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Changelog for Update 1 Linux (added 25 April 2018):

* fixed an issue where the game's movies would not play correctly for the Linux version

Changelog for Update 2 Linux (added 25 May 2018):

* GOG installer update
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Changelog for Patch 1.05h (added 06 July 2018):

* Added Turkish and Italian.
* Puppy is now visible in the main menu.
* Fixed bugs with triggering cutscenes and playing sounds correctly on Linux.
* Credits can now be accessed through the menu.
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Changelog for Patch 1.6 Cheats Update (added 09 October 2018):

* This is a Windows-only update

* How many times have you lost to TrafficKing? How many times were you running too low on energy to escape death? How many times have you missed a gun and never unlocked it until the end?...

* Lament no more! RUINER: Cheats Update lets you sit back and enjoy all of the game’s flavours to the fullest. Use [F8] to preview cheats and press the corresponding key to gain the upper hand.

* God mode - [1] - become immortal. Not recommended by the Church of Disorder.
* Conserve energy - [2] - stop worrying about the skills’ cost. Instantly renew 100% of energy.
* Add Karma - [3] - Puppy’s unparalleled strength and quick reflexes now boosted to the max. Gain 25 cores and X points of Karma to instantly unlock all skills.
* Unlock all guns - [4] - enter the carnage festival overpowered, guns blazing. Unlock all weapons in the Supply Drop's radial menu.
* Unlimited ammo - [5] - recycling guns is a hassle. HEAVEN Corp. decided to drop the costly Grinder project and instead put all its resources in UAT (Unlimited Ammo Tech). What a time to be alive!
* Unlimited melee durability - [6] - let’s be honest: recycling melee weapons is a hassle. Now slice your opponents - not a scratch on your shiny sword.
* Explosive melee kills - [7] - Puppy’s a cool guy and he enjoys explosions. A lot. Kill enemies to make them go boom!
* Ghostbreak them all - [8] - you thought three was a crowd? Hack’em all. Make’em all your friends.
* Unlimited Dash - [9] - Dash like crazy ‘cause charges are not used up.
* Spawn a Creep - [Insert] - no need to venture alone. Your little loyal Creep friends are there to serve you.
* Unlock all clothes - [Home] - make a fashion statement. Blend in or stand out.

* All critical resources at your disposal. Slash mercilessly through enemies to your heart’s desire. No limitations. No rules. No regrets. No future.
* Beware or be aware! Once you go hack, there’s no way back. Most of the achievements will be locked if even one tiny cheat is used. Also, cheats will be reset when you close the game.
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Changelog for Patch 1.6c (added 26 September 2019):

Hello Puppies,

Wow, time goes by fast! But, in a cyberpunk future, time can be very relative. It’s pretty hard to believe that Puppy started his journey through the streets of Rengkok over two years ago.

That’s right! Today marks exactly two years since we released Ruiner! And, during these two amazing years, we’ve been continuously working to make Ruiner even better. Additionally, we’ve started development on our new title that we will reveal next year. But, before that happens, we've still got a couple of aces up our sleeve.

To celebrate Ruiner’s second anniversary, we have a little gift for you… a special birthday outfit for Puppy! Download the latest update and celebrate his birthday with some juicy kills while wearing a sweet birthday cake on your head. After all, it’s 2093. It’s called fashion.

- Windows standalone installer updated (1.6 ⇒ 1.6c): 30 September 2019.
- Linux not updated yet (still at 1.05h).