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Changelog for Update 2.0c / GOG-17 (Windows) / GOG-14 (Linux) / GOG-22 (Mac) (added 26 August 2016):

Developer Tools and Cheats
Developer tools and cheats, seen in some of the alpha videos, are now available to everyone.
A new option is shown when creating a new map, "Enable Cheats". This is prison specific and cannot be disabled later.
When enabled:

- All construction occurs immediately
- A new 'Spawn' toolbar button permits instant creation of any game object for zero cost
- Water can be placed like any other material
- Research in the bureaucracy screen can be sped up by holding down the right mouse button on the item

The Function keys now perform debug services:

- F1 Edit world properties (Very easy to crash/ruin the game)
- F2 Profiler
- F3 Script Debugger
- F4 Dialog Editor
- F5 Sound Editor
- F6 Sprite Bank Editor for Needs icons
- F7 Sprite Bank Editor for User Interface icons
- F8 Sprite Bank Editor for Game Sprites
- F9 Debug rendering options
- F11 Enlarge Map in All Directions


- Cheat prisons do not allow achievement unlocks
- Cheat prisons cannot be sold for profit.

Policy Window (continued)

- You can now set which misbehaviours warrant an increase or decrease in prisoner security.
For example, murder can be set to immediately make a prisoner Max-Sec.
- You can now disable the cell quality checks that determine which cells a prisoner can be assigned to.
When enabled, prisoners who misbehave will not be assigned to a nice cell, even if that nice cell is the only one available.
When disabled, prisoners will always be assigned to free cells if that is all that is available.

Modding System (continued)

- Added World.NumPrisoners and World.Capacity. These return tables containing the current number of prisoners
and the total number of cells in each security rating respectively.
- Added ability to use markers in object tooltip strings (via objectTable.Tooltip). See lua_function_list.txt


- All languages updated.


- Jobs to construct walls are now visible while designating rooms.
- Fix for reliability of + button in Build Toolbar
- Delivery Truck drivers no longer counted in Staff Reports
- Utilities Room in Quick Build no longer uses the default sprite
- Objects that can't be rotated are no longer rotated if part of a Quick Build
- Staff inside gang controlled areas can now be sacked
- 0010930: [AI & Behaviour] Death row prisoners show up as max security (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011077: [Other] Name in Game Tier issue (John) - resolved.
- 0011091: [Control & User Interface] Clicking where the taskbar is located shows the taskbar in windows 10 anniversary update (lim_ak) - resolved.
- 0011119: [Gameplay] The issue with taking Death row prisoners. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010968: [Performance] Random crash.Especially during the riot or taser fighting (John) - resolved.
- 0011017: [Control & User Interface] [v2preview] crash when viewing "stolen from" (John) - resolved.
- 0010921: [AI & Behaviour] Freetime broken (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011032: [Control & User Interface] wrong Japanese translation (John) - resolved.
- 0011052: [Gameplay] Quickbuild "luxury cell" and common room not updated for v2.0 tv behavior. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010191: [AI & Behaviour] Dead armed guards will not stop moving when put in Hearse. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011060: [Control & User Interface] Ability to disable the automatic prisoner security change. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0007196: [Control & User Interface] Inmate Nutrition Research Grammar (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011170: [AI & Behaviour] Several security-restricted reception rooms do not work (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011168: [AI & Behaviour] Visitation does not satisfy family need. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010829: [Gameplay] Extension to automatic Security Risk re-assignment (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0003491: [Control & User Interface] I need more intake in order to keep the Prison profitable (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011129: [Platform Specific Issues] Windows 10 Taskbar vs PA Toolbar (lim_ak) - resolved.
- 0009331: [Gameplay] Execution Lockdown fails to complete (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011135: [Gameplay] Freedom need not satisfied by yard (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011150: [AI & Behaviour] Confidential Informants Get Stuck In Security Room (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011106: [Control & User Interface] Micromanagement bug - no teacher exists while he does. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011145: [Control & User Interface] Screen focus shifts while in Informants view mode (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011158: [Control & User Interface] Cannot switch from Dump to Dismantle in Context Menu (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011160: [Gameplay] National guard should cancel lockdown before entering the prison (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011105: [AI & Behaviour] Cell doors are open during Work/Lockup regime (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011120: [Mod System] [Bug] Using "Interface.RemoveComponent()" extends the menu window height instead of shortening (elDiablo) - resolved.
- 0011068: [Control & User Interface] Nasty new problems with Interface Buttons on objects (elDiablo) - resolved.
- 0011097: [Mod System] Make the amount of prisoners per Security Level and the amount available/total cells per Security level accessible for mods (elDiablo) - resolved.
- 0010996: [AI & Behaviour] (Version 2 preview) Prisoners in solitary aren't using toilets/showers even though their needs are high (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011104: [Gameplay] Prisoners sniffed by dog and searched once deposited in solitary never start serving their punishment (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011136: [AI & Behaviour] Food tray redistribution (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011124: [Gameplay] The new suprise minsec legendary gangleader event didn't actually make the prisoner a gang leader (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011133: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners get stuck when sent to solitary (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011132: [Gameplay] Object duplication with high-priority jobs (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011014: [Save & Load] SectorSystem check keeps reverting changes (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011131: [Gameplay] Snipers bug. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011046: [Control & User Interface] Confidential informants screen misplaced (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010521: [AI & Behaviour] Families wont visit causing lots of fights (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011126: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners fail to satisfy "Literacy" need despite having library books (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011087: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners taken to medical beds are not healed or returned to cells (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010998: [Control & User Interface] "Total Prisoners" intake always selects maximum number of inmates regardless of number set (lim_ak) - resolved.
- 0011071: [AI & Behaviour] Stacking babies in a single stack (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011075: [Gameplay] Mother visited by her 0yr. old child (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011092: [Gameplay] Certain events should not occour before the player has unlocked what (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011030: [Control & User Interface] v2 Reg Doors cannot be locked open (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011081: [AI & Behaviour] Snipers target same prisoner (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011058: [Gameplay] Mayor does not require large TV removal (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011079: [Gameplay] Cell Grading for Dormitories bugged with more than 1 Occupants. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011067: [Gameplay] Random items appearing on todo list. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011003: [Gameplay] Agitating radio broadcasts wont stop (Icepick) - resolved.

Previous changelogs are too long to post, but you can check them all out here.
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Changelog for Update Update 2.0.1c / GOG-18 (Windows) / GOG-15 (Linux) / GOG-24 (Mac) (added 05 October 2016):

- Sectors may now be marked as 'Access Only' in the Deployment screen. Use this to discourage staff and prisoners from using the marked areas as a short cut.
- Clicking on a prisoner now brings up the rapsheet directly. This behaviour can be changed in the Game Options menu.
- Dormitories now require Phonebooths instead of Radios to meet their Quality requirements.
- We are now collecting anonymised game statistics so that we can make further improvements to the game. You can disable this collection by checking the Disable Analytics option in the Game Options menu.


- 0011223: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry steals washed clothing/baskets/uniforms from other Laundries (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011260: [AI & Behaviour] Common Rooms not being marked as gang potential territories (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010922: [AI & Behaviour] Dogs try to take a different path to their handler; infinite loop (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010919: [AI & Behaviour] When shop removed, good are not placed back to the storage instead just lay there. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011250: [Control & User Interface] Add a way to click on obstructed items/units when they are layered on top of each other (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011253: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners pick contraband through walls (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010951: [Gameplay] Need 2 radios in a 3 prisonners room to increase the room quality. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011210: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners consume prayer mats to change into new uniforms (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011246: [AI & Behaviour] [Escape mode] Guard dogs continue to attack player after the player has been knocked unconscious and skipped punishments (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0005762: [Graphics] Metal Detectors (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011178: [Other] Food Tray Payment (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010900: [Control & User Interface] Grants will sometimes disappear from the To Do List and won't check them as completed (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011237: [AI & Behaviour] Problems with the shop (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010936: [Other] 'Sentenced to...' is quite often incorrect. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010085: [Gameplay] Cannot proceed in campaign (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011234: [AI & Behaviour] No trucks bringing the food (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011221: [Graphics] Prisoners holding items have three hands while handcuffed (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011228: [AI & Behaviour] Adding new parole hearings causes mass spawning of parole officers/teachers/religion officials (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011197: [Control & User Interface] Changing amount of intake causes game to crash (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011222: [AI & Behaviour] Holding cells will not be cleaned unless the room is dezooned (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0011182: [AI & Behaviour] Guard Patrol Assignments not removed when removing guard patrol path (Icepick) - resolved.
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Changelog for Update 11 / GOG-19 (Windows) / GOG-16 (Linux) / GOG-25 (Mac) (added 21 December 2016):

Prison Architect Update 11 has been released! Merry Christmas everyone.

Staff Needs
Your security staff now have needs, in much the same way as prisoners. This is optional, and can be enabled when creating a new prison, or enabled from Extras -> Map Settings.
You must take care of your staff needs, or else your staff will begin to perform their duties badly.

The staff members affected in this update are:
- Guards
- Armed Guards
- Dog Handlers
- Snipers
- These staff will have a semi random mixture of the following needs. Each need is similar to its prisoner counterpart, but also slightly different:

- Staff will only make use of toilets in staff designated zones or staff rooms

- Staff will eat in the Staff Room if you add a Serving Table. Or you can designate a canteen as "Staff Only" and they will eat there instead. Staff meals are more expensive than prisoner meals and are automatically delivered.

- Staff hate to feel they are in danger. You can help with this need by equipping your staff with Tazers, body armour etc, as well as ensuring strength in numbers.

- Staff get bored too. They can now make use of any entertainment so long as it exists within a staff room. Eg Pool tables, radios, TVs, etc.

- Put some sofas in the staff room for this.

- Same as prisoners, this is entirely based on the cleanliness of the surroundings.

- This replaces the "tiredness" mechanic. Be sure to give your staff enough down time.

If staff are happy, this contributes in a positive way towards the temperature of your prison. Likewise if they are unhappy, this will make the prison "hotter" and lead to more trouble later.

If you do not take care of your staff they will become "pissed off", and begin to perform their jobs badly:
- Sauntering around slowly when doing jobs
- Less effective at searching for contraband
- Less likely to actively look for trouble, more likely to turn a blind eye
- Unwilling to put themselves in danger eg confronting gang members
- In extreme cases, staff will take bribes in order to look the other way when searching for contraband

Staff break times
- You can now specify how much break time to grant your staff. Go to Reports -> Policy.
- You can choose how long each break is, and how many breaks per day are taken.
- Staff on break will immediately begin attending to their needs. Nb. Staff will always finish their current job before starting their break.

Other changes
- Arcade Cabinets have had their sound turned down
- Larger clone size with Tools and Cheats enabled.
- Main menu: 'Terms and Conditions' moved to Options menu.
- Main menu: Added 'Other Introversion Games' link.
- Tooltip added to Analytics in Options menu.

BUG Fixes
- Fixed: Dog Handlers would be completely paralised if injured, and there was no Medical Ward
- Crash when loading with mods which define a custom room.
- Family Rooms no longer erroneously display the cell quality too high warning.
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Changelog for Update 11F / GOG-20 (Windows) / GOG-17 (Linux) / GOG-26 (Mac) (added 17 January 2017):

- Guards whose needs are not being met were beating up the prisoners. This can still happen, but it should happen much more rarely now.
- Extras | Map Settings dialog will now allow Staff Needs to be enabled if you already have enabled everything else.
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Prison Architect Update 12 has been released! (22.06.2017)

This update is on the steam branch 'beta', meaning it will not automatically download. You must manually switch to that branch to see this new version.
- Right click on Prison Architect in your games list
- Click 'Properties'
- Click 'Betas'
- Select 'beta' from the list. (Restart steam if it doesn't show up)
- The update will then download.

= Staff Needs (continued)

- New staff break behaviour
- Staff will now take a break when they feel they need to, providing there are enough guards idling
- No more than 10% of your staff will take a break at any time
- Staff will stay on their break until their needs are taken care of, but will give up eventually if nothing is available

- Fixes to staff needs provisions:
- Staff Rooms and Staff Canteens are now assigned a nearby kitchen in the Food Logistics view, just like any normal Canteen.
- Chefs from that chosen kitchen will handle stacking and cleaning food trays.
- The assigned kitchen can be overridden manually as normal.
- More food trays and staff meals will be ordered automatically when you have staff needs enabled
- Stopped chefs from stacking dirty food trays with stacks that were miles away in a different canteen
- Fixed tons of issues with staff not using providers when on their breaks
- Fixed serious issues with food trays not been cleaned and replaced when in staff canteens

- The staff tooltip widget in the top bar now shows ALL guard types, including dog handlers, snipers and armed guards

- Staff Morale
- Affected by happy staff versus unhappy staff,
- Affected by long term staff deaths
- Affected by currently injured
- Affected by salary

- Staff wages
- Upkeep now specified in materials.txt
- Pay rises possible from Policy screen

- Staff will go on strike if morale falls to 0%, and demand a large pay rise to return to work

- Chefs/Gardeners/Janitors now have needs

- Tunnel searching
You can now issue the command 'search for tunnels' from any cell toilet.
This will search all toilets in the block for escape tunnels.

= Steam Cloud saves
- You can now use the cross-platform Steam Cloud to store your prison and campaign save games.
- Simply toggle the checkbox on the save screen in order to enable/disable this feature.
- The save window will show which save games are on the cloud with a handy icon.
- Save games made when Steam Cloud is disabled will be saved on your local machine only.

- 3d mode improved

- The following will be suspended during riots, or during staff strikes:
- Delivery of daily supplies
- Garbage collection
- Exports collection
- Prisoner intake
- Collection of dead bodies

= Weather (continued)
- New weather icon in top toolbar

- 'Overcast' visual effect now only applies to outdoors (which will look greyed out)
- 'Heatwave' visual effect only applies to outdoors (which will look very bright)
- Rebalanced all weather probabilities, making 'clear skies' more common, rain/overcast/snow less common
- Weather now has a chance to change every 12 hours (previously 24 hours)

- Fixed : Riot Guards refused to fight when in prisoner controlled sectors
- Fixed : Emergency staff sometimes "fell" out of their vehicle long before it arrived at the Deliveries zone
- Fixed : All new prisoners are not assigned parole times properly. This remains the case until save/reload.
- Fixed : Added pages to CI menu to prevent it running off the screen

0011379: [Save & Load] Prisoner Needs Table in savegame are stored twice (lim_ak)
0011173: [Control & User Interface] Japanese Text not wrapping (lim_ak)
0011346: [AI & Behaviour] Staff Canteen starved of trays (Chris)
0011393: [AI & Behaviour] Riot police got stuck in riot zone (Chris)
0011402: [AI & Behaviour] Staff not eating meals, staff canteens not used (Chris)
0011369: [AI & Behaviour] Security won't eat (Chris)
0010925: [AI & Behaviour] Riot guards refuse to move (Chris)
0011371: [AI & Behaviour] Armed Guards don't move (Chris)
0011394: [AI & Behaviour] Staff Meals improperly distributed (Chris)
0011364: [AI & Behaviour] Riot guards instantly leave Riot van when they arrive (Chris)
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Changelog for Update 12b (v13214) (05th July 2017)

- Fixes bug where prisoners were assigned to eat in staff rooms
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Prison Architect Update 13 has been released! (19.12.2017)

= Warden Mode
You can now play as the warden inside the prison you are building!
Enable this from a new option in the New Prison screen.
Most of the user interface is the same, but you can also walk around using the WASD keys (and shift to sprint)
You can press TAB to toggle to Action mode. From here you can control the equipment you are carrying, and recruit body guards.
Try not to get attacked by your unruly prisoners! But if you do, you will be taken care of by your medical staff.

- Fog of war: You cannot see around corners, so be careful.
The one exception is that you CAN see through any CCTV cameras you have installed.

- Arm yourself
- You can pick up objects commonly found in each room to protect yourself. Think a knife from the kitchen or a taser from the armoury.
- You can collect body armour from the armoury for some extra protection.
- You cannot simply attack prisoners without provocation. But if you are attacked you are free to defend yourself.

- Protection Squad
- Recruit guards to your personal protection squad by right clicking on them from the Action interface (tab)
- These guards will follow you around and protect you from any unruly prisoners.
- Bodyguards don't come cheap. They will add a significant cost to your daily upkeep.

- Permadeath
- Play in Permadeath mode and you will have to rely on the security and medical infrastructure of your prison even more.
- If you die in Permadeath mode that's it, Game Over.

= Floor Signage
- New tools are available in the Deployment menu to provide floor signage for Prisoners and everyone else
- Floor Signage provides a way for you to give hints to people as to which way they should travel around your prison. People
tend to follow the directions unless a much easier/shorter route is available.
- Misbehaving prisoners, doctors on the way to heal someone, and all type of Emergency callout units ignore the floor signage.
Everyone will also ignore the directions if there is a riot occuring.
- To paint lines, simply select one of the new tools, and left-click and drag in the direction you want people to go. Right-click
and drag to remove paint.

= New Attract screen
The game now opens with a new attract screen, slowly panning around your recent saved prisons (or the bundled prisons if you have no saves).
Press any key or click the mouse to bring up the Main Menu.
This should be a better first screen than simply being dumped on a new empty plot of land.

- Modding
- Script Debugger Window
- Added: When highlighting a scripted object in the script drop down menu, the camera will now move to that object to help see
which script will be selected.
- Fixed: Script names were hard to make sense of. Names in the drop down menu are now a lot shorter and easier to discern.
- Fixed: The window wouldn't correctly open to the selected scripted object, or to a scripted object that threw an error.
- Allowed more object variables to be used by scripts.

= Balance changes
- Removed the cap of 20 prisoners working in a single large room at a time. The new cap is 100.
- Prisoners have received a boost to their academic skill rating based on their security category.
This means it is slightly easier to have prisoners pass the education programs.
- The Foundation Education and General Education reform programs have had the number of sessions halved from 10 and 20 to 5 and 10 respectively.
- The Library now requires a certain academic skill rating rather than specifically requiring the Foundation Education program.
This makes the Library usable sooner.
- Added a new need, Luxuries, which is satisfied by goods sold in the shop. Prisoners who have satisfied this need are less likely to cause trouble.
- You now gain a commision from goods sold in your shop. At the end of each day, you'll receive a bonus payment based on how many goods were sold in your shop.
- Prisoners who go too long without being assigned to a cell will now have a marker pointing to them for easy identification.
- You can now end all punishments on a prisoner from their rapsheet, not just permanent ones.

= Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue causing Workmen to regularly move shop goods back and forth between the Shop and Storage.
- Fixed: Dogs of fired handlers would occassionally maul some unsuspecting prisoner to death for no reason. Bad dog!
- Fixed: Number of staff resting with staff needs enabled is now updated correctly
- Fixed: Some objective markers for non-English languages appearing in English, they will now be translated correctly
- Fixed: Sectorisation of mixed regular and family cell blocks will no longer split the regular cells into separate sectors.

0011500: [Other] No French label for "missing access to canteen" (John)
0011498: [Other] French translation error in the first campaign (John)
0007501: [AI & Behaviour] Addictions cannot be removed. (PROVED) (Icepick)
0011494: [AI & Behaviour] Work/Lockdup and Work/Free time FREEDOM problem (Icepick)
0011486: [AI & Behaviour] Staff Not Addressing "Rest" Need on Breaks (Icepick)
0011482: [AI & Behaviour] Staff Need Bug (Icepick)
0011324: [Gameplay] Staff Canteen Does Not Have Trays and Staff Cannot Eat (Icepick)
0011151: [Control & User Interface] The new script debugger is not quite useful (elDiablo)
0010989: [Gameplay] Guard Dogs Kill When Fired (Icepick)
0010469: [Mod System] Command Bar only allows one command before breaking. (elDiablo)
0011480: [Mod System] entity.DeathType, .MurderWeapon and .MurdererType not accessible (elDiablo)
0008737: [Control & User Interface] Unable to end temporary punishments (Icepick)
0011509: [Gameplay] Mothers tunneling out of their prison (Icepick)
0011508: [Gameplay] Prisoners sometimes route outside without misbehaving the prison letting them escape (Icepick)
0011505: [Control & User Interface] Number of resting staff members is not adequatly updated (lim_ak)
0011499: [Other] No French label for "Capacitor" (lim_ak)
0011474: [Graphics] Sprite misalignment in 64 bit version (lim_ak)
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Changelog for Update 14k (added 02 July 2018):

Wall climbing escape attempts
Rope escapes
- A new contraband item has been added to the game, an improvised rope made from prisoner uniforms. Prisoners working in the laundry will
sometimes steal 5 uniforms in an attempt to make a rope. As with all contraband items, it can be stashed or traded. Prisoners attempting to escape that have a rope will go grab it and then head to the nearest outside wall. When there, they will throw the rope onto the wall allowing them to pass over it.
- More importantly, other prisoners will also use the rope in their escapes attempts. You will have to tell a Workman to dump the rope to remove it from the wall.
- Strong prisoners can now escape by climbing over fences.

Roll Call
- You can now request a 'Roll Call' at night.
- This wakes up all prisoners and forces them to stand in their cell doorway.
- Obviously prisoners just looove being forced to do this at 3am in the morning.
- Any prisoners who happen to be tunnelling at the time of the roll call will show up late, giving away their plans.
- Guards will notice this if nearby, but the vigilant player should keep his own eye out.

Graphs and stat tracking
- You can now view graphs plotting various pieces of data over the life time of your prison
- You can compare changes over time by displaying two stats on the same graph
- Mod Support (continued)
- Better Entity modding
- Modded entities can now have DefaultBehaviour and/or StaffNeed properties.
- DefaultBehaviour gives modded entities basic behaviour that all entities in the game have. They can accept jobs from the jobs.txt file, hang out in a certain type of room (if this is set with the HangOutRoom option), go get healed from a doctor if injured, and go to a staff room when tired.
- StaffNeeds gives any modded Staff entity (Properties Staff) the same needs system as regular staff, on any map that guards and workmen get.
- Modded Staff entities now appear in the Staff reports window under "Other", if any modded staff types exist.
- Fixed: Adding an interface element would add it to the currently selected object's window, rather than just the scripted object's window.
- Fixed: If a scripted object made more than one custom job (via CreateJob) then we would fail to stop duplicates of that job.
- Fixed: Jobs are removed from an object when it is destroyed (Mantis #11595).
- Added: Modded jobs will now additively load in worker types. The first loaded job (based on mod order) will still define all properties of the job (JobTime, Tool, Material, etc.), but subsequently loaded jobs with the same name will add in their worker types.
- Added: CancelJob function for scripted objects. Used to cancel a custom job created on an object (Mantis #11596).

Bug Fixes
- 0011602: [Control & User Interface] missing tooltip for needs_help_StaffWarmth (John)
- 0011546: [Mod System] Funky stuff with entity.DeathType (elDiablo)
- 0007558: [Mod System] GetProperty() on needs doesn't work (elDiablo)
- 0011595: [Mod System] Created jobs on objects still exist when object gets deleted (elDiablo)
- 0011596: [Mod System] Please implement Object.CancelJob() to be able to cancel jobs created with Object.CreateJob() (elDiablo)
- 0011593: [Gameplay] Cannot schedule programs with requirements fulfilled (lim_ak)
- 0011555: [Mod System] CTD on save button with these mods combined (John)
- 0011446: [Save & Load] Crash on save with std::bad_alloc exception (lim_ak)
- 0011589: [Gameplay] When I have a gun in Warden Mode and try to shoot a prisoner who is attacking me, the gun only works at point-blank range. (lim_ak)
- 0011585: [Save & Load] Crash on save with 64bit Steam version (13j) (John)
- 0011584: [Save & Load] 64Bit Steam version will crash upon start when trying to load a prison for the Attract screen (John)
- 0011591: [Mod System] When a script adds custom buttons to an object, those buttons will appear on any object which is currently selected (elDiablo)
- 0011553: [Control & User Interface] Cannot buy land expansions in warden mode due to it being out of reach (lim_ak)
- 0011551: [AI & Behaviour] Spots that are "Too Dangerous" remain forever, blocking all jobs from completing in that area. (lim_ak)
- 0011563: [Control & User Interface] Hovering over death notification causes the camera to judder in Warden Mode (lim_ak)
- 0011570: [Control & User Interface] If sniper is interrupted during aiming, the laser is stuck on sniper/target (John)
- 0011556: [AI & Behaviour] When dog is tired, his guard is still saying "Patrolling" (lim_ak)
- 0011578: [Gameplay] Prisoners don't work in the Kitchen with specific Regime Settings (John)
- 0010971: [Control & User Interface] Zoom to mouse using keyboard (lim_ak)
- 0011569: [Control & User Interface] pickpocket rep does not have tooltip/description (lim_ak)
- 0010948: [AI & Behaviour] Death Row Inmates don't turn up on the intake bus when they are scheduled (lim_ak)
- 0011300: [Mod System] Default spritebank has incorrect marker coordinates that interfer with mods. (lim_ak)
- 0011583: [Gameplay] Unable to end punishments (lim_ak)
- 0011518: [Control & User Interface] Provide option in preferences.txt to prevent the new intro screen (John)
- 0011574: [AI & Behaviour] On high-dpi screens, execution report spills outside dialog (John)
- 0011564: [Mod System] Custom sound files in mods will cause CTD (John)
- 0011526: [Control & User Interface] Samuel Norton achievement from just watching the intro screen. (lim_ak)
- 0011534: [Save & Load] Game crashes when loading a save that moved from an upper save being deleted (lim_ak)
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Changelog for Update 15b (added 07 August 2018):

Vehicle Hijacking
- Certain types of prisoners are now able to hijack trucks on the road. If they are crossing the road and see a truck left idle, they will attempt to get in and drive it off (beating up the poor driver if he happens to be inside at the time). Regular old road gates won't stop a speeding truck.
- Stolen trucks can be stopped either using the new Road Barrier object (a sturdy metal gate that only closes during Lockdown), or by having armed guards nearby to stop any stolen vehicles.

Rope escapes (continued)
- You can now build barbed wire on the top of any external walls. Escaping prisoners will try and avoid barbed wire if they can, but will still climb over it if they really want to escape. It's sharp and painful though, and will harm prisoners who try and climb it. Find it in the objects build list.

Tree escapes
- Prisoners will now climb on fully grown trees to jump over an adjacent wall. They can use this to avoid barbed wire, but can be knocked down off of the tree by a nearby guard as with all other climbing.

Bug Fixes
- 0011627: [Gameplay] Insane temperatures after fire (Icepick)
- 0011586: [Gameplay] Dog Handler does not stop employees when they carry contraband (Icepick)
- 0011610: [Performance] Game crashes when receiving minimum and medium security prisoners (Icepick)
- 0011642: [AI & Behaviour] ZE ROLL CALL!!11!! and dormitories have issues (Icepick)
- 0011624: [Mod System] Crash in DataRegistry::LuaFindDataRegistry, DataRegistry::LuaSetter (John)
- Timelapse video recording refactored, crash on shutdown fixed.
- Script Debugger crash fix.
- Objects with BuiltOnWalls property (e.g. Windows, Barbed Wire) no longer cast shadows.
Where is the new Multiplayer update?
Kleinheinrich: Where is the new Multiplayer update?
Here is an article from Germany:,3334372.html

Multiplayer is not final yet.
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Kleinheinrich: Where is the new Multiplayer update?
It's in the "multiplayer alpha" branch in your Galaxy client ;)
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Changelog for Update 16 Multiplayer Alpha (added 07 September 2018):

- Please note that this update can be accessed by switching to the "multiplayer alpha" branch in your Galaxy client

Multiplayer Alpha
- Added a multiplayer mode to Prison Architect, build a prison cooperatively with up to 8 people!
- While in a regular sandbox game of Prison Architect you can select to Go Online and host a multiplayer game that people can join.
- This game can be publicly listed or set to private and protected with a password.
- When players have joined you can see them as a marker in the world and can see what material or object they have currently selected and are about to build.
- This is our first alpha release of multiplayer mode, with a focus on getting the core functionality working. This means that some features are not currently available to connected clients and we plan on adding them over time as we continue working on multiplayer.
- Currently disabled on clients but will be coming in the near future:
--- Wire connections
--- Deployment
--- Logistics
--- Intelligence
--- Emergency callouts (can be controlled but can't be called in)
--- Reports
--- Prison Grading
--- Graphs

Mod Support
- Added Custom Report Window which can be used by scripted objects to display a mod defined report screen when you click on the object, similar
- to the Prisoner's rapsheet. Simply set HasCustomReport to true on the scripted object, and then call SetReportTabs to add tabs to the report.
- In the script's PopulateReport function, use the add and remove report component functions to display components for the given tab index.
- Components can be modified later using the SetComponentProperties function.
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Changelog for Update (added 02 October 2018):

- Updated the multiplayer alpha to the latest version on Windows and macOS
- Added the Linux version of the multiplayer alpha
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Changelog for Update (added 15 November 2018):

- Updated the multiplayer alpha to version 3a