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Changelog for Patch 1.4.0:1609 (added 16 September 2019):

- Headquarters Specialty
- When the Player researches enough Unlocks they can upgrade the HQ that will grant them specific bonuses to that industry.
- Able to see the bonus granted in the Tooltips.
- Able to change or remove the bonus if you want.
- Two upgrades per industry: one lesser upgrade, one greater upgrade.

Improvements and Changes
- Added the Seed Number of the map to the ESC menu.
- Adjusted the Events without Global effects to not display the name of the Settlement in the UI.
- Added the ability to scale the Tree Brush up to 5 tile radius using the Mousewheel.
- Added Tooltips to the HQ Specialty Unlocks that include their bonuses.
- Improved AI handling of Advancement Contracts.
- AI will remove dead-end roads left behind after AI Buildings are demolished.
- Adjusted the HQ upgrade to only require one payment to unlock.
- Adjusted the AI to prioritize nearby Shops when sending Product to two or more Shops.
- Added Production Overview to the AI Debug panel.
- Adjusted the AI to always play on Easy.
- Adjusted the Destination lines to center on the Building, not the Road Connector.
- Improved how the AI decides to place buildings.
- Will not place buildings that pollute near farms or settlements.
- Improved zone choosing when placing buildings
- Improved the save/load system

- Fixed a bug where the Efficiency of a building was not being copied properly.
- Fixed a bug where Saved and Loading would take a long time.
- Fixed a bug where the visual effects from an Event remain after it has finished.
- Fixed a bug where hitting ESC would not cancel Demolishing during the confirmation.
- Fixed a bug with Keybinding that prevented the removal of the old binding.
- Fixed a bug where hitting ESC while the Terraforming popup is up will prevent the terraforming from happening.
- Fixed a bug with the Recipe Book search function where it would not remember past searches properly.
- Fixed a bug where the Backspace would not work in the Recipe Book.
- Fixed a bug where the game would revert storage capacities after loading a game.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would produce more water than needed.
- Fixed a bug where the Simplified Production Times would not affect the Air Purifier or Wooden Planks.
- Fixed a bug that was producing a Null Reference error when the game started.
- Fixed a bug where AI would place buildings in unowned Regions.
- Fixed a bug where Non-Gatherer AI Buildings would not sell their Products.
- Fixed a bug where AI buildings that were bought out would not show Efficiency.

Work in Progress
- Working on a bug where Trucks don’t follow bridge pathing.
- Working on a bug where the Oil Truck Model was transparent.
- Working on improving the ground texture.

Standalone installers updated 19 September 2019:
- Windows: 1.3.4:3107a ⇒ 1.4.0:1809a.
- Linux: 1.3.4:3107a ⇒ 1.4.0:1609a.
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Changelog for Patch 2.1.0:1211a (added 12 November 2019):

Improvements and Changes
- Adjusted texture to the Map skirt, so it is less distracting.
- Added new 2130 House assets.
- Added a new Skybox for both Vanilla and 2130.
- Added a confirmation popup when buying an AI.
- Improved the Ground Texture that appears at the edge of the map.
- Added a method to restore 0% pollution for vanilla.
- Added a depth-based foam to the water shader.
- Enabled the grid for Water.
- Added new Icons for the Maglev for better clarification.
- Improved the errors that Manual Destination slots spawn.
- Cannot Reach Destination - Cases where there is no path to the Destination building
- Cannot go back to Origin - Cases where there is no path to the Origin building
- Added new Currency Icon for 2130 currency values to reflect the new era.
- Added a search function to the Manual Destination Product Selection element.
- Adjusted Tooltips, so that they appear above the cursor.
- Added a Progress Counter for Assistant Steps with numerical objectives.
- Adjusted the Production Overview screen for better clarification and utility.
- Improved the Town Advancement Shop Selector Tooltip for better clarification
- Added a Cooldown Timer to the Contract Spawner, so there is a delay between spawns
- Added a method of tracking how far along a Player has progressed on an Assistant Step
- Adjusted the Assistant, so it changes the text to make keys that are rebound.

- Fixed a bug where Pollution would be set to 100% when it was preset to 50%.

Standalone installers, and that of its DLC (Windows only), updated 13 November 2019:
- Windows: 2.0.0:2410j ⇒ 2.1.0:1211a;
- Linux: 2.0.0:1410a ⇒ 2.1.0:1211a.
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Changelog for Patch 2.2.3:0106a (01 June 2020 / added 04 June 2020):

Improvements and Changes
- Forcing the language selector screen to appear on first launch
- Hide most of the UI when editing Scenarios
- Updated language files
- Edited some transport tooltips to make some mechanics clearer
- Improved Production Overview Panel info (better costs breakdown)

- Game sometimes started in German
- Budget broke for no apparent reason
- Resources didn't want to deplete
- Math fail when calculating product costs

Standalone installers, and that of its DLC, updated 04 June 2020:
- Windows (Game & DLC): 2.1.6:0904a ⇒ 2.2.3:0106a;
- Linux: Game: 2.1.0:1211a ⇒ 2.2.3:0106a; DLC: 1.4.0:2310a ⇒ 2.2.3:0106a.