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Hello, there's something weird for me when i bought this game, i didn't had the music so i have read this topic to get the soundtrack that works and thanks for that because it works, but an other problem remains, in fact i had two problems with this game, the sound first, but the 2nd problem is that when i start a new game i don't have the intro with the cinematic (the kind of cartoon with the music and the storyteller who tell the story..), the game start directly with the map... I don't know why i have this problem... Thank you if someone can give me a solution to fix that problem...
Post edited June 08, 2019 by Miketerror
The is not part of Rayman Forever.
However it's available as game bonus in .mp4 format.
This is a direct port of Rayman Forever. It includes the following:
Rayman Designer + Mapper
Rayman by his Fans

It does NOT include the following:
Rayman 60 Levels
Rayman intro movie

The soundtrack is also incomplete, thus it has to be replaced to get the complete one.