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So Revenant is one of those games that ties the frame rate to the game's logic withs kind of sucks. I didn't expect the GOG version to fix this, still 24 frames is kinda steep. My question is if there is a way to set the game to something like 28 or 29. When you unlock the framerate it goes way to high.

I used to use this program called Dxtory to lock my framerate but for some reason whenever I had it running the loading times quadrupled.
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Try this:

Only works with nvidia users.
Yeah that doesn't work for me. Although now I'm using RivaTuner Statistics Server and it doesn't seem to impact the loading times that much. But if there isn't a way to custom lock the frame rate I would like to not have to uncheck the "Unlock game speed" bock's in the menu. Is there a way to keep it unchecked?