properly hotfix
⦁ Winter mod added (candy canes as weapons, presents as karma boxes, Trafficking wears an elf's hat, Creeps are Grinches, snow in Rengkok)
⦁ Santa outfit added (plus, a hotfix for unlocking it)
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Changelog for Patch 1.05e (added (11 January 2018):

⦁ Removed the winter theme from the game.
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Changelog for patch 1.06 (added 21 February 2018):

- Added Arena:Colosseum mode
- Added Leaderboards for Arena:Colosseum
- Added 2 new outfits
- Added 4 new finishers
- Added an optional Winter Mod
- Added new cutscene
- Added 3 new portraits of HER
- Added descriptions of new weapons
- Added Czech and Ukrainian


- Arena:Colosseum mode
- Pure adrenaline-pumping action awaits, if you dare to try. Enter the Arena. Face waves of enemies in a fight to death. Finish all 10 stages to complete Arena:Colosseum and bask in everlasting glory.
- Compete against your friends and everyone else. Your score will be saved in separate Leaderboards.
- Unlock 2 new achievements for the complete experience.

Some fun stuff:

- Fights get even more brutal now that Puppy has learned 4 new finishing moves.
- The brutality comes with style as 2 new outfits are there for you to unlock in the Arena:Colosseum mode.
- When the action’s getting too hot, you can chill out in snowy holiday Rengkok - anytime you want! Winter mod is here to stay. Activate it in the Gameplay settings.
- If you crave the bigger picture, the beautifully hand-drawn new cutscene will take you down from the tops of the Heaven’s shiny skyscrapers, down beneath the lousiest streets of Rengkok South, and further below, to the Imagination Farms, where all hope is lost.
- More motivational performance from HER awaits after each successful battle. Keep an eye out for 3 new portraits of the infamous hacker girl on Stage Clear panels!

Database updated

- Your descriptions of the new weapons have finally been uploaded! Find the guns and melee in the NG+ mode and learn their story in the Database.

Czech and Ukrainian

- Puppy may not speak much, but he knows his Master’s voice.
- Thanks to our great community, you may now play RUINER in Czech and Ukrainian.
- A big round of applause to:
- Jakub Kolarik and Jonas Kolarik for Czech localisation.
- SBT Localization team: Rostyslav Sulima, Oleksii Ivanov, Oleksandr Lukianov, Olha Kmelnytska, Oleksandr Moskalenko, Yurii Bisyk, Tetiana Cherednychok, Violetta Kozakova, Sofiia Shul for Ukrainian localisation.

Bug fixes & features:

- Optimising Superloop for better FPS performance
- Music can be muted now
- Small collision fixes
- Updated credits
- ...
- You weren’t even planning on going out anyway, have you.
- But wait, there’s more! We also adddeed… libnetwork.dll crash at 0x00007f65d4a8d000
- [Callstack] 01 0x00007f8e8e80fd15 FGenericPlatformStackWalk::StackWalkAndDump(char _, unsigned long, int, void_ )
- [Callstack] 02 0x00007f8e8e91d1b1 FSystemCrashContext::CaptureStackTrace()
- [Callstack] 03 0x00007f8e83ac2440 CommonSystemCrashHandler(FGenericCrashContext const&)
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Changelog for Patch 1.06b (added 06 March 2018):

GOG fixes:
We've tweaked the installer to allow users to select the in-game language during the installation process.
In order to install the game any other language besides English, please click on the "Options" button in the installation screen. Once you are in the "Installation options" screen, please look for the "Choose game language:" option and select your desired language from the drop down menu

Developer fixes:
* updated Ukrainian localisation
* fixed Halloween mod blending with Winter mod; Halloween mod is now permanently disabled
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Changelog for Update (added 18 April 2018):

* Added the Linux version of RUINER to everyone's accounts.