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Changelog for Patch (added 12 February 2018):

** Windows only **

Some of you had issues with the tutorial, so we rewrote most points. Of course, included some bugfixes, but this update is mostly about the tutorial.
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Changelog for Patch A6RC2 (added 20 April 2018):

* Cosmetic Updates: Brand new UI with coloured icons and modern panels
* Terraforming: shape the world to suit your industrial needs
* New Tutorial: Now split into 3 parts to be relevant whatever your experience level is
* Performance upgrades and bug fixes
* Tech-tree: Complete revamp to be the tech-tree that you want to see (coming soon)
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Changelog for A6RC2:0405 (added 10 May 2018):

* Bigger regions
* More towns, less empty spaces
* Towns don't stupidly build houses on top of coal
* Changed AI behaviour: less aggressive, more buildings, but placed slower
* More copper for heavy industry
* New panels and popups in the main menu
* Speed controls for the freecam
* New configurator loader when the game starts, in case you mess up the config

Changelog for A6RC2:0505 hotfix (added 10 May 2018):

Sigh, there was an extra zero in the population growth controller, making them too slow to grow. Fixed and shouldn't break anything :)
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Changelog for Patch A6RC3:2105 (added 21 May 2018):

* Tech Tree: Complete overhaul following your feedback
* Loans: Need financial help? Get a loan. Just make sure you can keep up the repayments!
* HQ: Cosmetic Headquarters for your business empire. Control loans and research from here
* New Houses: Brand new houses with new look
* New Distribution Method: Changed the way that trucks are dispatched
* New Economy Changes: New recipes, timings and ingredients
* Coming Soon: What you can expect in the near future!
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Changelog for Patch A6:1906a (added 20 June 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* Adjusted Production Buildings to dump unused Products when shifting Recipes.
* Increased the number of Settlements placed on large maps.
* Updated the Help Panel with current information.

* Fixed a bug that disallowed Trade Routes from working with multiple stops.
* Optimized Gatherers so they do not allocate extra memory.
* Fixed the Budget Widget to display Deconstruction Income.
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Changelog for patch A6:2406a / (Windows only) (added 25 June 2018):

- hotfix patch that breaks most saves but solves a gamebreaking issue.
Is there a changelog for the latest version of the demo (6.1:0507c Demo) ?
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Changelog for Patch A6.2:1707a (added 18 July 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* A lot of changes to the economy, favouring Early Game
* Increase a lot the price for Farm Fields and Harvesters
* Rephrased some slides in the Tutorials.
* Adjusted Town Overview Planned Production to Planned Town Production.
* Adjusted the Discord button on the Main Menu.
* Added new Contract Sounds.
* Adjusted the Budget Panel to show Terraforming costs.
* Adjusted the Budget Panel text to correctly display negative cash values.
* Adjusted Production Panel to include the State as a buyer.
* Adjusted Tech Tree Locked Text for better clarification.
* Updated the Construction Goods and Hardware store Icons for better visibility.
* Adjusted Default Autosave interval to 30 Mins.
* Renamed the Toggle Building button to Toggle Building Activity.
* Added a new icon to vehicles for when they are empty.
* Removed the Freecam “Scroll” adjust lens hotkey image.
* Adjusted building animation speed to be random amongst all buildings.
* Adjusted the Building Sale:-- New Title: Building Discounted!-- New Description: Placing more of this Building type just got a lot cheaper!
* Removed Wiki mentions on the Main Menu, the Help Panel, and the Tutorial.
* Adjusted the text color in the Production Panel for better visibility.
* Adjusted storage for buildings.-- Non-Logistics Buildings: 40 (+10 w/ Unlock).-- Logistics Buildings: 74 (+25 w/ Unlock).
* Removed Trucks per Day selector. Now always 3 per day.
* Renamed Experienced difficulty to Normal.
* Moved UI Scaling to Graphics Settings and changed the Description:-- New Description: Adjusts the size of the User Interface. Adjust gradually and don't go too high too fast!
* Added new UI sounds for various Contracts and Tech Tree actions.
* Adjusted Building build mode animation to LERP instead of being instant.
* Adjusted the sound for building mode rotation.
* Added new gameplay setting:-- Title: Minimal Money-- Settings: On/Off (default ON)-- Description: Applies a minimal value to the money indicators (for example: 2M instead of 2,000,000)
* Adjusted Demo to prevent players from Researching Tier 2 Unlocks and Auxiliary Tech Trees.-- Adjusted Warehouse AoE:-- 25 Tiles (+5 with Unlock).
* Added Fullscreen Settings to Graphics Settings-- Name: Fullscreen-- Settings: Windowed / Borderless / Fullscreen-- Description: Choose the type of windowed or fullscreen exclusivity
* Adjusted Product Icon to display more progress information:
* Grey Bubble - nothing being produced or building disabled by the user
* Red Bubble - problem with production line or building
* Grey Bubble filling with green - Producing product
* Adjusted Research Popup to display the amount of money and time to complete the research when research is disabled.
* Added new Tech Tree Icons.
* Adjusted Eyedropper to copy:-- Number of Trucks.-- Auto-target status of the copied building.-- Target Warehouse if in Manual mode.
* Added Slider to Warehouses to indicate the amount of product it supplies Production buildings in cycles.-- Settings: 0, 1, 2, 3, Infinite
* Adjusted how Logistical Permits are calculated:-- Logistical Permit = 25% Full Build Permit-- Full Build Permit cost after purchasing a Logistical Permit = 75% Full Build Permit-- Logistical Permit own count does not count towards Full Permit Price.
* Adjusted borderless fullscreen to not mute or pause when not in focus.
* Added a Hotkey to force the tutorial to move to the next panel.-- Next: Shift + N
* Adjusted Production Icon to open its building panel when clicked.
* Adjusted Fields and Harvesters Upkeep to be the same percentage as buildings.
* Adjusted Production Icon Mode to not show AI owned building.
* Updated Building Prices and their modules.
* Adjusted Warehouse to allow the Cycle Slider to be used in Manual Mode.
* Added a Hotkey to undo building placement when the game is paused:-- Undo: Ctrl + Z
* Added command to Road Mode:-- When placing an L shape road, a player can hold Shift to alter the direction of the curve.
* Removed Cycles function from Logistic Buildings.

* Fixed Error with Warehouses in Auto Mode when they loaded into the game.
* Fixed Trade Route text to reflect the correct vehicle used.
* Fixed bug where placing buildings within range of Warehouse acted as if Player was holding Shift.
* Fixed building suffix to not be “0” when placed within range of a Warehouse.
* Fixed bug where buildings and Warehouses would not recognize each other.
* Fixed 0 buildings to be able to be demolished after demolishing the Warehouse in range.
* Fixed bug where buildings placed within the range of a Warehouse would show Wood as their default product.
* Fixed Trade Routes interface to properly bring up the Product selection interface.
* Fixed Freecam Mode to use the same settings as the gameplay camera.
* Fixed Trucks transporting Grape Juice to display product model correctly.
* Fixed bug where a building in the range of two Warehouses to correctly display the product's destination.
* Fixed bug where Warehouses would create a fake number of goods.
* Fixed Production Buildings to dispatch the correct amount of trucks for a task.
* Fixed bug where demolishing a Warehouse prevented buildings in range from recognizing other Warehouses.
* Fixed the Save Game Cancel button, so it does not save the game when clicked.
* Fixed Eyedropper to create a new building correctly, so it doesn’t break Trade Routes.
* Fixed several bugs in the tutorial.
* Fixed Warehouses so that when the Automated Warehouse setting is off the Warehouses in-game settings is OFF/Manual.
* Fixed bug where Production Buildings recognized all warehouses on the map.
* Fixed bug where the game could be paused and unpaused from the Esc menu.
* Fixed bug that increased game loading time.
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Changelog for Patch A7.0:3108d (added 31 August 2018):

* Important additions for Alpha 7:
* Localisation (EIGHT languages!!)
* Vehicle Path Visualiser (new button at the top of building panels, the one with two arrows)
* New megabudget panel (access at the top right of the interface)
* QoL improvements like extreme performance upgrades, storage reservation and better truck pathfinding
* Preparation of mods (ETA 1-2 weeks)
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Changelog for Patch A7.0:1009a (added 10 September 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* Lowered Events spawn frequency by half.

* Fixed bug where mod buildings could not be demolished.
* Fixed bug where map names would revert to the default name.
* Fixed various localizations issues.
* Fixed Tunnel Achievement.
* Fixed bug where the Budget Overview Panel was not being saved.
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Changelog for Patch A7.1:1809a (added 19 September 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* Can now buy raw resources from the State! Check the icon in the top right of the UI.
* Shift+Hover a building to easily see the destination routes.
* Logistic Permits now do not count towards regional Full Build Permits.
* Added better Efficiency Tech Tree icons to the game.
* Added an Efficiency Status indicator to overview panels.
* Adjusted various buttons on the main menu for better clarity.
* Adjusted Planned Production to show what a Town is actually making versus planning to make.

* Fixed a bug where Building AOE would turn red when players attempted to Demolish them.
* Fixed Terraforming hotkeys so that they do not work when Terraforming is on.
* Fixed the Terraforming Icons in the ConBar to appear correctly after loading a game.
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Changelog for Patch A7.1:2409a (added 26 September 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* Added a Tooltip to locked R&D Button to direct players to the Efficiency Tree to unlock them.
* Added Tooltips to the button in the upper right portion of building panels.
* Adjusting the Efficiency Slider now adjusts the Production Time in the Building Panel
* Using the Copy Tool now duplicates Efficiency settings as well.
* Added the Polish special characters to the language atlas.
* Reduced the size of large maps by 25%, to reduce system resources abuse.
* Leather can now be sold to Hardware Stores instead of the Construction Store.
* Adjusted Heavy Fabric in the Tech Tree to require Dye to unlock.

* Fixed a Tutorial bug where players could not advance because of new Efficiency Slider unlocks.
* Fixed a Tutorial bug dealing with the State now selling Products instead of buying them.
* Fixed bug where loading an older save would reset the Tech Tree.
* Fixed the log to not spam in non-English languages.
* Fixed a Trade Route bug dealing with pausing and deleting old routes.
* Fixed a bug where the State distance wasn’t calculated correctly.
* Fixed a bug that spawned a Path Alert when buildings were switched from Manual to Auto Mode.
* Fixed a bug where Trains would continue to deliver Products, even if one of them could not be stored.
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Changelog for Patch A7.2:0910b (added 09 October 2018):

Couple of important things:

* This build breaks saves! Do NOT load a save from 7.1.

* We changed the way maps are generated. Large maps use less resources but take longer to load. If the game freezes when it's generating or loading a map, it's perfectly normal (we're working on this). Just hang in there, and wait. Still don't recommend doing large maps...
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Changelog for Patch A7.2:1510c (added 16 October 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* Added the ability to sell Prototypes to the State.
* Added a scrollbar to all options menus in-case of the UI scaling was too high.
* Added an Infinite Resources Setting to the World Generation Screen.
* Options: On/Off (On by default on Freeplay, off by default on Career)
* Description: Natural resources (all, including trees) are never depleted, independently - of the quantity available.
* Difficulty: +50% Difficulty if disabled
* Adjusted the Outdating Save warnings to allow players to force a save into the current build or play on a previous version.
* Lowered spawn chance of Resources
* Made economy a bit better for T1 and T3

* Fixed a bug where a Settlement would not build a third shop at the beginning of the game.
* Fixed a bug that spammed the error log with invalid GameDate.
* Fixed a bug that would break the Tutorial when playing offline.
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Changelog for Patch A7.3:2410a (added 26 October 2018):

Improvements and Changes
* Due to popular demand, Mineral Gatherers placement mechanics changed again:-- They no longer spawn upon world creation.-- The Player can build them within one tile of a corresponding Raw Resource.-- The Player can demolish them, which removes the Harvesters and then rebuild them.-- AI can also build Mineral Gatherers, but the Player cannot demolish them.-- The depletion of a Raw Resource is based on the Node and not the tile.
* Updated In-game Economy (harder start, easier mid-game).
* Adjusted the Difficulty Percentage so it cannot produce a negative value.
* Adjusted the Warning Notification for loading Outdated Save Files.
* Adjusted Efficiency Values for better balance.

* Fixed a bug that would cause the Warehouse’s Incoming and Outgoing tabs to occasionally appear blank.
* Fixed a typo on the Save Warning from public build to the previous build.
* Fixed a bug that would cause Trucks to go off-road.
* Fixed a bug where the Area of Effect of buildings will spawn a tooltip.
* Fixed a bug where the Building Tab option displayed Fields and Harvesters as well.
* Fixed a bug where Settlements could build multiple Hardware Stores.
* Fixed a bug where Mineral Gatherers could not be demolished or copied by the player.
* Fixed a bug where Loading and Saving the game would break Raw Resource tile amounts.
* Fixed a bug where the R Hotkey would open the Network Tab instead of selecting the last Road used.
* Fixed a bug where going to a Warehouse’s Storage Tab would create error spam in the log.
* Fixed a bug that would break Boat Trade Routes when you loaded a saved game.