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I am confused. On Steam it says 'partial controller support'. I also heard of an update for steam version, same on GOG? There's also a gameplay on youtube with controller buttons displayed.

EDIT: I received this info from GOG support:


We're unable to support this game with controllers.

If you will decide to buy this game, and you would like to use a Xbox 360 controller, then your best option would be to emulate keyboard and mouse movements on controller using software like AntiMicro:

This guide could be helpful:
youtube: watch?v=SexG1iNHIyo
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GOG doesn't list controller support under the features, so you would probably have to resort to third-party software in order to get your controller working.

P.S.: Is it possible that the gameplay on YouTube was from the console version?
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It has Controller Support, you can play the whole game with a controller. The only thing where it doesn´t work is in the options.
PS: you should take a look at the camera settings with the inverted controls if you find them strange.
Hard to say, if this is on console or PC. I am not allowed to post links, so on youtube yo go to

So you played the GOG version of Psychonauts, right?

"The only thing where it doesn´t work is in the options."
- I guess, one doesn't visit the options often, right?
On the options menu of the video you referred to, there's a mouse and keyboard and the cursor in the menus moves as though controlled by a mouse, so it seems reasonable to assume this to be footage from the PC version. If you want, you can send GOG's friendly support team a bug report about the missing tag, but it's imaginable that they don't support controllers "officially" for whatever reason. They can probably also tell you which controllers will work and which won't. (My gut-feeling is that they will be pretty swamped this week, so a reply might take a little longer.)

Oh and just the YouTube IDs or otherwise masked urls are fine by me. ;)
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In the grand scheme of things you'll get by just fine with any amount of reputation, but >7 is more convenient. Reputation won't grant you any other benefits (besides the number and the stars being present in the forum).
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